Chapter-1 Today We are Definitely Done

Arjun's home 

Click... dash…. 

'' Ah, where are these sounds coming from ". 

It was 6. 30 in the morning. Arjun was denying that he was hearing any sounds but after a while, he remembers...

" oh"

' Today is the first day of school." 

Is it mum, oh noooo' 

 He opened his eyes, sat on his bed and he got it. His father was standing by the corner of bed like a culprit.

 And he saw his mother near open cupboard.

'' Rudhir, you are the manager of the company, do you even know what is management ". 

Then she looked towards Arjun.

'' Arjun, you are up too, don't you know your school is resuming today''.

'' You both are definitely father and son, nobody knows how to place things in their right place ''. 

" Rudhir, I really don't understand why is it so difficult to choose office clothes that whole cupboard is messed up every other day ''... 

Arjun and his father, they were both looking at each other as if they are saying 

'' Dad, son... Today we are definitely done for '' 

Anna goes to the kitchen to find water from the refrigerator when she saw a box of potato stuffing right before her. 

' Marry thank you, if it wasn't for you, I would be definitely late today'. 

Arjun had realized his mother was late today. This thing was common, that happens every Monday. 

' Meanwhile, both Arjun and his father was thinking, how to change his mother mood' 

When her mother came to them and said...

'' Both of you, have you seen time, go to the upper room and get ready, Mary had already prepared the stuffing, I will take care of rest ''. 

'' Phuuuf,  Yes mum.''

Rudhir also signed relief

'' yes boss ''. 

 '' We will be ready in no time '' 

They both disappeared from the room like air. Both were thanking Mary inside their mind.

'' Thank you, Aunt Mary, you saved us ''. 

" Thanks to my friend ''... 

Just like every other home their family routine also gets messed up, when schools reopen after two months. Going back to routines, waking up on time takes a little while. 

 Arjun and his father got ready for their office and school respectively. They came downstairs and found that Anna had prepared both of their lunches and breakfast. She was ready for her office too. 

 His mother was back to normal. She looked towards them.

'' I have done everything, take your breakfast. Arjun be disciplined at school. "

"Rudhir sent him off to school on time. '' 

''I will have to leave now, or I will miss the Metro '' 

 '' Okay, sweetheart be careful on your way, bye''. 

" bye mum, take care". 

" bye, you too take care as well " 

Anna left for her office 

Now here at home, they both had their breakfast and they were both ready for their destination. 

They both didn't want to talk about the morning incident.         

" Arjun, let's go we should leave too". 

Arjun brought the lock, they closed the house and they were both off to work. 

They were both halfway to school, while they were crossing the square intersection they were both hoping for  something but... 

'' Damm, not again Ahh... Son, don't worry ,we will reach on time". 

They got stuck in traffic. This square intersection was the busiest intersection of this city. 

Arjun was looking at his father with disbelief. 

Somehow they managed to cross the square and reached their school. Arjun was late, he was silently preparing himself. 

His father dropped him. 

'' Son, I know we are late but I know you can manage it. "

Arjun looked towards his father helplessly. As he had no option but to manage it.

"Okay, have a great day ''. 

His father replied to him. He was a little disappointed. He thought he would definitely manage it, but what can he do now. 

Arjun knew this will happen. This was not the first time for him.

'' Okay dad bye, you too have a great day. '' 

He waved back to his father and went towards the School.

His father was watching him as he was on his way to his school 'International school of 21st century'. 

'' My son ''. 

His father was watching him as he was approaching his school. 

Arjun had brown hair, his hair was short but little above his forehead. He was fair. He looked cool in his uniform. He had blue eyes and a sincere heart. He had worn his uniform which had a white shirt, with a blue tie and blue pants. He was holding a green bag which definitely had ben 10 on his back. As he was a die-hard fan of ben 10. 

A man approached Rudhir's car. 

'' Thank you for waiting; 

Sir, I was a little late ''. 

" No problem, I just reached here. Get inside the car". 

It was Mr Sam, he was working under Rudhir at the company. 

They were both in the car. Rudhir opened the compartment right in front of him. He was surprised at first, but he laughed.

''Mr Sam, I need a favour from you ". 

He picked up his broken watch and handed it over to him. 

" Please help me getting it fixed". 

" Please make sure not to mention it to Anna". 

Mr Sam understood 

" Yes sir, but isn't it 7 th time, why don't you scold your son. '' 

Rudhir started his car and they were off to the office. 

'' Why would I do that, My son is following in his father's footsteps, We must let our children explore their curiosities."

At first, Mr sam was inspired by his words but...

''Arjun will definitely become a great engineer". 

Hearing him he thought in his mind. 

' All Indian parents are one and the same '. 

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