My Alien daddies.

My Alien daddies.

By:  Cendrillon1996  Kumpleto
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Humans, They've been on their own for way too long until their keepers are back. They ruined their planet, they are ruining each other, it's time for them to get back home. Humans are taken back to the mother planet and being raised again, to grow up like their alien relatives. Madelyn was born to a resistance, her life was pure hell until she was caught and put back for adoption. What would happen when three daddies decide they want her to be theirs.

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"The novel is of parallel-universe alien fantasy genre about a story about family relationships. After Mady has turned into a baby in a parallel universe, she sees how adults' actions are so scandalous and filthy. Even her daddies including Adrian, Derek, and Jaxon with their routines give her the oddest feeling. Madlyn was fed up with how she was treated. She has been exposed to many and tries to act crazy leaving her three daddies fighting over her against each other. Will Madlyn also ever keep up with these alien daddies and stay as their alien baby forever?”

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Gwen M
Nice book. It’s quite cool
2023-11-03 00:40:21
40 Kabanata
Third-person POV. Earth has changed, we ruined it, we ruined our planet, we ruined our atmosphere, our lives, earth is simply a living hell...So they came, they said it's time over for human rain, we ruined our toy, and now our parents are back to take us home. That's exactly what happened, they came, aliens came, they took all of us in their giant spaceship out back to the mother planet.We thought we are so smart, that we'll get another chance to ruin their planet, except they were much larger than us, much smarter. Their planet, it wasn't meant for us, it was meant for them, for us to be able to adapt and live with them, they had us regress to little kids again, we needed their attention and care.Grown-ups, full adults, once they make it back to mother planet, they regress back to baby ages, their body would shrink, they still might look like teenagers or pre-teen, but their mind would be same as a baby.Compared to our caregivers, we are the size of little toddlers, like it or
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Madlyn POV. I woke up, groggy, where am I? I tried to get up but felt sick, looking around realizing I'm not where I was from the last time I remember. That's when it hits me I was caught. I tell myself I have to escape so they don't turn me into a baby, I try to move but my stomach ache was having the best of me, becoming a baby is the worse thing that could happen to you, mom and dad always said so. I groaned and hoped I would not puke as I curled into a ball and kept an eye to see if anyone would come over. I know I can't fight them like this, I tell myself I will just save my energy and wait for the right moment to escape."The new baby is awake" someone yells in the back of the room, I saw someone walking toward my bed, it wasn't a normal bed, it had bars around it, I was sleeping in a stupid crib! I didn't even have a crib back when I was a real baby living with my parents."Good morning little thing," a woman says picking me up from the stupid crib, she was manhandling my fra
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Madlyn POV.Olivia was done, she took me back to the wooden jail, she set me down and left me there for few hours before she came back saying it's dinner time, great I'm hungry. I could use a decent meal. I'm starving. I sat up thinking she would take me to a dining room to be able to eat but then I remember that man saying something about bottles, but still hoped for real food.Olivia came toward me, she picked me out of the jail I'm left in most of the day, she got a bottle that looks like a baby bottle. She must be joking me, she started cooing at me, calling me a good baby and that I should open my mouth. I shook my head, I would have spoken and said I wanted soup or something but I knew if I did she may take that opportunity to force the bottle in my mouth. I groaned though when my stomach growled from hunger."Come on little thing eat" Olivia says trying to get the bottle through my gritted teeth and sealed lips."Do you want to breastfeed? is that it, you little nightmare?" Oli
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Adrian POV.Things aren't going well for our family, we've gone through another bad episode, Jaxon bad temper got the best of him, he hasn't meant what he said. The reporter knew what she's talking about, she knew it's a sensitive topic, she asked about kids, why we don't have one yet.We are a polyamory family, meaning there's three of us, all of us are males, it's me, Adrian I'm the one only one who stays at home during the day, Jaxon my husband he's a governor, and finally there's Derek he's a police detective.The question was a bit tricky, it's a sensitive topic for us, we want a child, we all wanted to have one but with Jaxon work, Derek being busy and working overnight we couldn't have it yet. We don't want a child who'd only recognize two of her or his daddies over the pictures and brief meetings.I would be devastated and crushed under the pressure, lot's of relation and marriages get broken when only one partner takes full responsibility of the littles. We decided to take it
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Madlyn POV.This morning was different, Olivia dressed me in a new onesie, that's what my clothes are called. She brushed my hair with too much force as usual and added a hairband to them. Finally she carried me downstairs to some kind of an office, and told everyone to line up. When I was too slow to do that she pinched my thigh bringing tears into my eyes. I had my head low the whole time until I saw some random people walk in.When I noticed people walk in I looked up, wondering what is going on. I stayed quiet though and just observed the people coming in. Some looked nice and others looked like they would be mean to everyone they meet."Derek we've already been to every adoption house there is" a guy says, he looked nice wearing some fancy clothes, while the guy who must be Derek had a big frown on his face and was dressed like the people who usually chase us.I was so scared I took a step back, what if he came to take me out of here too, Olivia isn't the best but she's not the w
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Derek POV.The problem with having a political scandal, no one would let you adopt from their place, humans as young as Adrian wants are rare these days, meaning we had to do a deep search. The last orphanage was one on the bad side of the town, the staff wasn't happy or ready to work with someone very young, hence their nickname to our princess, nightmare. She had stomach worms from bad food, she was only one but was still walking and haven't started teething yet, once her body adapts more to the nutrients she receiving she'll act more like her age. She was mostly quiet clinging to Adrian the whole time while eying me and Jaxon, once the paperwork was done we were ready to leave. "Let's go" Jaxon says more than happy to leave, we had a car seat already waiting for her, strapping her in wasn't that easy since she didn't want to lay down in it. She grumbled and groaned, trying to get out of the darn car seat, clearly, she didn't want to be in it. "Stop fighting princess," Jaxon says
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Madlyn POV.I get to stay in Adrian's hands on the ride home, I don't know what kind of home is waiting for us, but I was kind of excited, scared, and excited, I got both Lulu and Teddy in my arms too. They felt nice in my hands, soft and warm, things we never had before.We made to some kind of a building, the ones I see from far away while running away from the Zohalian or just spying on them, I always dreamed about coming here and looking at what their lives are like. They park the car we were in and got out, Adrian held me the whole time taking me inside the place. "Let's give you the tour first then we'll talk rules," Jaxon says, he tries to take me out of Adrian's arms but I cry and cling to him more, I don't fully trust or like Jaxon right now, he still seems a little scary. I hold lulu closer to me, she's scared too. The house was enormous, bigger than any building I lived in before, the biggest I ever had was a ran down shack. But this is a three-level home with so many roo
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Madlyn POV.When I woke up I was still sucking on the rubber thing they put In my mouth. I sat up to see if any of my new daddies were around, I didn't find any of them, I was alone in the wooden cage, I started crying scared, I hate the dark.Soon Adrian walked in and picked me up. During the time of my crying, the rubber thing fell out of my mouth. He just picked it up again along with Teddy and one of the new blankets we got, he gave me them, I hugged them close feeling better now."it's okay princess daddy's here," Adrian says, he held me back toward their room, both Derek and Jaxon were asleep. "You see your lazy papa and dada?" He says to me in a baby voice, making me giggle, no one ever talked to me in a voice like that, not even when I was really little."Why's she awake it's three in the morning," Derek asks once I'm on the bed next to them trying to poke his eye, he kept them firmly closed, meanie."The book said she'll be hungry during the night" Adrian explains picking up
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Jaxon POV.Don't mess with my family, I might the political guy in the family, the one who could hold a conversation under pressure without even a sweat. But my family is a red line, when the reporter asked about why I had no kids yet, then implied about both my husbands being male, finally, she twisted my words about having a human little to me hating on them. That was one big mess, even my PR couldn't help fix that.We finally agreed it's time to get a baby, all three of us wanted one, Derek didn't really care about the gender while Adrian always wanted a girl, I might just agree with him a bit, I always dreamt about having a baby princess.Now we're here, we got Madlyn, she was everything I could've asked or dreamt about with her brown curly hair that matches Derek's hair, or her green eyes that matches mine, she looked like ours even if she wasn't ours by blood. After the little bathroom incident, I left Adrian to change and dress her again, they came back to our bed with her yawn
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Madlyn POV. I woke up groggy, I don't like the car seat, it's annoying, and the car did make fall asleep, when I woke up it was to Adrian unstrapping me. He took me inside, I saw other humans like me dressed like me or in clothes that make them look older, some were on their feet another crying, I felt like crying now. I don't like this, last time I was somewhere similar to this, the guy pushed too hard on my stomach making me cry, I held closer to Adrian.Jaxon went and talked with the woman at the desk while I stayed hidden where I was in daddy's arms, I was hoping we'd get to go home soon, instead, someone called my name. Adrian got up and carried me with him toward a closed office, way too similar to the one from last time, a bed, the scale, but I could also see some other torture devices, I started crying right away."Nu wanna...wanna go home" I cried holding tighter to Adrian who just shushed me and started to talk with the other guy they called Doctor."How old is the little b
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