His Bride

His Bride

By:  Lynne writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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When Lauren Westbrook was sold by his father in exchange for a debt he owes a dangerous and notorious man, Hunter Cyprus. Her live changed.

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His Bride by Lynne writes is a steamy dark romance novel about a girl sold in exchange for debt. Lauren Westbrook is clueless about love. She experiences betrayal when her father sells her to pay off debts. The billionaire Hunter Cyprus is a Mafia lord that is feared by all. He expects Lauren to satisfy all his needs by marrying her. She has no choice but to comply if she intends to keep her life. Can Lauren still have a chance to know what true love is? Or will she be Hunter's doll all her life? 

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         PROLOGUE My name is Lauren Westbrook. I'm 19 and in my final year in highschool. My parents are not rich, we are poor.  My dad doesn't work, he said it was his time to sit down and we take care of him. Cos he was once rich but later lost everything which he blamed my mother for.  Whatever happened that time, I don't know cos they never told me.  My mum is only doing a little job. She sells in the local market. And I work in three places.Early in the morning before going to school. I will branch to Grandma Jami's house to do all her house chores and make breakfast for her. She will urge me to eat before I leave for school. Her children do pay me at the end of the month.  Then after school, I rush to the restaurant where I work from 4-7, after leaving the cafe, my night shift starts at Dark club where I work as a bartender.  And then go home 9:oclock to do my assignment b
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"Bye Grandma Jami " I shouted as I close the door behind me. I heard her old cracky voice say something but I was long gone. I don't want to get late to school again today. I rush to my locker and take out notes for the first period which is literature before going to my class. I sat down on my seat. My eyes met with Matt's. I flash him a small smile and face the front of the class. Matt is the only one I talk to in school and that's because we work in the same place, the Restaurant. I don't make friends, I just prefer to be alone. I was nicknamed as the lonely girl but I don't give a duck about it. Lunch time, I sat down in my usual seat, alone. Sometimes Matt will join me, but I guess today is different. I sighed when I saw Lisa and her crew coming towards my direction. They so much like to pick on me,and they never fail to show how much they hate me. Well almost the whole school hates me. Boys hates me because I
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I woke up late today, cos it's Saturday. I use to have enough rest before going to work. I did my morning routine and put on a pair of jeans with a black shirt. Pack my hair up in ponytail. I stare at my self in the mirror before going out of my room. I was walking downstairs when I heard loud chattering coming from the living room. What's going on? The voice is not my dad's neither my mom's. "When  are you getting the fucking money " a deep voice yelled and I cringed. I quickly rush down to see what was going on. "Please, we will pay, just don't hurt us " My mom say with tears in her eyes. She was on her knees begging some two hefty dangerous looking guys. One is blonde and the other has a brown hair. "If you don't give the money now Ryder, we are going to hurt everyone you care about and then kill you " another man says this one is bald headed but he looked dangerous to
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Hunter's pov "Did you bring her to the room? " I ask Cole and Jax. "Yes " Jax answered. "She tried escaping, we almost couldn't handle her, she's really feisty" Cole says. "I know, that means we have to keep a close eye on her, she might tried escaping again right?" I ask. "Yes ""Don't worry, leave it to me. " "You can leave now " I addI stood and head upstairs to see her. I made sure her room is a little close to mine. I opened the door to see her sitting on the bed with her head down. She's probably crying. Well, she will get use to it. People cry when they are in a new environment. She hasn't noticed me yet, so I used that medium to check her out. She's beautiful and have nice shape too. Well she got that from her mom and Ryder, they don't have any resemblance except the eye colour. I licked my lips and smile. "Hey pri
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Lauren. I was about to open a door which I think leads to the outside when I heard a voice "what are you doing "Hmm. It wasn't Hunter's if not I'll be shivering by now. I turn around, it was a lady. She was wearing a very short flair skirt and a silky material as blouse. I think she's a maid, cuz I've seen someone wear this kinda dress when they brought me in. She move closer. "Give me that " she says pointing to the dish on my hand. I gave them to her. "You must be lost "she says."Yes, I was looking for the kitchen to put those "pointing to the plates on her hands" but I guess I went the wrong way " I explained. She chuckles lightly, "that's the way to the balcony, not the way out. ""Oh, well this house is huge and this is my first time here, so it's normal " I said with a smile. You are really beautiful, want me to show you around the house "she says. 
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#LaurenThe next day I was in the bathroom when an idea popped into my head. I climb on the toilet seat and slide the window open. Shit!. I forgot this is a storey building. I thought of escaping through the window, but there is another way though. I will just ask that my room to be downstairs. I smile and walk back to the room. Entering the room I met Nanny Lilo arranging something."Good morning Nanny Lilo " I greeted her cheerfully. "Good morning darling, how was your night? "I shrug."Twas okay " I replied. "Right, good thing you have taken your bath. Come downstairs for breakfast ""Sure, hm..can I ask for something ""What is it my dear?""I want my room to be moved downstairs, can you do that for me ""I'm so sorry I can't, you need Hunter's approval and I advise you don't ask him " she says. I groan. Now, I don't think this plan is going to wo
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"Do you think I don't know what's going on in my mansion when I'm not home?!" Hunter yells at me. Right now I'm being tied to a chair and I'm in some kind of dark room. Obviously where Hunter kills people who go against him. And with the look of things, I think the same thing is going to happen to me. "Well good for you " I muttered. "Did you say something" he says and grab my chin his fingers press against my cheek, I moan in pain. "You dare disrespect me, you don't know what I'm capable of " he growled. I cough as he releases his hand on my cheek and breath in heavily. "I know what you are capable of Hunter, you can kill me and nobody will know " I scoff. "Right? "He smirk "Yes and I really wanna know your mom will react when she finds out you are dead, how Ryder will react... Oh I forgot he doesn't give a fuck about you."I cringe at the thought of my mother crying. 
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Trigger warning : this chapter has content that can affect reader who in anyway experience sexual harassment, kindly skip that part If you did be affected.♥♥  "Hey princess " he slurred out. "Hunter you are drunk " I say standing up. I'm not...." he says and stagger to my front. "Hunt.. "I wanted to call reaching out for him. "Don't fucking touch me b****" he growls and I move back in fear. Oh I actually forgot he's a jerk. "You don't fucking touch me, after what your father did to me " he then point his finger at me. "Tell him that if I set my eyes on him, I swear with my mother's grave. I'm going to kill him. Got it?" he says. "Idiot, how am I going to see him" I thought. "How will I see him, maybe you let me go and find him? " I said with a sly smile. "Haha, you think you can take advantage of me being drunk and t
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Lauren I yawned opening my eyes. Why is everything so dark, did I wake up early. I tried stretching my hand but I hit it with a wooden surface instead. What's going on? I tried raising my head but hit my head on a wood. "Ouch!" I shout. Fuck, I remember I slept under the bed. I rolled out and sit up on the floor rubbing my forehead. I pick up my pillow and blanket and put them on the bed. "Lord, you scared me " Nanny Lilo screamed as she hold her chest.I grin."Good morning, Nanny Lilo " I greet."I thought you are in the bathroom when I didn't see you in your room, but then I didn't hear any sound, do you sleep under the bed " she says. I smile sheepishly. "Yes, I was avoiding Hunter, that idiot might come and disturb me again""He was drunk,yesterday was the day his mother died. He's always moody and will drink himself to stupor " she explai
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Now I think I'm hungry. I stand up wearing my flip-flops before rushing out of my room downstairs. Some of the maids that saw me looked Suprise. And some have me the ' who let the dogs out '.Fucking bitches, acting like saints. Like they couldn't done worse if they are in my shoes. I just hate it when people judge me.Don't fucking judge me, you are not God. I glare at them as I walk to the dinning. I sat down on one of the chairs and watch Maria and other maids set the table. I sigh. "Maria " I call but she ignores me. "Maria listen I didn't do that to hurt you, anyone in my shoes will... "I didn't finish my words when she excuse herself and and went away. I dug on my food angrily. Not long, Hunter and Ryan walk towards here. Wait they are going to have dinner too. That means,..gosh it will be so awkward since I just sha
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