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The word 'mate' is said so often around here that it has just become a part of everyday life. But never in a million years did I ever think it would be directed at me. And the shit storm that followed was nothing I didn't expect. With a father that vowed never to let me go and a mate vowing to never leave me, things were about to get really complicated. With me stuck right in the middle

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Lebohang Makallane
alot of spelling errors but great storyline
2023-03-28 19:37:37
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Heather Couture
This books needs to be edited.
2023-03-24 08:06:55
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Brillant book
2022-09-01 23:37:22
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Violeta Cristaldo
Excelente novela
2022-08-02 02:49:54
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Kara Sheftel
Lots of rape and I stopped reading at the homophobia in Chapter 31 screw this author.
2022-07-31 00:14:39
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Jessie Collins
Starting to like this book
2022-08-19 07:13:32
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Not a fan of some of the unnecessary slurs in this book. It’s not acceptable to refer to people as “retards” and “bisexual freaks” especially when there is zero relevance to the story and they are made as passing comments. Makes the author sound immature
2022-08-27 20:50:52
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Kara Sheftel
I gave this one star and it glitched. Hate this ap!!!
2022-07-31 00:15:49
55 Chapters
"Why" bash "the" kick "fuck" punch "can't" kick “you” slap "get" punch "anything" smash "right?" My father raged above me as he beat me to a pulp. All because his dinner was cold when he got home. It's not like he told me when he was going to be coming home, so how the hell was I supposed to know when to have his dinner ready. He did just wake me up in the middle of the night and drag me down a flight of stairs by my hair and into our kitchen because he just got home and there was no dinner for him. Little did he know, it's in the microwave. I did make it, but he never came home. When he finished beating me he grabbed another bottle of beer out of the fridge and he went to the living room and he put on the TV while I laid on the kitchen floor unable to move. I laid there looking up at the ceiling wondering when this torture was going to end. "Only a few more months." I told myself. "A couple months until I turn 18 and then I will be out of here and there is nothing that he can do
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When we got to school we walked inside and we went to Bella's locker first and then mine. Everyone obviously knew who we were but they kept their distance from us. Both of our father's were known for being crazy. And no one wanted to mess with the Alpha or Beta's daughters. So we only had each other at school. Which was fine with us. The further we stayed away from people, the least likely they were to find out about what was actually happening in our house. When we got to our first class we sat at the back of the classroom as usual and I pulled out my notebook and pen and started scribbling on the page in front of me. When our geography teacher arrived and started the class I just sat there with my head on my hand scribbling in my book and barely paying attention. ***************************************** When I was 6 years old I woke up in the morning to my 26-year-old mother and my 48-year-old father screaming at each other in our old house. The one that we had before we mov
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" Mine." The dangerous and menacing voice demanded in front of everyone in the room. All the Alpha's from nearby packs and even ones that have travelled long distances to be here.Mason finally loosened his grip around me and I noticed the women standing next to that stranger with a horrified look on her face. She tried to grab his arm but he shook her off and marked towards Mason and me. I very subtlty pushed Bella to the side away from where this man was coming for us. Just in case anything happened, she could be ready to duck and cover. " You are mistaken. Her father has already promised her hand to me in marriage. Once she turns 18 we will be marked and mated." Mason announced proudly and another menacing growl erupted from that mans throat. " You are not touching my mate." He growled out through gritted teeth. " He's your mate." Bella whispered. " Who are you?" I asked." Tyler Lowe. Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack." He announced. And my mouth almost dropped open. They were a la
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After Rachel's revelation in the car, the rest of the two hour trip was definitely quiet and very uncomfortable. It looked like Tyler wanted to talk to me, but it was something that we would need to do in private. I didn't want to have a get-to-know-you session in the backseat of the car with his fiencee in the front seat of the car. When we finally got back to his place I was amazed. His packhouse was a mansion, just as big as the one that I was living in at my old pack. Cade got my bags out of the car on his own and he took them inside and Tyler came and opened the door for me. " Do you like this?" Tyler asked as I looked up at the house. " What about me?" Rachel yelled from the front seat of the car. And we both turned to look at her. Tyler huffed and stalked over to the car and opened the door for her. She daintily got out of the car and walked into the packhouse as well. And Tyler put his hand on my back and led me up the stairs. When we walked inside there was a grand foye
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TYLER POVWell, tonight is definitely not how I expected it to turn out the way it did. I was just meant to go to a simple party but I find my mate instead and bring her home with me. This wasn't going to be easy for some people. I knew that. But when Tessa came out of the shower, normally a mate would be drooling over that sight, but it made me want to kill someone. The state that she is in right now made so much sense as to why she couldn't get that suitcase down and why she wasn't letting anyone touch her tightly or anything. She actually thought I was going to reject her. I would never reject her for getting beaten by her father and I would definitely never reject her for being gang raped and then send her back to the people that were hurting her. The only thing I was sure of was that when I caught her scent at the party and I saw that animal with his paws on her, I wanted to kill him there and then. I fucking should have. I never should have left that house without hurting one
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TESSA POV Tyler and I talked for a little while after that, but he was able to fall back to sleep. But I was unable to go back to sleep. I lied in bed with my mind racing with everything that I told Tyler. I honestly didn't know what came over me. I felt like I could be completely honest with him but this wasn't the type of thing that I told anyone. Even Bella didn't know about the rapes. She just knew about the beatings because they were harder to conceal. I saw the sun rising through my window so I got out of my bed quietly and I got changed into black and red tights, a red top and a sweater over the top with socks and sand shoes. I went to my wardrobe and grabbed a bag out of there and I left my room and crept out of the house being careful not to wake anyone. I went out the front door and this was the first time I had seen this place in the day light. The packhouse was situated on a huge piece of land surrounded by the woods and only one road in and out which was the drivewa
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WARNING - SOME CONTENTS WILL BE DISTURBING I was in the hospital all afternoon hooked up to that IV and throwing my guts up before the IV's were finally empty. Luckily Dr. Missy didn't make me stay at the hospital and she let Tyler take me home. He mind linked the whole pack to stay away from the packhouse and the main area's of the packhouse until I got up my room. I didn't want anyone seeing me like this. It wasn't me. I wasn't volnerable and I hated people taking pity on me. I had grown accustomed to dealing with crap on my own. It was even weird having Tyler by my side every step of the way. But I knew that he wasn't going to leave me. No way. When he got me up to my room I went running for the bathroom and I through up in the toilet. And then I sat on the floor next to the toilet. Tyler left just for a minute and came back with a bottle of water. "Dr. Missy said to keep you hydrated." He says handing me the water and he sat on the side of the bath tub and he put my hair up in
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TYLER POV I stood at the door frozen. The warrior was right. I didn't want to see the scene in front of me. Parker was on the floor holding and unconscious Tessa in his arms. He had pulled a blanket down on top of her but there was blood everywhere. There was blood all of Parker, Tessa, her bed, her floor. It was everywhere. My wolf howled in my head and before I knew what was happening I was walking further into the room. My eyes were black. My wolf was in charge. He had taken over. And as soon as I got close enough to Tessa, Parker backed away. He knew that he wasn't a threat to my wolf because he was mated. But he didn't want to be near my wolf right now. "She's been stabbed twice in the stomach. And there are other injuries." Parker muttered out. And I sat there quietly trying to regain control. I shook my head until I was able to push my wolf back and I was staring down at my mate. "What other injuries?" I demanded. But Parker didn't answer me. So I snapped my head up at him.
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TYLER POV As the army drew closer only the patrols were visible and the rogues stopped just on the other side of the boarder. My patrols came together to look at them but we couldn't communicate with them. The rogues were the first ones to crouch down a bare their teeth. They then charged at my patrols that were grossly outnumbered but as soon as they stepped foot over the boarder then the rest of us came running out and clashed with them in a thunderous collision. They weren't expecting us to be ready for them and some retreated immediately. But most stayed to fight until their last breath. I saw the three bigger wolves fighting through the crowd and the biggest of them all. A massive black wolf who I assumed was Ethan lunged at me, but to my surprise he tackled the rogue that was coming up behind me and tore his throat out. Ethan just nodded at me and we kept on with the battle. We fought left, right and center. But the rogues are so little that they can't really stand a chance.
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BELLA POV "Bella, what the hell are you doing?" Ethan yelled from the other side of the bars as I pulled a syringe out of my pocket. "What needs to be done." I replied coldly while staring at Mason. He looked weak. He hadn't eaten in a while. Sleep deprived. But I know that he was still stronger than me. A couple days in this place doesn't mean that I can take him on. That was never going to happen. But then I started stalking towards Mason and he stood up looking all big and tough against me and he really was. He was huge compared to my tiny stature. But I didn't care. I really didn't. I just saw what he did to my best friend. Something that no one ever deserves. He started walking towards me and I could hear the panick in Ethan's voice and Tyler was screaming for the guards to get the other key. But Mason lunged at me and I knew that this was going to be my only chance. When He knocked me to the ground and was on top of me I jabbed the saringe into his stomach and injected the c
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