Twist in time

Twist in time

By:  Katherine Petrova  Completed
Language: English
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Miraculous life, unexpected things...Stella is a girl lives in Los angles who wants to see the outer space since her childhood.She never liked her reality and always wanted to escape from it.But one day she met a mysterious boy named Chris who is hiding nothing but many secrets.she don't know his full name, parents, home and nothing.Until one day his true self revealed in front of her eyes. She felt an irresistible attraction towards him. He feels the same way about her. He was born with an insatiable appetite for destruction but she is changing him. She encounters a whole new world with him, been through heartbreaks, difficulty. Never-ending problems... can she survive? will their love succeed or fails?

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Ramiro Leon
Read the begining chapters. I feel it has a good story. The book simply need heavy editing. Made it difficult to read and may even drive readers away because of this.
2021-01-24 22:38:21
31 Chapters
“Stella, get up,” someone is calling me. I slowly opened my eyes to see my chemistry madam standing in front of me.“Oh no, I am so sorry, mam,” I lift myself from the table, feeling embarrassed and noticing everyone’s eyes on me. She didn’t reply and just walked away. As soon as she left, the last bell rang.“I’m sleeping in class and you didn’t give a damn help to wake me up,” I scolded my friend Hazel when we both make our way out of the class.“Well, she did before I did,”“That’s a nice explanation.” I kept walking in the hallway.“By the way, Adam wants to see you. He said he will wait outside the academy,”“Okay, thanks, I will catch you later,” I rushed into the restroom and washed my face. My blonde hair is not messed up because I slept in class, not in the home.Adam is my boyfriend. Well, sort of. After two years of relationship, I never felt like he cared ab
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I felt like a lost child wandering in the streets as soon as he left me. I walked back home to find that my parents have finally stopped fighting, but my house was a disaster. My eyes suddenly caught the sight of something familiar.“It’s my telescope, how can you break it, mom?” I shouted at her.“Sorry,” she said, simply sitting at the dining table alone.“No, you are feeling sorry. I worked so hard to make it but you broke it just like that.” It’s a handmade one. It may not be the biggest invention or something. Whatever it is, she can’t break her daughter’s work like this.“I said sorry. What do you expect from me other than that?” she shouted at me. Iam the one who should shout at her. But I am feeling like I wanted to cry. I rushed to my room and locked it and took the broken pieces of it.”I don’t think I can fix it," I murmured. I left it there and opened the windows. I kept staring outside. I want
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I got frustrated after a minute and was ready to leave home. At the time, a car came by and stopped right in front of me.“Need a ride?” Madelaine’s face popped up in the car.“You didn’t wonder why I am alone here” I bit my nails in anger when Iam sitting next to her. “Explain” she opened the door. I sat next to her and kept being silent. I don’t want to talk about that.“So,” she started.“So, the thing is I met a boy who is looking so mysteriously handsome.” the word handsome got out of my mouth without thinking.“He’s handsome. I should definitely hear the story. Go on and on,” she smiled broadly while taking a turn in the road.“Okay, one day I was unaware while walking on the road and he saved me before a car hit me and he went without hearing me say thanks. Today he showed up again. We talked for a while and some thief entered bash Cafe. He threatened everyone, but Chris mov
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“Yes, we did it,” I yelled when the car took off. My things are still in my home but I don’t want to go back. At least I can be happy living here with Madelaine.“Thanks, Maddy” I let out a deep breath. “Anything for my friend,” she smiled. We reached her home, and she allotted me a room and I don’t think of any other things. If I think about my parent’s issue, I will surely be sick by the next day. I just slept to forget all my sorrows.The next day, I rushed to the academy as I slept for more hours. “Don’t you want breakfast?” Maddy shouted behind me. She’s not only good at inventions but also at cooking? A multi-talented person. “No, I will buy something. Bye, see you later and I will take your car.” I ran into her car and reached the academy way sooner than I expected. I am glad to know how to drive a car. All thanks to Maddy again. Today I felt so relieved.“Hey” I knocked hazel on her shoulder all of a sudden.”
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“One sec” I stopped him. I looked at him, got frozen.“Today there’s a party. I will tell you about the venue. Will you come?”“Sure, I will come for you.” For me? I didn’t expect this answer.After an hour I met hazel at a shop. “Is that boy coming?”“Yes, yes, thousand times yes. Can we go to another topic?”“Okay, sorry. So, can we take some dress?” I nodded and entered the shop. There are many nice outfits but I don’t think it suits me. Most of them are short. I never wore anything like that.“Are you going to take this or not?” she pointed her hand at a glittery black dress that will come above my knees?“Um... I am looking for some cosy dress”“Are you having a girls’ night? Take this please.” I looked at it and I think I can give it a try. We exited the shop and went straight to the party. I hope he will come. I searched to see him but I could only se
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Maddy saw me crying and running like a crazy girl. “What happened again?” she asked with sympathy, but I ignored her and ran straight into our professor. If Chris can’t answer it, then Alaric should tell me whether or not he wanted to tell. I am pissed off by Chris. He is an unpredictable man and I don’t know why I can’t ignore him. I want to know about him. I ignored me three times since I met him.I grabbed the professor’s shirt collar without being feared of him and without thinking of any consequences. “What the hell you did to Chris. Why did you hurt him? “ I shouted in front of everyone. “It’s not a place to talk about this and why are you even caring about him?” he spoke silently, which only be heard by me with an uncomfortable look.“No, I need the answers. I saw him. He looked different. I..I mean he is not injured, but I saw something different about him. It’s like some robotic parts in his hands,” I
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“From the outer space,” he added.“What? you got to be kidding me. I came here for the truth, not to hear something crazy,” I laughed off. I believe in cyborgs and outer space, but I can’t go around everywhere and trust whatever anyone tells.“I am telling the truth and I trusted you, only you,” he shouted and everyone turned to our side. I think he’s serious. I got nervous. “Okay Chris, calm down. I am sorry. I think you need to explain more,” I talked silently.“I said the truth. That’s all.”“That’s all. That’s all you are hiding. Then what’s your connection between professors. Why do you have a fight? Why he dies?”“I have nothing to do with his death. He knows I am not from here and he sees me suspiciously because I already told him I have a mission to finish and it is…” I stopped him.“Confidential. You can’t share. I know that. So, you met up with an accident and become a cy
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I attended the call “Stella, I need you at our lab. Nothing serious but need some help.”I hesitated for a minute. “Yeah, sure coming” I cut the call, and he is standing next to me.“who’s that?” Chris asked.“That’s my friend. I should go now,” I said without looking back.“Mind if I join you”“Why... I mean okay”“Thanks, and other things never talk about me to anyone.” he sounded serious but not threatening.He locked the room, and we reached her house after some minutes. I told the guards that he’s my friend and they let him go inside.“What’s going on, Maddy?”She looked annoyed. “Why you got him here?”“He said, he want to accompany. Is that a problem?”“No but I don’t think I can trust him” she was talking, but he went inside without an invitation. Bella was struggling with some work and he walked towards her.
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I opened my eyes and saw Maddy going somewhere out.“Hey, where are you leaving”“I am...” she stammered and stood still. I got up from my bed, confused.“Are you angry that I got Chris here or kissed him? And are you keeping secrets because of who he is. Did you lose your trust in me?” I suddenly spoke about all this.“I didn’t know you kissed him and well, I was about to go to LAPD without your help because you don’t care about that. You should have come yesterday, but you went to see Chris so...” she trailed off.“Yeah, I understand. You go on your own. Fine. Good.”Hey. don’t be mad at me. I thought you were not interested in solving this?” She spoke calmly.“Who said, I am not? I really want to know about that. I am so confused right now” She said nothing and hugged me. “I understand you. trust me. I won’t try to leave you again.”“And also, I don’t see
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We walked holding hands together and reached the crumbled looking house and got inside a splendid room.“So, you want to change your clothes?” he took one of his shirts and gave it to me. I hesitated and went inside the bathroom. I am embarrassed about walking out of the room in his shirt, which is above my knees. I stepped out, and he tried not to see me. I sat next to him in bed.“I was just thinking maybe we can take a break like going to a theme park or something tomorrow.”“Really, I never thought you would ask something like that. I’d love to,” he grinned. “I never enjoyed it and I want it to be with you.”“Why me?” these words escaped my mouth.“I don’t know. You make me feel something. I never helped anyone or tried to be nice to others. That’s not who I am. But now I am acting differently when it comes to you.”“Then who you have been before? If not a good person…”
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