His Donna (His Series)

His Donna (His Series)

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(His Series)According to Mythya you live seven life's before your soul get peace.In His Series you are going to see the journey of Alexander Branson six life's, yes only six life's (and why only six life's? You will get the answers in sixth book).Alexander Branson who got fall in love with Ashly Chand in his first life let see how he is going to make her his while crossing all the boundaries .((HIS DONNA))"I will kill my daughter but I will never let you have her" Jia Scream while her eye's are red."Touch her and you all dead, and she is already mine whether you like it or not"

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Ramsha Ismail
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"If you help us against Spain Mafias, we'll give you whatever you want," said Simon "Money, jewels, property, anything.""There's nothing that you can offer me that I don't already have," said Alexander , "And plus, they hasn't touched my people. I don't have any reason to declare war against British Don.""We both know you're not dumb enough to believe that," said Kim, " They has it out for all Mafias in this world. While their Don stayed away from your dragon mafia group so far, that doesn't mean he won't in the future. Being the Don of dragons Mafias will only protect you for so long."Alexander smirked at the two government representatives in front of him. The leader was right of course, Alexander knew that British Mafia Don was only biding his time before they made their move. And Alexander knew that helping the government was the best way to get rid of forien enemy before they gathered any more
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*6 years later***"You can't avoid the problem anymore, Alexander," said Sam, "It's getting worse.""I know!" exclaimed Alexander, "But I can't force myself to take a someone just because my gang is going crazy for their future leader.""Your gang isn't going crazy, but all the mafia gang in this hole World is going crazy for your future Donna and child and you can't handle by yourself. You need a women to help you ground them," said Sam. "And you don't really have a choice. It was manageable when it was just the occasional  outburst for the gang , but now your temper is becoming more volatile as each day passes. If we don't do something, the other Mafias of you is going to take over and I know that's not what you want. You didn't fight your father all those years ago only give your position to someone else like that."Alexander sighed, knowing his friend was right. He walked over to the
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"My daughter will not be your whore," spat Jia, "I'll kill her myself before she becomes a mafia play thing."Alexander  let his red eyes  as he stalked towards Jia. Using his hand, he pinned Jia to the wall with a chokehold. Tightening the grip on , he snarled, "Don't you dare lay a hand on my Ashly. According to this  contract, she's mine now. And as I already said, I'll be making her my Donna, not some whore." The  desk began to shake and objects began falling to the ground as Alexander anger caused the ground to quake. Jones attempted to run to his wife's defense, but with a flick of his free hand, Alexander bodyguards held him  Jones crashing to the ground."Alexnader , please release Jia . I'm sure she doesn't mean Ashly any harm," said Simon , warily looking around the office. The government knew that the  mafia leader  was powerful, but it was becoming obvious that they had underestimated him. When Alexande
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"Ohm slow down!" exclaimed Man, "Where are we going?""To save Ashly," replied Ohm, "We can't just leave her in the hands of Alexander.""How are we even going to find her? We can't get to main base  without a permission and there's no way a anyone would help us. They all work for Alexander," said Man."Alexander is the Mafia Don  isn't he? He must have a place here," said Ohm."You want to march into the lair of the most powerful mafia to have ever lived?" asked Zia."Ashly would do the same for any of us," said Ohm, "But if you don't want to come, I understand.""That's not what I meant; I just don't want to walk into this blindly. That won't help Ashly," said Zia."What about your plan? Alexander basically runs the hole city these days, wouldn't your friend know where Alexander lives?" ask Man."You're a genius, Man!" exclaimed Ohm, hug
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Ashly looked up when she heard the locks to the door being opened. The soldiers that had arrested her had removed her handcuffs and thrown her into a guest room of the main house and locked her in. It had been hours and all of her screaming had been in vain. Ashly had pounded on the door until her hands were bloody, but they had refused to say a single word to her. After hours of thinking, the only infraction she could think of was the theaf from the previous night. Mafia Don must've filed a complaint with the high authority. The only thing that confused Ashly was the fact that she was in a guest room and not a cell. When the doors finally opened, Man, Ohm, and Zia were shoved inside."No!" screamed Ashly , running towards the door that was already being locked again, "Leave them out of this. I'll take responsibility for last night's mission. I'll apologize to the Don! Let them go!""Ashly!" exclaimed Ohm, hugging his sister. Man and Zia followed an
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When morning came, a elegant lady  entered the room with a tray of food and a garment bag draped over her arm. Placing the tray on a table, she removed a golden dress from the garment bag and laid it out on the bed. The four cops who had woken from where they had been sleeping on the floor looked warily at her."My name is Lisa . Alexander sent me to check on you and to deliver your clothes for the ceremony," said Lisa. When she spotted Ashly puffy eyes , she tried to walk over to her. Man, Ohm, and Zia instantly stood up, creating a wall between their sister and the women. "Peace, I'm a makeup artist. I just want to take a look at her eyes. Alexander  is going to be furious when he finds out that Ashly cry herself so much under the your  watch. The point of sending you guys here last night was to protect her."Having had a night to process the situation, Ashly spoke up from behind her siblings, "What does he care? I'm just a play thi
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Alexander stood at the altar waiting for his Ashly to arrive. When Sam and Lisa walked in with the other, Sam led his finance down the aisle while Lisa took the rest of the group to their seats next to their parents. Ashly was stunning in the gold Dress and Alexander couldn't stop himself from staring. When Ashly reached his side, Cat began the ceremony."Mafia Don Alexander  , do you take this woman to be your Donna, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?" asked Cat."I do," replied Alexander ."Ashly, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?"Ashly looked into the crowd full of guest . She spotted her siblings in the front row, next to
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As the crowd moved towards the reception, Cat motioned for Alexandra(Ashly)  and Alexander to follow her to the back of the room, away from the crowd. Humoring his friend, Alexander guided Ashly towards the back."Alexander, you're one of my oldest and dearest friends and I know you need a Donna to settle your position. Make no mistake that that's the only reason I agreed to do this ceremony for you today. I don't agree with using a  contract to force somebody into a relationship. But I know I won't change your mind, so I'll leave you with a warning. Ashly oh sorry I means your Alexandra  is a innocent person and she is kindhearted. If I find out that you've mistreated the girl, I will find a way to end you. Don of the Mafia be damned," said Cat.Alexander nodded at his friend. He had expected the lecture. He knew when he asked Cat to do this marriage ceremony for him that she would disapprove. He also knew deep down that what he was
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"For God sake, put some clothes on," said Alexander, as he stepped out of in into Win and Sam  bedroom."Alexander!" screamed Win as he quickly wrapped a blanket around himself. Sam put his own clothes back on before handing Win pants to him."Alexander, what on earth are you doing here? It's your wedding night!" exclaimed Sam."I hurt her," said Alexander , guilt clear in his voice, as he slid to the ground."What do you mean you hurt her?" asked Win cautiously, afraid to set Alexander off."I don't know what came over me. One second everything was fine. But then Alexandra  panicked and shoved me off of her, scratching me. Next thing I know, I had her tied up and I was threatening her. I didn't snap out of it until Alexandra started crying and begging me not to hurt her," said Alexander."What exactly did you do or say to her?" asked Sam, placing a hand on his friend's sh
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Alexander  leaned down and kissed Alexandra gently, pulling the blankets back. Alexander remove their clothes this time, hoping to avoid any scratches. Alexandra looked to the side, refusing to look at Alexander when  Don spread her legs apart.Alexander  grabbed the lube from the bedside table and coated his fingers with it. Carefully sliding one slick finger inside of Alexandra, Alexander began stretching her. After a while, he added a second finger, slowly making scissor motions. When Alexander  added a third finger, it brushed against Alexandra  prostate and she moaned in pleasure. Deeming Alexandra  prepared enough, Alexander lifted Alexandra legs up and guided himself to her hole, stopping at the entrance."This may be painful at first, but I'll go slow. If you need me to stop, let me know," said Alexander .Alexander looked directly into Alexandra eyes, waiting for any signs of prote
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