Hidden Legacy (The Lost Luna)

Hidden Legacy (The Lost Luna)

By:  Nikora Clegg  Updated just now
Language: English
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The Red Devil Pack (under the guise of rogues) attacked the Silver Wolf Pack and killed everyone except the pregnant Luna who wasn't there at the time. She went into hiding, and before her daughter turned 18, she passed away. Her daughter, Adriana, has grown up thinking she is nothing more than an Omega until she finds out she is the fated mate of the Alpha, Daemon, in the pack she has been hiding. He doesn't want a mate, especially an Omega but finds he cannot reject her. He finds out that she is much more than he realises, and he has to save her from those who would harm her for the power she brings. This book was originally a standalone but has become a series of five books. All of them are/will be in this book.

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is this a stand alone book or part of a series & if so, is the rest available here?
2023-10-27 06:54:00
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Kathy Burdette
Enjoyed the book
2023-06-17 06:48:29
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Love it so far!
2023-03-04 18:24:54
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Delinda Schumacher
67 chapters 2-16-23
2023-02-17 08:08:48
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Dawn Bonnau
can you tell me how many chapters this book will have when it is complete?
2023-02-17 01:52:10
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Loving it!! Can you tell me your update schedule?
2023-01-11 11:50:34
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John Case
Any idea when we will see an update of chapters for this book?
2022-12-10 05:57:25
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Ky Sky
So far I'm loving it!!
2022-09-30 20:19:35
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Wendy Stough
I liked it
2023-08-06 00:02:03
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Love the book! How often are updates though?
2023-04-04 04:13:00
204 Chapters
Book 1: The Lost Luna - Ch. 1 Where It All Started
Eighteen 1/2 Years Ago Mara's Point of View One by one, I could feel their deaths. All of them. Every single one of them. "Mara! You must go straight to Mitchell and Alana. They will protect you,"" were the last words I heard from my beloved mate Davide as he mind-linked me. "Davide!" I screamed back at him across the mental void. "Davide! Why have you left us?" Our entire pack wiped out within an hour of them attacking. Rogues from what I had managed to hear from the mind-links, before it all went silent. What if I had not been out of the pack that day for a routine doctor's appointment?. Davide had a lot of work on, so I went by myself. Once I had been to the doctors, I stayed and got my nails done. It was a wonderful afternoon that turned to hell. Now, I was packless and without a mate. I couldn't return and follow him to his death because I carried our unborn daughter. There would be time for that later, once she was born and grown up. Until then, I would write down as much
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Book 1: The Lost Luna - Ch. 2 Moving On With Life
Adriana's Point of View Six Months Ago I was turning 18 in a few months, but I wanted to get a job as a musician. There was no opportunity for that to happen if I only stayed within the pack. Luckily, a friend of my mother, James, owned a restaurant, and even though I was underage, he said I could play the piano at night. I really wanted to get out of the pack and perform not only covers but also my own music. Being an Omega meant being at the bottom of the heirarchy ladder. Unfortunately, I didn't have friends because my mother had home-schooled me instead of sending me to the pack school. Not having friends was hard when I was growing up, but there were some bonuses. Frankly, I think I got a better education than the others. My mother told me I was home-schooled because my eyes were the colour of amethysts, like hers. It was very rare, and I had to keep it a secret. I didn't quite understand what she meant by special, but she told me bad people would kill me if they found out. If
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Book 1: The Lost Luna - Ch. 3 I Don't Need A Luna
Daemon's Point of View Looking out the window, I was trying to take my mind off the current dispute I was having. The gardens were well-kempt, and the outside street was free of rubbish. Various wolves and Omegas were walking past, going about their daily lives. All of them were completely unaware of what was happening in the packhouse. Most of them were clueless about what goes on behind the scenes to create a successful pack. With increasing irritation, I turned back to deal with this argument. I could feel my anger rising, and I was close to losing my temper and destroying something. How dare Mitchell try and pressure me into this. Was I not the Alpha? Was I not capable of making my own choices? I bet my mother Alana put him up to this. All she is interested in is having grandchildren, so she probably pressured Mitchell into this. "Daemon! Son! Please listen to me! You need to find your mate," he said to me. I know my father was trying to reason with me, but he just didn't get i
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Book 1: The Lost Luna - Ch. 4 Where Is My Mate?
Daemon's Point of View My father wanted me to find my mate, and it was going to get problematic if I didn't at least look. I still didn't think I needed one yet, although my wolf Theo disagreed. "I felt her about three months ago, and then she disappeared," he said. "I need to go find her soon." Yes, Theo was able to talk to me. We could hold conversations in our head, though sometimes it was like talking to a child. Talking to your wolf was something only those who had the Alpha gene could do. In normal werewolves, their wolf aspects did not speak to their human counterparts; they only made them aware through intense feelings. It also meant that those packs led by someone who didn't have the Alpha gene were at a disadvantage. Usually, an Alpha would come and take over. Some very harsh Alphas made a point of taking over other's territories, but I wasn't like that. As for finding my Luna, I did go and look around our pack for her as Theo suggested, but I didn't see her. Considerin
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Book 1: The Lost Luna - Ch. 5 Caught Up In Thoughts
Adriana's Point of View I looked in the mirror to check that my hair, makeup and coloured contact lens were still okay before I left. I had to be careful to ensure no one saw me without the coloured lens. I had violet eyes, and that was extremely rare. My mother had homeschooled for this reason. She wouldn't explain why I had to keep my eyes coloured, other than to say it was a life or death situation. One last check. Everything was looking good, so I was off out the door. Tonight I had work. Six months ago, I managed to get a job at the Luna restaurant. Not only was it my first job, but it also wasn't a difficult job, and I used my music skills. The owner and all staff members were werewolves. Still, we also catered to many human customers who were totally unaware of us. It was a fantastic gig as I loved being a musician, and I enjoyed most of it. Only most of it, though. What I didn't like about it was getting hit on by over-entitled male customers. Just because I was an entertai
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Book 1: The Lost Luna - Ch. 6 Performing For The Alpha
Adriana's Point of View I went out onto the stage and was greeted with applause from the dark. It was funny how it seemed so dark where the audience was sitting that I couldn't see them. When I sat in the audience, you could see your table and food without a problem. As for the applause, it was nice that I was making a name for myself as a singer and even a songwriter. Life was pretty good at the moment. I just needed to control my mind and focus on life right now. My usual routine was to play for 30-minute blocks and then have a short break before starting another block. I mixed the music selection with covers of quiet background music with some more popular songs. Every now and then, I would add in some original songs I composed during my free time. It was a good routine, and I earned quite a few tips. Tips were the lifeblood of entertainers. I was a very accomplished musician, if I did say so myself, and I had managed to save quite a bit of my earnings. I figured if it turned ou
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Book 1: The Lost Luna - Ch. 7 Is She A Rogue?
Daemon's Point of View "Hey, birthday boy!" I said to Tyler. "Hey, Daemon," he replied, "did you make reservations?" "Of course," I answered. "Our sisters and Adam are coming with us, so it will be the six of us tonight." "Wait 'til you see the pianist," he started. "She's a babe. I mean, she is a very talented musician. What am I saying? She is hot! Her name is Adriana, and she is tall and slim with an arse that begs to be smacked. I might have to stay in the city tonight to ensure she gets home safely. Just sayin'" Tyler continued to describe the main physical attributes of this cute pianist who was working there. It was a female, so of course he was interested. Thanks to Theo, it was no use even bothering to look at other females. However, that was not why I was interested. Apart from being very talented and exceptionally easy on the eyes, Tyler said she was also a werewolf. That rang bells, and I had to check the register earlier today. I thought it strange that the pianist
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Book 1: The Lost Luna - Ch. 8 She Is My Mate
Daemon's Point of View James looked at me in shock when I said she wasn’t on our books as having permission to work here. "She is not a rogue and is certainly a member of your pack," he said worriedly. "I was friends with her mother. She was the pregnant woman whose pack was slaughtered by rogues. There is no way Adriana would be a rogue. I didn't realise she didn't have permission." I could see that James was nervous and fretting. He could stay that way for a while. While I was not a cruel Alpha, I couldn't appear soft; otherwise, people would take advantage of that. I wasn't going to let that happen. "I gather she is playing tonight?" I asked. "Yes, Alpha. Wait until you hear her," he replied. "She is just on a short break and will come back on stage for her second set." I nodded and sat back, waiting. As the waiter took our order, the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen entered the stage and sat down at the piano. This must be Adriana. She was tall and tanned like most were
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Book 1: The Lost Luna - Ch. 9 I'm Not A Rogue
Adriana's Point of View Alpha Daemon growled, "Who are you talking to, and why are you blocking my mind-link?" I could only just stare open-mouthed at him. He had followed me into my dressing room, so I was sure he knew I was his mate. It was easy to see that he was not happy about it. What little part of my brain that was working was wondering if I was tongue-tied because he was incredibly handsome or something else. I knew Alpha Daemon was tall, but his stature was almost overpowering. Almost, but not entirely. Now that I was close to him, I could see his clothes stretched across his broad shoulders and chest. There were taut muscles underneath his clothes, and I was getting hot just thinking about seeing his body. Everything about him was immaculate. What on Earth was the Goddess thinking when she matched the two of us as fated mates? This was probably what he was thinking too. "Ummmm," I said, not entirely knowing what I was going to say or do to answer him. How do I answer hi
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Book 1: The Lost Luna - Ch. 10 More Than I Realise
Daemon's Point of View After demanding answers from Adriana, she looked like a deer caught in headlights. "My mother had never told me about the celebration," she said quietly. "When she died, I couldn't remain in the house, and I left the day I turned 18." "So you're a rogue then?" I asked, knowing that she wasn't really. She certainly didn't smell like one, but she hadn't joined the pack when she should have. Damn! She had fallen through the cracks. I wondered how many others had this happened to. She now stared at me in horror. This was probably because I could kill her without any worry of retribution. I had her under my control. "I also asked you who you were talking to," I reminded her, as she hadn't answered that particular question yet. "M-m-my wolf," she stammered. "Wolves don't talk," I sneered at her, knowing that only Alphas with the gene have that ability. "Mine does," she answered. "Her name is Calliope." What? How did that happen? "Theo, Does she have a wolf?"
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