Chapter 95

The snow was a bit heavy in Los Angeles and we were reaching the pad for landing. Mason handled the gear while making sure the chopper landed on the pad safely. By the time we landed I couldn't help but smile more and stare in his direction. “You handled it like a pro,” I said and leaned my face further to kiss him on the lips unexpectedly.

He was shocked when I kissed him before I went to undo my seatbelt and took off my safety headphones. “That's for providing a safe landing.” I said without looking at him as I knew he would be in a long thought about why I kissed him all of a sudden. “I wouldn't mind flying the chopper again and landing back on the pad. Just to get another kiss from you.” I heard him say and had to hold myself from chuckling.

Mason was the first to step out from the chopper before rounding to my side and I expected him to extend his hand to me but I gasped when he climbed up to nessle me into his arms. “What are you doing?” I asked twitching my brows curiously. “Wh
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Maybe it’s ashes
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Thanks goodness it will end soon hopefully it ends well for Mason and sierra
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Was there no update today 10-1-23?

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