His Fifth Mate

His Fifth Mate

By:  Cha Cha  Ongoing
Language: English
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When Alpha Miguel found his fifth mate after the death of his previous mates that all died mysteriously, leading him to believing that he was really cursed as said to him earlier, he was determined to stay away from her and keep their relationship within work alone. However, he couldn't deny the crazy bond that kept pulling her to this girl, who has captured his heart at first sight, and now, he was determined to be with her and protect her from the dangerous creatures after her life. What happens when Clarissa, the twenty-two years old girl who already fell head over heels for her boss and boyfriend, found out that the man she loved so much was not a human as she thought, but a werewolf, an Alpha wolf at that? Will she be able to accept him for who he is?

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When is the next update?
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68 chapters 6/10/23
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68 Chapters
Why is he so cute?
Chapter 1 Clarissa POVI giggle excitedly as I check the screen of my phone to see the email that was sent to me from the company. After job hunting for a couple of months, I finally got one in the company I least expected. That is a blessing in disguise. "MJ group of company," I say to the cabby I just stopped. "Fifty bucks," He replies to me, and I pull the door open and hop in. It's my first day at work, and I'm a bit nervous. It looked like we were not going to make it to the company since we got stuck in a traffic jam for about twenty minutes, but we finally got out a few minutes ago, and we are currently on our way to the company, on the last route. "We're here," He announces as he pulls over at the side of the road, and I pay him before I hop out of the car. Staring at the tall building in front of me, I gulp down nothing nervously. I check my wristwatch for the time, and as expected, I'm fifteen minutes late. I didn't want to create a bad impression ab
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A fate that can't be changed
Alpha Miguel It has been five months since the death of Jenny, but I'm yet to get over it. Although that has happened before, but hers makes me feel so guilty each time I think about it. Every day, I come to work, feeling distressed. I guess my secretary got tired of the new me and decided to quit. I got a new secretary today, but I don't just feel like seeing her. I just want to be left alone. "Sir, it's me, Clarissa," Her voice sounds from outside, reminding me that I asked her to see me after lunch. "Come in," The door opens as soon as I usher her in, and she walks in. "Mate!" Ares, my wolf growls inside me, and I snap my head up to see her standing there and staring around the room. It's my first time seeing her, and she looks extremely beautiful. She is not too tall and has a curvy shape that makes her suit fits her perfectly. Her long blonde hair is packed in a ponytail with some strands on her forehead. Her skin is flawlessly smooth and beautiful, even though she d
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My inconsiderate boss
Clarissa POV It has been over thirty minutes since I arrived here, but there has been no sign of Mr. Miguel in the office yet, and I'm disturbed because he's always the first to get here before me. Thinking of the way he has been avoiding me for the past one week that I have been working here, I can only wonder what it is that I might've done wrong. Feeling his presence in the office, I raise my gaze to see him walk in with the usual deep frown on his face. "Good morning, Sir," I quickly stand up to my feet and bow to greet him, but he only hums and walks straight into his office, leaving me standing here like a fool. "What's wrong with him?" I sigh briefly as I sink into my seat, and get back to work. Glancing at him through the glass for the seventh time, I take a deep breath and run my fingers through my hair. I have no idea why I'm disturbed by his mood, but I can't just help it. It's finally time to go submit the documents for last week to him, but I'm a bit
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I'm going to accept her
Chapter 5 Alpha Miguel "Thank you, Sir," The way she smiles at me after I drop her off at the bus stop makes my heart flutter, and I feel my wolf wavers inside me excitedly. "Hmm," I nod my head before I start the car and drive away. The thought of Clarissa fills my heart as I drive down the road minutes later. Even though I have been avoiding her all this while, I still feel drawn to her, and I wish I can stop this. Arriving at home minutes later, I set to go to the pack to see Ares, because I need to discuss with him about this. It has just been one week since she started working with me, and I seem to be losing control of myself, I just wonder what will happen the rest of the time we would be spending together. Teleporting to the pack is not something difficult, since it's what I have always done. On my way to Roan's chamber, I stop on my track when I bump into the chief of the castle. It has been a while since I last saw him since I have been avoiding him.
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Got her food
Clarissa POVSince my boss is a sadist and an introvert, I decided to at least do something that'll make him happy. I found out yesterday from his ID card that today is his birthday. I would've loved to be the first to wish him a happy birthday, but since I felt he would be angry if I called him on the phone, I decided to leave it until I get to the office today."Happy birthday, Mr. Miguel," I say to him as soon as he steps into the office, and a thin line appears between his eyebrows as he squints his eyebrows with confusion written all over him. Wait a minute! Has he forgotten that today is his birthday or what?"I got this for you," Although I just started work here, I still feel it'll be nice to get him a gift on his birthday. I dropped by the mall this morning on my way to work where I got a beautiful necklace. Since I didn't have much to buy an expensive one, I decided to go for a cheaper one instead.He stares at me blankly before he takes his gaze to the necklace, and he fina
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She's getting comfortable with me
Chapter 6Alpha Miguel Reclining on the chair, I watch as she eats the food cautiously. With just a glance, anyone would know that it's her first time eating something like this. 'She's she the one for you, Alpha' Roan's words replay in my head, and I sigh briefly as I throw my head back, spacing out again. I don't know why this had to happen after I've given up on ever being with any woman, but then I feel like life is trying to give me a second chance, but am I ready for this chance? What if she ends up dying just like others? Will I ever be able to be free from the guilt? She's just an innocent human that doesn't even know about my identity. I feel like it'll be selfish of me to do this, knowing that she won't be safe, but what about the bond that keeps drawing me close to her even if I try to resist?"Isn't she pretty?" Ares suddenly pulls me out of my train of thought, and I sigh briefly."I'm scared, Ares. I'm scared she's not safe around us," I mind link Ares, and I feel him
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Chapter 7Clarissa POV Watching a movie with my boss happens to be the happiest thing I've ever done. Right from when the movie started and ended, he maintained a straight face even when it was an emotional movie that makes one cry. Some of the men there cried, I wonder why he didn't, anyway."Do you cry that often when you watch movies?" He asks as he drives us down the dark road, and I slowly nod my head. I may be a stubborn extroverted girl, but trust me, I'm also emotional."Yes, I cry when the movie is emotional. I cry when I read books," I reply to him and giggle because this is so embarrassing. My boss doesn't seem bad after all. Although he doesn't like talking much, he's cool and really fun to be with."You shouldn't cry about such things. They are just fiction and not real," He shrugs while still having his eyes fixated on the road, and I nod my head in agreement with what he said."Hmm... I just can't help it always," I reply to him, and he nods his head. For the next two
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Chapter 8Alpha Miguel "You can't keep staying like this without a mate, Alpha. You need to find another mate, or better still, let's choose one for you. Thank the gracious lord that one can always have a chosen mate," Ralph, one of the chiefs utters, and I groan frustratingly while rubbing my forehead. This is the reason I detest coming to the castle, I prefer to live as a CEO peacefully amongst the human, but I can't deny the fact that I also have responsibilities here, right?"We even went as far as hosting a birthday party for you yesterday and invited the maidens from the pack and other neighboring packs in a bid to get you a mate, but you didn't show up Alpha. What is really going on?" Gael, another one says as he stands up to his feet, and I sigh briefly."Alpha, other Packs are going to mock us, and may even call our Alpha a weak impotent man that can't satisfy a woman which was why he hasn't gotten one in his life," Gael further says, and that is it. How dare he call me impo
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Chapter 9Alpha Miguel I drive to the company as usual and head to my office. Since Clarissa always came before me, I am not so surprised to see her already at her post and doing her job."Good morning, Sir," She stands up and smiles at me shyly as soon as I walk inside the office, and I nod my head at her."Morning. Get my schedule for next week and submit it on my desk immediately," I say to her before I proceed to my office.Sitting behind my desktop a few minutes later and working, I keep getting distracted as the thought of Clarissa filled my heart.'Impotent' as the word ring in my head for the nth time, I scoff angrily and recline on the chair. Maybe I should just give this a try and prove them wrong that I'm not impotent, I need to prove to them that I can be with a woman, but then I'm scared of being the cause of the death of another innocent lady again."Sir, can I come in?" Still lost in thoughts, her voice sounds from outside, bringing me back to reality."Come in," Follo
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Chapter 10Clarissa POVMy heart wavers in excitement as my boss drives me down the road. I keep glancing at him occasionally, and I can't help admiring his perfection. Unlike when I just started working here, he has really changed from being a ghost-like and introverted boss to a fun person, even though he talks less."Why do you live alone? Aren't you married?" I ask him out of the blue as a result of my curiosity, and he glances at me. I mean, he's old enough to be married, and for him to tell me that he lives alone is kind of questionable."No, I'm not married. Why do you ask?" He replies to me casually, and I smile. For some unknown reason, I feel excited about his answer. Yes, I have a crush on him, but that doesn't mean that I should be happy that he's not yet married, right?"Nothing," I shake my head, and he nods his head.The rest of the drive to my apartment was filled with silence, and we finally arrive after about twenty minutes of driving."Thanks for the ride, Sir," I s
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