His Priceless Jewel.

His Priceless Jewel.

By:  Iyanuoluwa-Temi  Completed
Language: English
4 ratings
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Jewel finally gets the freedom she's been hoping for when she got into a boarding school. Wanting to show everyone that she was all grown up, she falls for someone who in turn hurts her back. Heartbroken and devasted, she runs. What happens when she's back after ten years and meets the one that she has been running away from? What happens when he wants her back and would stop at nothing to win her back?

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Yooo. I'm in love with this book. I can't wait to read it to the end. Well done, Writer🙌❤️
2020-11-15 23:24:46
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Keshia Wimbush
very good book
2021-07-04 03:04:16
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Magdalene Dada
Great read!! Would have given 5 stars but the grammatical and spelling mistakes were very distracting at times. Overall decent storyline.
2021-01-11 11:29:03
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Wow! The blurb is 🔥🔥 and the book is 100%
2020-11-20 01:50:25
33 Chapters
Chapter 1
Jewel's POVToday was the day. The day I'd be starting my job as a personal assistant in one of the biggest architectural companies in the city and in the country. I had gotten back from the states few months ago and I didn't want to lazy around, depending on my parents so I went job hunting and got a personal assistant job. Not what I wanted actually but it was better than nothing and the pay was very lucrative.Because of my excitement, I had woken up very early to get ready. I was staying at my parent's place pending the time I get my own apartment. Picking up my white towel, I entered to bathroom to observe my hygiene.About forty five minutes later, I came out, towel cladding from my chest downwards and one wrapped around my hair. I began to dress up, first of all applying lotion on my body before wearing my underwear and sat down in front of my dresser.I finished my make up and styled m
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Chapter 2
TEN YEARS AGO. Jewel looked through the window of her mum's car as  they drive into the new school. Her eyes widened as saucers, marveling at the amazing structures of the school, some of which we were not in her other school. She was resuming at Elite's academy for her senior school education. Her elder sister, Pearl was also a student of the school, in her senior year. Pearl scoffed has she watched Jewel practically ogling the school and drooling."Stop drooling." Pearl snapped at Jewel who in turn touched the side of her lips to see if her sister was right."It would destroy my reputation if people saw you." Pearl looked away nonchalantly. Jewel eyed and kissed her teeth at her sister."You don't have to be so mean, you know." Jewel replied, as their mum moved towards the parking lot where numerous cars were already parked in an arranged order."You coming to this scho
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Chapter 3
Monday came faster than expected and all students were dressed smartly in their school uniform which was a combination of light blue short sleeved shirt and grey slacks for the guys and a grey flared skirt which was just above the knee for the senior girl and pinafore for the junior girls. Jewel wore her uniform and complimented it with black high tops sneakers, her white socks showing. Her tie was loose around her neck and her hair was packed in a donut bun. She was just stuffing her back pack with books when Henrietta walked in."Hey gurl!" She called in her naturally excited voice and Jewel flashed her a smile. Henrietta plopped down on her bed and watched Jewel."Hmm, someone seems super excited about start school. That's a first." She teased and Jewel laughed."I'm just excited about being in my first boarding school, away from my parents. It's partial freedom." She replied  and Henrietta nodde
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Chapter 4
Henry and Jewel became close and closer by the weeks and those weeks turned into months. This sparked up rumours from every one, even seniors from other class but Jewel didn't care about that. She like Henry and she was so certain he likes her just as much, if not more.They went home for the mid semester break and still kept in touch. Pearl stopped trying to persuade her sister against being friends with Henry. The girls of her class also find the same but Henrietta supported their relationship. Jewel was glad that she was allowed to be with the one she likes in peace. Even though they were not official yet.Soon, they came back from the mid semester break and were placed in their respective classes. Henry and Jewel were no longer in the same class because of their various divisions. That did not stop them from seeing each other because they still saw each other during the free period or whenever it was time for sport and he doesn't feel li
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Chapter 5
It was night prep one night when a Junior came to Jewel's class with a paper wrapped together. It was from Henry. The content of the letter said that she should meet him at the Visual art studio in the next ten minute. She got the message and waited for the time before she stood up from and seat and left the class room to the studio. Jewel got to the front of the studio and saw Henrietta waiting. She frowned. "Henrietta." She called and the latter turned to her. "Thank God, you were finally here. He is inside, he wants to see you." Henrietta chirped and Jewel nodded, opening the door and walking in the dim lit room. It was still quite  so she could see her surroundings and she didn't miss Henry standing by the table. She smirked. "Are you trying to be romantic?" She asked, teasing him. He chuckled in response and moved closer to her. "Maybe. Am I doing a good job?" H
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Chapter 6
The end of first term came quickly and they had their annual inter house sport to crown the semester up. Jewel's house came in first position because the house was filled with several good athletes. Soon, the students went home for the Christmas break. Jewel and Pearl already had bad blood between them and didn't talk to each other. Their parents noticed the tension between them and tried every means to stop it all to no avail. Pearl had practically given up on Jewel and had left her to herself. If she gets hurt by Henry then it's on Jewel, not on her. At least she did try her best to warn her sister. This was why she didn't want her coming to the school in the first place. The school will taint her innocence and even though she didn't show it, Pearl was worried about her sister. Jewel and Henry kept close contact with each other and were always talking. They weren't offici
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Chapter 7
As usual, by 6:30pm in the evening, all the students moved from their hostel to gather in the dinning hall for dinner. Henry saw Jewel and waved at her and she waved back, her lips spread in a grin. Soon, they ate dinner, catching up on things they couldn't catch up on during the Christmas break.Jewel and Henry hugged good night after they arranged their things in class and Jewel made her way to the hostel with her friends. Henry was the last person to leave the class as he had forgotten one of his note books. As he moved out of his class, he saw Senior Ife at the Corridor. He looked and saw no one around except the both of them. He didn't like the look of things, especially when she had a devious smirk playing on her lips and was sashaying towards him, an aura of arrogance and pride hovering around her.
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Chapter 8
BACK TO THE PRESENT Henry's POVRiing... I took my eyes off the road for a few seconds to look at my phone that was ringing by my side. I saw that it was my mum and sighed. Picking the call, I connected my phone to my AirPods and cleared my throat, getting ready for whatever she wanted to say. Even thought I knew exactly what she was going to say. "Good morning mum." I greeted her, using the rear view mirror to look at my daughter that kept playing with the straps of her school bag. I smiled, my mind absent to whatever my mum was saying. "Akinola!" Mum's voice pierced through my reverie and I winced as her high pitched voice pierced through my reverie. She called me by my middle name which indicated that she meant business. "Yes mum." I answered her. "You are not listening to me, this boy
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Chapter 9
Jewel's POV"Excuse me." I didn't wait for any of them to reply before I dashed out of the office and practically ran all the way to the rest room. Immediately I got in, I locked the door and leaned my back against it, by breathing ragged and laboured. I walked over the mirror and stared at my reflection. Henry is here. As my boss. "This cannot be happening." I whispered to myself as I began to splash water on my face, trying to be sure that I wasn't dreaming. It was quite certain that I wasn't dreaming. I stared at my reflection as my mind began to go back in time. To everything that happened back at high school. I suddenly began to feel anger course through my veins. Not at Henry but at myself for being so naive to actually fall for a Player after so many warnings. And I hated Henry for proving them right. All of them.
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Chapter 10
Jewel's POVI honked when I got to the gate of my house and waited for the gate man to come and open the gate. I have had a long day at work and thankfully, I was able to avoid Henry because he was barely on seat today. That was literally good news for me. I still wasn't used to seeing him every day. As the gate man opened the gate and I drove inside, I began to think about him. Even though I hated to admit it, I missed him, so much. And seeing him again, all grown up, successful, more handsome, it sparked up memories of high school. Memories that I have tried over the years to bury. Those childish memories I still couldn't deal with. Pearl has been asking me about the new job, who my boss is and so on. She must not know it's Henry or she would ask me to quite. I told her that it was Laura instead. I just hope that one day she doesn't drop in my office unannounced and see Henry there. She would kill m
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