Chapter 91

Heavy snow rained down on us as Mason took me towards his car. My eyes didn't leave him once. My heart had raced up and his scent only made my nostrils feel even more blessed. I then laid my head more closely against his chest to feel him more close. I felt that longing missing piece that I needed for my peace in these two months and now I had found him. But also many questioned settled within me.

We reached his car and the valet rushed to open our door. Mason gently placed me in the backseat while he rounded towards the other side. He slided in as well and his driver kicked started the car. The car was on it's way and I closed in on his jacket around my body and looked at him. He looked ahead and I got the feeling if he was trying to avoid me.

“How are you?” I asked wanting to hear him talk to me. Only I know how much he entered my dreams at night. I couldn't stop thinking of him and for some reason I wanted to find out if he also felt the same way. If he actually thought of me in h
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Reem Awad
Finally they're back together ;)
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I thought her face was all busted up and swollen? How is she making out?
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Arpita Ray
wwooww..grt chapter

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