His Mysterious & Abused Mate

His Mysterious & Abused Mate

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Ruby is a simple girl who lost her parents at the age of 10, she was told that she was sold by her parents. However, she knew that her parents were killed because she felt her link to her parents break, she was the daughter of King Trent and Queen Geema from the Silver Moon Coven. Her parents belonged to the most powerful line of witches, however, fate has played a game with her as she was a smiple human girl without any powers. She still had a link to her coven which was broken by an Alpha and she was sold as a slave to the Night Howlers pack where she treated like trash and abused by the pack members. She only wished to get out of the pack and spend her in life in peace. Jared is the next in line Alpha of the Night Howlers pack, he worked hard to become the Alpha his father wanted him to become because he believes that it's his legacy to take over the pack and protect them. He wishes to meet his mate and he does, he felt like he has won a jackpot even if his mate was a simple human girl. However, he has to choose between his father and mate, he decides to fulfil his responsibility as the Alpha and rejects his mate, but he regrets it as soon as he finds out what his precious mate had gone through. Is Ruby really the simple human girl she is or is there a mystery behind? Can Jared win his mate back and earn her forgiveness? Follow on their journey to find out.

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58 Chapters
Characters Introduction
Main Characters: Ruby Mia Storm Ruby is a sweet little girl; she is the only daughter to King and Queen of the Silver Moon Coven. One of the strongest covens in the world. She is loving, caring, kind, smart and beautiful, even after being a princess she believed in living her life simply. She only ever wished to find her mate but she wasn't so sure any more if she really had a mate because it's rare for a human to be mated to a supernatural being. That was what she was, a human, despite being born to the rulers of the most powerful coven in the world. Her face and eyes reflected how beautiful and innocent she was. She was 5'5" tall with a petite body, beautiful round face, high cheekbones, beautiful big brown eyes, red plump lips with long straight red hair that reached below her butt, and she had curves in all the right places. Her faces and eyes reflect her beautiful heart and innocence. She is everything a man would want i
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Today is the most special day of my life because it's my eighteenth birthday after all, I would not let the pack get the satisfaction of hurting me today. I may be human but that doesn't mean I can't have a mate, there have been so many people in this world that have human mates and I am not a normal human, I am a Witch Princess born to the King and Queen of the Silver Moon coven but unfortunately without any powers. I am not sad that I don't have powers or that I am not as powerful as my parents were but that still hurts when people treat you like a piece of shit just because they think you are human, they don't know me, they don't know my family yet they judge me. I have had enough of abuse for the past eight years at the hands of this pack, but not anymore, once I find my mate, I will get out of this hell hole I call home and maybe my mate can help me find my way back home to my coven, I could then try to find out the truth behind my parents’ death. The thought of my pare
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Chapter 1
I was working in the kitchen as usual washing the dishes, that is what I do every time, I cook, clean and wash behind the grownups. It has been eight years since I have been brought here, eight years since my life changed entirely. I thought back to the day that has led me here, to the day that changed my fate and now I am not sure if I will be able to become the girl I once was. ************Flashback************I woke up to the sound of my mother knocking on my bedroom door and I groaned not wanting to wake up, my door is open but my mom likes knocking on the door to announce her arrival. She says that it's good manners, I agree but it is also bad manners to disturb someone's sleep and I want to sleep more but the knocking doesn't seem to stop at all. I just tried to ignore it and it was quiet for a few seconds before she started knocking and calling me out. "Sweetie, come on wake up, don't you remember we have to go out today?" she called and I wanted to scream
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Chapter 2
I woke up to the voice of a man asking about me to someone, I looked around to see I was still in the living room from earlier, I recalled coming here with mom and dad, mom asking me to stay in the living room, me falling asleep then waking up feeling my bond with my parents break and most importantly mom's last whisper. 'Always remember sweetie we love you' then how I fell unconscious on the couch, memories from earlier came crashing down on me, I sobbed as tears streamed down my eyes, I cried for my loss, I lost my parents and I know they were killed by someone from this pack, but who? I don't know, why? I don't know. I wanted to ask them why they killed my parents. They were such good people. They never did anything bad to anyone and they always like to live in peace then why did they kill them? How can they be so cruel to kill parents? Before I could say anything, I heard a voice, it was a cruel voice of a man who was speaking rudely to someone, I turned to come face to face wit
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Chapter 3
I woke up to a knock on my door and as usual, I asked mom to wait for five more minutes, but mom didn't sneak in to my room to wake me up like every day. Instead, she said I should wake up before the Alpha gets angry. I jolted up, sitting straight on the bed, eyes wide open as I recalled I wasn't at home and I would never be able to get my mom to wake me up like she did every day. Tears started streaming down my eyes as I sobbed crying in remorse for the loss of my parents, how I wish they would have listened to me, if only they would have agreed to me and not went inside for the meeting, we would have been at home together like every other day. I missed having Aiden to play with me, how he would tease me whenever I asked him to leave me alone saying he was born to protect me and he would not leave my side, but today he wasn't with me either and I know it's not his fault but I miss him. I cried harder as more tears streamed down my face, the door to my room opened, maybe the person
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Chapter 4
I walked out of the packhouse making my way towards the garden, they were a few kids my age who were playing around. My eyes wandered to look around the garden, it was huge and beautiful, it had different types of flowers planted and the natural earthy nature scent calmed me down a little. It wasn't easy to forget what happened yesterday and the guilt of not being able to help my parents was killing me from the inside. If that was not enough now, I was guilty of causing a rift between a happy couple. I wished I could do something and resolve all the trouble I have created. For a second, I thought that maybe I could run away and everything would be fine, I will be able to contact Aiden and get back to my pack, the Alpha and Luna would stop fighting because of me, but then Alpha's words echoed in my head "Don't think of fleeing away because I will find you and once, I do, I am going to kill you" and I shook my head pushing the thought away and changing my mind. I walked deeper
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Chapter 5
I have been working in the kitchen for God knows how long, I am responsible for everything in the kitchen since I came here. I just miss my home, my family and my coven, I would just spend time working or hiding to stay away from the constant abuse from Bethy and her minions. She would just walk around the pack proudly asking everyone to bow down to her because she is future Luna. No, it's not what you think, she is not mates with the future Alpha, I heard she tried to trap the Alpha's son once and become his girlfriend but he dumped her on finding out the truth. Believe me, the pack is better without her, if she does become the Luna then the entire pack will suffer in her hands. I prayed for the future Alpha to find his mate and his mate to be a kind woman like their Luna Lilly, I know that these people have not been the most kind to me but still, I don't want them to suffer on Bethy's hands, I know how evil Bethy can be and I always wanted no one else to suffer in her hand
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Chapter 6
Jared I woke up to the sound of an alarm ringing in my ears, I turned the annoying noise off and looked at the time. It was six in the morning and I am used to getting up early since I arrived here for my training three years back. I was eighteen that time and now I am twenty-one years old. I thought I would find my mate as soon as I turned eighteen but I didn't. Mom said that my mate must not be of age and that's the only reason I didn't find my mate at that time. I am excited because I have a feeling that I will this time and my wolf is equally excited to see his mate. I am finally going back home after so long and I am really very happy because I missed my family and pack. I am sure dad must be thinking of arranging everything for my Alpha ceremony while mom must be planning to cook all my favorite dishes. She would be the most excited about me finding my mate because she keeps telling me she can't wait to have grandchildren. I am Jared Kevin Black, next in line A
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Chapter 7
Ruby I woke up to the sound of my alarm ringing in my ears, I woke up with a smile on my face, I am not going to let anyone upset me today. I got up from my bed and walked to the bathroom. I took a quick shower to get started with my work. Today the future Alpha of the pack is also returning. I just hope he finds his mate and I want the future Luna to be kind. I have never seen our future Alpha, but I just hope he lets me go once he takes over as the Alpha. I have a lot of work because it is going to be his Alpha ceremony in the evening, I have to make sure that everything is ready. I sighed as I dried myself pulling on a pair of new jeans and t-shirt Luna brought for me. I walked out of my room; everyone is mostly asleep because it's around 5:30 AM in the morning. The last few days have been pretty quiet because everyone was busy with the preparation and I was happy they were bust because that saved me a lot of abuse for the last two days. I made my way to the kitch
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Chapter 8
I stood frozen in place as my mate pulled me in his arms, it all looked like a dream to me, nothing mattered at this moment. I have been waiting for this day my entire life and now that this is happening it feels so surreal. His masculine scent overwhelmed my sense, I didn't have heightened senses like every supernatural being, but my senses were stronger than a human. I was instantly addicted to his scent, his golden eyes looked at me intently with love and care, I stared right back still not able to believe I was in my mate's arms. My body buzzed as sparks ran through my entire body and I shivered as he continued to stare, so many thoughts filled my head, does he not like me? Does he think I am not beautiful? Does he think I am not good enough for him? I was starting to doubt myself, all the confidence I once had that my mate would love me no matter what seemed like a question now. "Don't do the that" he said sternly leaning down in my ears in his deep husky voice, his bre
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