His Achilles Heel

His Achilles Heel

By:  Venom01  Ongoing
Language: English
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From the day they are born, Alpha males know what it means to sacrifice for their pack. But Connor Salvatore didn't think that would mean giving up his fated mate. Aimee Carter was Hell on wheels, everything she did was wild and free, and Connor loved it but there was one problem- she was a human.The day he left her set wheels in motion that would have two Alphas barrelling towards a showdown and one female caught in the middle. But Aimee is no ordinary woman, the daughter of an MC president, Aimee only knows one speed and that's full steam ahead, only the strongest Alpha will finally tame her heart...or would she break both of theirs. In part two of this book, the motorcycle club Aces and Eights move to Howling where Aimee forges a new path for her crew, this begins the series Aces and Eights as Eric, Ian, Scott, Max, Reggie, and Adam find out what it means to be part of the pack.

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Loved this book and read it twice. So good!
2022-08-05 06:34:23
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Amy Grosskopf
This story is great and I want more!
2021-02-23 23:14:33
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Good flow. Didn’t get lost. Didn’t drag out. Was not filled with expected cliches. Surprised me a few times. As of 2/17/2021, the main story is complete. Also, left open to other story branches. Possible spoiler alert: I appreciated the mention of a creature I’d only read in one Neil Gaiman book.
2021-02-18 09:30:24
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Cc Lopez
Amazing read!! excited for more!
2021-01-22 22:40:59
user avatar
seriously one of the best I've read
2021-01-22 13:52:13
user avatar
Love this story!
2020-12-21 18:43:44
user avatar
corrina chalklen
wow just wow, where can I find a Braxton ??
2020-11-17 06:20:53
49 Chapters
Take what you want from me
'It's never about me though, is it Connor? I try and try and give all that I have, all that I am but it's never enough, I'm never enough...'Aimee Carter could feel her heart bleed as she watched his face. He couldn't look at her, instead, Connor stared out at the valley below them, his hands shoved in the back pockets of his jeans, a muscle ticking in his well-defined jaw as he stood there waiting for Aimee to let it all out.
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Blue Eyed Rebel
The Aces and Eights MC hadn't changed in the last three years. As Aimee sat astride her bike in the parking lot, contemplating what she was about to do, she couldn't help but notice all of the regulars iron horses were in the usual places, meaning a club meeting was underway.The past three days had been spent crying miserably, holed up in her small downtown apartment, Aimee's whole future had been torn from her, and she was devastated.But at the end of those three days, she had managed to channel that pain into something more productive..rage, and damn, was she angry.
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Aces and Eights
The jukebox seemed to stop the moment Aimee entered the bar, several heads turned towards the door, and she could hear some poorly covered gasps. Yes, ladies and gents, the wild child has returned, she thought to herself, proudly raising her head and looking at each member, daring to stare at her directly in the eyes.Her presence crackled with violence and confidence as she sauntered up to the bar, raising an eyebrow at the rotter sitting on her barstool; the middle-aged woman quickly vacated her seat, clearly not willing to get into things with a wom
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The Reckoning
"Hello, Dad."His club bar was eerily silent as the six foot five Aces and Eights president regarded his daughter; she was slimmer than he remembered, and despite Aimee's bravado, William could sense an air of fragility about her.Someone had broken his baby's heart, but that wasn't his problem anymore.
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Pack duty
They all stood in a line, like cattle waiting to be inspected, and Connor felt bile rise in his throat.Ten young women, handpicked by his mother and father according to their respective bloodlines, each of them raised in preparation to fulfill the duties of a Luna, and Connor could barely stand to look at any of them.The day was drawing to an end, and the Alpha's residence was filled with outside pack representatives, all hoping to ally with the union of marriage.Tonight was his fucking engagement party for Goddess sakes, and Connor had never felt more alone in his life; any minute his father would call for quiet in t
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The pack sacrifice
'Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out...'Connor felt himself going under, drowning in his panic as he stared out into the sea of faces, all waiting on his choices, like some goddamn winning raffle or something.Risking a glance at the line of young ladies, he found himself calming slightly as a beautiful green-eyed blonde met his gaze and grinned back at him.Arial O'Connor was the daughter of the Alpha and Luna from The Vengence pack, she was easy to talk to, and Connor knew his mother and fat
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The Henchmens vow
The sound of grown men barking was enough to frighten the most seasoned fighter.Dust, being kicked around, leaned a hazy look to the ring, and someone had decided to put the loudspeaker on, blaring 'Roxanne' at full tit.Brax grimaced at the fact that he could probably sing the whole song by now since the old Police cd had had pride of place in the dilapidated stereo for a good ten years at least.He stood off to the side, as was his custom, assessing the area, picking up on the different smells that told him who was scared, excited, angry, or even sexually frustrated. This was the hardest thing about being a wolf livin
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The Admission
Braxtons wolf howled in approval as the petite woman took down the prospect faster than a hooker spends money, 'MINE' his wolf asserted dominantly and he received no argument from The henchman, Aimee Carter was his, and he would stop at nothing to claim her in the eyes of his kind, vowing to love and protect her always.But first, he had to seal Aimee's re-entry into the Aces and Eights, his woman would need to equal or beat him, and Brax would give her no quarter.She would earn her place back into the club and into his heart, one fight at a time.WILD BILLS POV
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Fenrir's curse
Her name had been called out and there was nothing she could do about that now.Of the three names Connor had called, Phoenix was the lowest in blood rank; the second daughter of the Howling Moon packs Gamma family, she was barely a Gamma, her Mom was an even lower ranked Omega working in the kitchens; not that Dad ever treated Mom like anything less than royalty, he made it clear that Demelza Grimmer was his everything, which was the kind of bond Phoenix wanted for herself one day.She was almost twenty-six now and most of her peers had mated and settled down, some even had pups or were proudly expecting, but her job as one of the packs trackers had kept her away most of the time, and she was never in a position
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Propositioning an Alpha
Connor led the young Beta female into his father's study, she appeared confident but not arrogant, and Connor liked that about her.Phoenix Grimmer was a few years older than him, maybe he needed that though after the hash he made of his last relationship, and as she sat down on the couch she looked at him with honest eyes. ¨Tell me a bit more about yourself,¨ he invited softly, and she shot him an almost boyish grin.¨Well, there isn't much to say really, my father is a Beta, my mother's a cook for the dining hall, I have an older sister with a recessive gene, that made her wolf unable to phase, but she has made the best of her situation and holds a high position on the Alphaś council. I am a tracker
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