His Favorite Mistress

His Favorite Mistress

By:  Rue Spears  Ongoing
Language: English
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Matured content. "Why...are.. you looking at me that way?" Emily stuttered. "I want to kiss you so bad." "I.I...me..." Have you ever been lied to? Have you ever tried to change someone? Have you ever thought you knew someone but found out things were not how it seemed? Emily Riverstone finds out that her new boyfriend happens to be the owner of a multi billionaire company and had been hiding his indentity from the world and even from her. Will she be able to overcome the consequences that comes with knowing the truth or will it be the death of her.

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Rue Spears
Two chapters updated daily, apologizes if you notice any typographical errors, currently editing the book. Thank y'all so much for the love and support.
2023-10-15 00:40:32
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The concept of the story is good, but there are a few typographical errors
2023-10-14 17:09:09
51 Chapters
"We can’t work with that cloth, that’s just it,” Bella said throwing away the cloth Emily just picked from her wardrobe, she jumped up from the bed and walked to the wardrobe to see what they could wear to the party.Today was Emily’s birthday party and Bella had offered to celebrate it for her, she had invited her over to her hostel to select any clothes of her choice from her wardrobe but Emily was being cautious of what she was selecting.Emily didn’t come from a wealthy family, her father was a well-known debtor and her mother and sister lived the fake life with the money their father was able to win from his gambling.Emily was the total opposite, she didn’t know how to pretend not to be what she wasn’t, she worked hard to put food on the table and even get herself into school. God being so faithful she was already in her final years.Bella on the other hand came from a very wealthy family, but she hardly talked about them so Emily couldn’t say much about her Bella’s family. Ther
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"What the bloody hell are you talking about?” Bella said collecting the glass from her and giving it to one of the waiters passing by. She started whining around Emily slowly, when she got to her front, she placed her butt in front of her and kept whining and giggling, but she noticed Emily wasn’t in the mood.“Okay, did something happen at home?” Bella asked turning around and looking at her.“No, you… just forget about what I said.”Bella couldn’t hear her well as the noise in the dancehall was really loud, she held Emily by the wrist and pulled her towards the direction of the toilet, luckily no one was in there, Bella closed the door immediately after she checked to be sure they were alone.“Now, did something happen?... Did Jessica say something mean again to you?... I swear I will send her small ass out of this club immediately.”“No...No,” she didn’t want to be accused of manipulating Bella which was already what they assumed of her.“Then what is it? If the club is boring we c
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“Alright, thank you so much.” Emily appreciated it, she knocked on the door three times and waited till she heard Mark’s voice for her to come in. On getting in she saw he was discussing with someone.“Emily, I thought I gave you today as your…”“I am actually here to see you,” out of shame she could have waited outside till he was done, but every second her mother seemed to be calling her phone, she just had to get the money and go and give it to her on time.Mark stared at her and got the memo, he didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable.“Oh right, I remember, let me have my secretary work on it. Wait for me outside okay?”“Thank you,” Emily bowed. She looked at the man Mark was talking to and realized that the person was the same person that come here to see Bella earlier. Did he work here? She nodded at him and walked out.“Does she work here?” Leonard finally spoke when Emily had left."Yes Sir,” Mark replied.“What does she do?”“She sketches, you know most designers here can’t dr
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Emily couldn't stay in the same house with her sister, they never got along and she was sure a fight would erupt if she stayed longer.she went back to Bella's house instead after her mother left. Bella was excited to see her, Bella thought she would come back the next day, so she hugged her at the door and asked that they check out the gifts.Bella had told her friends in advance to make sure they had given Emily something for her birthday as an entrance fee.She watched Emily open the first wrap as they sat on the bed."From Matthew," Emily said bringing out a little card, she read out the content, "Will you be my girlfriend, love Matthew."She frowned at Bella who was already laughing, Bella jerked the card from her and read the content again just to be sure Emily wasn't bluffing."We haven't even started and you already have an admirer," Bella wasn't surprised by Matthew's card, he had even asked Bella to ask Emily to the prom."Oh please," Emily waved it off and took the next gif
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~ RESTAURANT~Leonard got a call from Bella, and she requested to see him urgently. he agreed after she wouldn't stop calling him, he knew what the conversation would be about but he had to expect to have her bimbo friend approaching him in his restaurant."You!" Leonard didn't know what Bella was up to but he wasn't pleased. she was going home once he was done with her.he signaled his guards who were lurking around to be at ease as Emily approached him but Emily didn't take note. Emily didn't want to do this but she kept reminding herself that it was for Bella and her happiness."Good day, may I sit down?" there was something about the way he looked at her, she didn't like it, she feared it."Sit.""I am here on behalf of Bella,"Emily said going straight to the point as she took her seat opposite Leonard."About what?""Being her cousin you should understand how she can be."Cousin! Well, he guessed Bella was doing a good job keeping his identity a secret."How can she be?""She is
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Emily nodded at him understanding the situation and went inside.As Emily stepped into the corridor, she saw Bella coming out of her room."Where is Matthew?""We need to talk." Emily said walking pass her into the room as Bella followed behind closing the door behind her. Emily walked up to the window first to see if Leonard was still there but when she looked they were gone. She figured Bella didn't see them take Matthew away."How did it go? Were you able to convince him?" Bella asked."Convince him to allow you to continue to sell drugs?" Emily said looking at her with folded arms as Bella eyes widened at her words."When were you planning on telling me that you were now selling drugs?""I was going to tell you but I didn't know how you would take it, now please don't scold me.""You will go back to your parent house.""What?""I didn't convince him, I was shocked when I found out you are back to using drugs.""I am not using," Bella yelled. "I am only selling, you and Leonard nee
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"I will pay you Sir....i...will...I promise...please I need....I need time...I beg." the man stuttered without control."When?" Leonard asked even thou he knew it wasn't going to be possible. He always had his client's daily activities reported to him and this man sitting before him was one of the most foolish of all of them.He gambled the money he had or spent it on women. Leonard didn't understand how someone could borrow money to do such useless things. He knew the man had a family, a wife and two daughters but Leonard never bothered with the details."Soon," the man struggled to speak as sweat formed on his forehead."Mr. Riverstone, we both know that is not possible.""I...I..." The man struggled to think straight, he was in so much pain from the way the men had rough-handled him. He wasn't sure he would make it if they shot him."You can have one of my daughters until I can pay you back." the man finally concluded."Why will I want to agree to something as stupid as....""My da
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When they got to Bella's house or as the estate would call it the Klar's house, Emily's neck kept turning back and forth in amazement.This wasn't a house, it was a mansion, they drove past different sections. A garden, a table tennis center, a swimming pool section, and some more arches of land before they arrived at the house.Emily had never seen anything like this before, it was like they were in another town entirely. She was tempted to ask Bella if her father owned all this but she knew the answer to that. Bella's parents were known to be wealthy but how wealthy was the question Emily had never thought about.She remembered going to some of Bella's friends birthday party but she had never seen anything like this. Her friend's house was big, well-equipped, and furnished with the latest gadgets, equipment, and materials but nothing like this.Was this why Bella felt imprisoned in this house?Who wouldn't feel imprisoned in a place like this? There was no reason to leave because th
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She watched him dive into the water and swim to the end swiftly and then back as he stepped out slowly.The maid close by rushed to him and handed his towel to him, as he wiped his face. When he placed the towel on his body, he looked up and caught Emily's eye."That's my cousin, Cam," Bella said stepping into the balcony as the driver left to tell the maid to come and arrange the clothes in place.Bella waved at him as he nods his head in response to her but his eyes do not leave Emily, he cleaned off his body still staring at her then walked out of the swimming section as the maid followed ehind him."Does he stay here?" Emily asked staring in the direction he had just gone through."Sometimes," Bella replied. Emily walked back inside the room, she lay on the bed as her phone vibrated in her pocket.It was her sister.She sat up and picked up the call, it was unusual for her sister to call her they mostly chat."Where the hell are you? Mum just called me that Dad is in the hospital.
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The doctor didn't know why but he decided to come up with this lie but it wasn't a lie, the hospital sometimes had random donations not the way the unknown person had done but some people did call in to donate money to help people who couldn't pay for their bills."Is everything okay?" Rose asked as her daughter walked back to her with a confused look."It's nothing, let's go home. I will go to work then come and meet you.""Work?" Rose had forgotten that her daughter had to work, she should have told Emily to go home to rest instead of allowing Chloe to leave but yesterday she had been overwhelmed by the situation she wasn't thinking straight.Talking about Chloe she wondered where she went to that she hadn't called to check up on them since morning."Can't you take a break, I can talk to your boss.""No, it's okay. I will rest when I come back. Let's go."* * * * * * * * * * *When Emily got to her workplace she felt like dying, she rushed to her office bathroom, and she always kept
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