His Reject: The Alpha King's Hybrid

His Reject: The Alpha King's Hybrid

By:  MoonFlood  Completed
Language: English
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The story of a bastard prince turned Alpha King and his fake mate. To the world, it’s a fairytale of a prince and a maid. In reality, it’s a sham. Killian is known as the bastard prince, a murderer believed to have killed his brother for the throne. Cold and merciless, Killian firmly believes only fools love but on a whim, he announces a random maid as his mate to avoid a political marriage. Then his beliefs begin to change. Carrot is fleeing her abusive mate who, not only rejected her, but also tried to kill her and then sold her off to an old, perverted Alpha. She runs to the capital and renames herself Amethyst. Working as a palace maid, she is scrubbing the ground one day when the Alpha Prince takes one look at her and declares her his mate. A lie. In public, Killian dotes on Amethyst but in private, he ignores her existence. He crowns her as his queen and they continue their fake relationship until their lies unravel as the truth. They are true mates. Can Amethyst open her heart to a man who disregarded her from the start? They may be true mates but with a woman deadset on having Killian, a disgraced dowager queen determined to avenge her son and the awakening of Amethyst’s hybrid powers, how long can their relationship last?

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115 Chapters
They say when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, but what if the lemons are rotten? What then? A more optimistic person would find something useful to do with rotten lemons, but not me. I was fed up of being dealt awful cards.“What the hell is this?” Noah growled, his eyes alight with spite. “You’ve got to be kidding me. What kind of sick, awful joke is this!?” He shouted, drawing attention to us. “You wench, what did you do!?” He glared at me with reddened eyes that I could not avoid.“What’s going on?” People around us whispered as the alpha’s son cursed at me, his eyes alight with so much malice it seemed he wanted to bury me underneath it.“Babe, what’s the matter?” The blonde bombshell attached to his side asked with a pout, trying to get his attention back on her.“Get off me!” He shrugged her off and stalked forward, taking purposeful strides toward me.My legs trembled as I tried to flee but my body had gone into lockdown. It did that a lot when it sensed danger. I’d b
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A Disgusting Display
“What’s happening to me?” I panicked, stumbling upright on trembling knees. My body stiffened and I grimaced at the bitter taste that spread on my tongue. “What’s this?” I swallowed hard through my tight and dry throat.My mouth fell open as the pain intensified. I grabbed the door when my body swayed as I left my room, an invisible force urging me to come out of my room. I didn’t know what was happening but my instincts went into overdrive and something inside me howled and shrieked in agony.My legs carried me down the stairs and out of the pack house as an unrelenting sharp sting ripped my insides apart. As if propelled by an external force, I turned left and walked towards the back of the pack house.I stopped dead in my tracks when I witnessed the scene playing out before my eyes.“Ha,” Bella moaned, “Faster, ahh, yes! Like that!” She held her skirt up and my mate held her by her waist, his trouser at his ankles.I shook my head slowly, my breath hitching in disbelief. Even if he
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That night, I could not sleep. I cried and cried until I had no tears left to cry despite that, there was no sleep. Anguish twisted my insides, a dull pain striking my heart at intervals. In the end, I sat up in bed and stared out the window into the night sky, wondering when all this would end, hoping I would catch a break from all the afflictions in my life.“Carrot!” Someone knocked hastily on my door. “You better not be sleeping.” I scrambled out of bed as my door flung open, banging against the wall. “Did you not hear me knocking?” Sylvia shouted, wagging a finger at me.“I was just about to open the door,” I muttered, rubbing my eyes with a pounding heart.Sylvia was the head of an omega group, the one I belonged to. Even in that group, I was an outcast. Red Lake had a total of seventy-four wolves headed by Alpha Howard and Luna Grace. Despite our small size, Red Lake pack had beta and omega packs which were smaller units in the main pack headed by an alpha or a beta. Sylvia hea
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Attempted Madness
“It’s funny,” he started, his eyes cold and cruel. “Until yesterday, you held your head high and spoke with indifference but now –“ He stopped with a quick burst of laughter. “Now you seem dead.” His eyes twinkled. “I wanted to see you broken but it’s no fun if you break this easily.” A menacing expression took over his face.He stepped closer to me, forcing me to take a step back. My back hit the cold railings.“Do you now know your place, Carrot?” He snorted with a grin fit for the devil’s lips.I always knew my place. Never once did I attempt to reach higher than my status. I didn’t even ask them to pay attention to me nor did I ask them to love me. When they hit me, I told myself it was because I deserved it and when they took food from my table, I urged myself to do better, to be better.Red Lake was never my home and I knew that even as a child. I had no family here, no purpose and no relevance. I thanked the Alpha and his Luna for letting me stay in the pack even when I did not
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Garbage Queen
“Did you think I would let you die?” He laughed, the sound low and guttural. “If you wanted to kill yourself, you should have done it before I found out we were mates.” I smiled as he continued to hound me.“Do I make you feel inferior, Noah?” I asked with a broad smile. The cruel look on his face faded to a blank one. Then his face went red and his body stiffened.“Who are you to make me feel inferior?” He snarled, a bit of his wolf pushing into his words.“That’s what I’ve been thinking.” I wore a pensive expression, gritting my teeth against the pinpricks of pain turning to sharp stabs. “Does my pride upset you, Noah?” He wanted me to beg on the floor to be his mate.He wanted to savour the sight of me broken and humiliated in public because of him but I didn’t give him that satisfaction. The wolves of Red Lake told me several times that I needed to know my place and over the years, I learnt my place. My place was not beside the Alpha. It was the reason I let him go so easily despi
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A Vow of Vengeance
I lost track of time locked in the dungeons like a filthy criminal. At first, I tried to count the days but the place was dark. I could not tell when night came or when the sun rose high in the skies. Every day was filled with darkness and pain. My body still hurt from being pushed off the balcony. I may have broken something inside but there was no way to tell because there was no doctor to examine me.Often, the pain in my body tripled and tears spilt down my cheeks before I had time to hold them back and every time this happened, I knew my mate was getting intimate with another woman. This was the reason he didn’t reject me. He wanted me to be in pain every day as he desecrated our sacred bond.I thought I lived an awful life until I met my mate. Noah showed me that I’d been living a happy life before he returned to the pack. Sometimes, he visited the dungeons but he never came to my cell. I didn’t see him but I felt him, much to my annoyance. Although he was metres away, my body w
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The Possessive She-Wolf
“Is she waking?” I heard the voices of two strange men while I was stuck in darkness with aches all over my body.“We didn’t hit her. Why is she not waking?” The other man sounded irritated. “Goddess, I don’t have time to waste.”“I didn’t know you were this enthusiastic to see Scarlett,” the other man snickered.“Pick her up.” The man being teased ignored the joke. “Pick her up let’s go.”“Hey, wait. W – What do you mean by pick her up?” The other man’s voice pitched higher.While the men argued, I tried to open my eyes. A sense of urgency prevailed over me although I couldn’t remember what the need for urgency meant. Even in my state of semi-consciousness, I knew I was running from someone, from something, and I had to run faster.My eyelids were too heavy to open and my body felt like a boulder rested atop me, crushing me to the ground and making my tight chest tighten more.‘You’re wasting time,’ my inner voice berated me.My body temperature rose as I tried to force my eyes open t
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Noah's POV
*NOAH*“Congratulations on becoming Alpha.” My father slapped a hand on my shoulder. “How does it feel to be in this position of power?” His eyes twinkled and he laughed but I read the worry he tried to conceal deep within his beady eyes.“Now I can throw you out the way you threw me out.” I grinned at the bastard that called me his son.“Haha, you’re funny, Noah!” He patted my back but he knew I was not bluffing. My first order of business in this rathole of a pack would be to throw out this man who waited too long to hand over my birthright because he was ‘afraid’ I would misuse my power.“I’m not joking.” The steel in my words made him gulp. “Did you think I would forgive you for sending me away?”“But I – I didn’t send you away.” Sweat beaded his forehead and my wolf smirked. “The Alpha Academy is a prestigious institute to attend. Why are you mad that you got the privilege to go there?”No matter the sugarcoating, the truth was that my father and his elders sent me off to what ca
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What Are You?
It was a long and bumpy ride filled with dread. I didn’t know these men or where they were going but as long as they took me far away from Red Lake, I didn’t mind. It may be foolish and impulsive but desperation blinded me as I hid among their luggage. They had a means of transport and I needed a means of transport. I was prepared to take care of anything that happened after that.Squeezed between piles of luggage in an unventilated box while holding my breath for fear of being discovered, it did not take me long to pass out.“What in the name of the goddess is this?” That shout dragged me back to consciousness. I’d been found out.I opened my eyes and raised a banging head to see ice-blue eyes. A light-haired man with a sneer on his lips stood next to the quivering coachman who held the luggage compartment open.“Hello,” I spoke in the calmest voice I could muster despite my heart beating loud enough for them to hear.The aura around this man screamed power and he carried himself wit
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One thing I learnt after a week of working in the Alpha King’s palace was that no matter the place, the treatment for those like me remained the same.“You’re telling me you’ve scrubbed this floor?” The girl who was in charge of showing me the ropes of the job glared down at me as I scrubbed the banquet hall.In the grand scheme of things, she was the same as me – a nobody. She was an omega who’d worked at the palace for three years and the head of the maids put her in charge of my supervision. Somehow, she took that as a prerequisite to bully me.“Yes, I’ve scrubbed the floor.” I didn’t bow to Alpha Noah so if this nameless omega girl thought I would bow to her, she didn’t know me.“This dusty floor?” She swiped a finger on the floor and raised her hand. “Do you think this is your village!?” She raised her voice, glaring down at me. “This is the royal palace! If you’re going to work here, then you should be prepared to work hard!”I worked hard. Knowing where I came from, the reality
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