Chapter 10

Elysian waited while Aurora packed a few clothes with her, He knew it was dangerous to be seen with Aurora out but he couldn't help it, She can't be on her own in a strange world, Can she? He watched as she swiftly dumped a few clothes into a bag, He knew just how much She wanted to leave the Cactus and also now that her Coco is missing, It's a greater avenue for her to leave here.

Aurora glanced at Elysian for a fee times while she packed a few of her clothes, She knew he was thinking about everything she said but can you blame her? Ma.Coco was suppoed to have been here for a while now but she has gotten no news whatsoever from Ma.Coco. She couldn't possibly stay here in the Cactus without trying anything, She could feel it deep within her that something was definitely wrong but there was no wah she could know what was happening 

"I'm done!" She says and Elysian lifted his eyes to meet hers, the bag was in her hands "Arr you sure about this, Aurora!" He asked her

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