His Real Loved Luna

His Real Loved Luna

By:  Shiayeiah Kaye  Ongoing
Language: English
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After the unfortunate passing of Fatima Holmes, the beloved mate of the Alpha King, Lucas Ashford, Fatima’s father made the decision to conceal her death and instead present her twin sister, Lilith Holmes, as Fatima to secure the position of Luna of Lucas. This deceitful plan was driven by a desire for power, wealth, and privilege. Lucas harbored a strong dislike for Lilith in the past. However, what will happen when Lucas discovers that Fatima is actually alive and his feelings for Lilith begin to grow?

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6 Chapters
Back Then
The pastLILITH “Clean my room, Lilith,” Fatima spat out, her voice dripping angrily. I rose to my feet, my body trembling with fury, and pivoted to confront her, my face contorted with seething rage.“What in the world? Didn’t you see I’m doing something--” As I stumbled over my words, she snatched up my unfinished masterpiece, letting it slip through her fingers and crash to the ground. A smirk spread across her lips as if reveling in the destruction she had caused.“Do what I’ve said, or prepare to face the wrath of my mother, whose fury knows no bounds.” I shook my head, desperately attempting to regain my composure—with trembling hands, I reached down to retrieve my precious painting, only to be met with an unexpected force.She ruthlessly shoved me so intensely that my body hurtled toward the unforgiving ground.“Fatima, I plead you . . . I held this precious thing close to my heart, and let me tell you; It’s our beloved mother you’re trying to scare me--”“So what if it’s our
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The Luna’s Crown
“Your twin sister has died. You must embark on a daring quest to seize the coveted title of Luna, the cherished mate of the mighty Alpha King — or else my plans will get destroyed. You will excel beyond measure.” My eyes snapped open wide in astonishment as my father’s words reverberated through the room. My head trembles uncontrollably as if caught in the grip of an invisible force.No . . .I still can’t betray her like that.“Lucas Ashford? He despised me with a burning intensity!” I let out a thunderous roar.I can’t process my father’s words. I can’t believe he would say something like that, knowing Fatima is his favorite.“He was very in love with Fatima . . . He will understand she got into an accident; I don’t have to portray someone for your stupid plan!” I shouted and wanted to say more, but he gave me an evil glare.“Pay close attention, Lilith. He will understand, but we mustn’t embarrass him in front of people, for if we do, we shall face severe consequences. Didn’t you l
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“You’re drunk, Lucas,” I whispered as he was nearly passing out. However, I managed to hold him and guided him to his bedroom, supporting him by wrapping my arms around him.He lay down on his bed, but suddenly he grabbed my hand, causing us to fall onto the bed. “Why do you smell so good, Fatima?” I closed my eyes, feeling the tickles as his hands gently touched my legs.“Lucas . . .” I let out a whimper. He leans in and takes a whiff of my neck.“I want to taste you so damn right, My Luna.” He gently touched my cheeks.I offer him a faint smile, but its radiance quickly fades as a heavy burden of guilt settles upon me.I don’t want to exploit Fatima’s death, but I recognize that this may be my chance to win Lucas’ affection.I felt a gulp in my throat. I whispered, “You can do anything you want to me.”His gaze locked onto mine, piercing through the depths of my soul. His piercing blue eyes speak volumes. His gaze fixated on my lips, his eyes tracing every curve and contour. With de
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Punishment . . .?
It has been one month since my father played a prank on me by showing me a silly phone recording of Fatima’s voice. It has also been one month since I became Lucas’ Luna. I still experience feelings of guilt, but I can also recognize the value of being respected and cherished by others.“Fatima,” Lucas called, reaching for my hand.I observed as he kissed his hand, and to my surprise, he promptly placed a ring on it without hesitation.“What are you doing?” I asked awkwardly and ended my words with a laugh.“Fatima, ever since you became my Luna, I cannot imagine my life without you. You have become even more perfect, although I sense that something about you has changed--”Amid his sentence, I abruptly silenced him with a passionate kiss. His lips met mine passionately, igniting a fire within me. As our mouths moved in perfect harmony, his hands eagerly traced the curves of my waist, sending shivers down my spine.“Fuck. You’re driving me insane.” He chuckled as we stopped kissing, a
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“Listen up, Lucas. Let me explain everything to you. I desperately yearned to engage in a heartfelt conversation with you!” I sprint after him, my heart pounding as I push my legs to their limits, determined to catch up.“Lily, there’s absolutely nothing worth discussing. You must leave immediately--”“I swear, I am innocent! I would never lay a hand on Fatima!” I cried out in surprise and sorrow as tears welled up and spilled down my cheeks. He steadfastly refused to acknowledge my presence, his unwavering gaze fixed on the distant horizon. He exclusively indulges in the rich, velvety nectar of the gods - wine.He abruptly shifted his body, fixing his gaze directly on me, causing me to shake my head in response instinctively. “I’m at a loss for words, but she was involved in a devastating accident, and my father said--”“I couldn’t care less about your explanation, not even a single ounce of concern! You nearly took Fatima’s life, and she’s still recovering!” he bellowed, his voice
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From Lucas’ perspectiveI find myself in the solitude of my office, surrounded by nothing but the echoes of my thoughts. My mind is a swirling vortex of thoughts. Suddenly, Fatima materialized before me, her countenance devoid of any emotion, her face an empty canvas.“Is there something amiss?” she inquires, her brows furrowing with concern.She is the woman who holds my heart, but our once vibrant love has become a mysterious enigma.I gently reached out and caressed her soft, rosy cheeks. “I can’t help but feel a surge of joy as I see your familiar face standing beside me once more.” I softly exhaled my words, barely audible.“I adore you with such intensity that the mere thought of losing you again sends shivers down my spine. . .” I whispered under my breath, desperately yearning for the gentle caress of her touch. I gently grasp her delicate hand, bringing it to my lips and planting a tender kiss upon her soft skin.A peal of soft, melodic laughter escaped her lips. “You will ne
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