Chapter 8

Aurora say down, there was a strange uneasiness in her chest, she couldn't phantom it but she knew something was wrong, The wind doesn't just show itself on the Levares Candle light, something had gone wrong, But what was it?

Elysian watched as Aurora sat down, looking lost. He didn't know what was wrong but he knew for a fact that wind wasn't supposed to show itself on the candlelight's night, Aurora's face was stricken with fear, Elysian stood up and walked closer to her, his boots making little but no sound on the ground "Aurora!" He called out her name and she snapped her head towards him "A-are you leaving now?" She had asked but It came out more like a whisper, Elysian sighed because he didn't know if he could leave, surely he could leave and just say goodbye to her, but something drawn him towards her, He couldn't leave knowing she would be alone here so he shook his head

"Not yet, Fiore" He says and she looks at him with her blue eyes and smiled at him


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