Chapter Six:

When I entered our house, I saw Teejay in the living room, Mom's not around.

"Your Mom just need to go somewhere. She'll be back in minutes," Teejay said. His brown eyes met mine  as he stood up from the sofa.

I nodded, "Why are you here then?" I asked curiously.

He hold his chest dramatically, acting like he's hurt from what I've said. "You are so mean! Can't you be nice to me for a second you walk in through your house?"

I rolled my eyes as I start to smile brightly at him. "Hiiii, Teejay! Why are you here? Did you missed me? We already met last night!" I said sweetly in a sarcatic way, while looking at him with a wide smile on my face.

But then it lasts when I glare at him, "Happy now?" I said as I crossed my arm to my chest.

He grinned, "You're crazy!" He said shaking his head as he sit again to our couch.

"Where have you been last night?" He asked while looking at me straight in the eye. Face is now serious.

I look away as I speak. "I... I..." But damn, I don't know what would I say my tongue got tied at this moment.

"Hey, look. I know, I have no right to dictate to whom you gonna spend your night with, but Cyanelle I'm worried about you since last night you did not even bother totext me!" He exclaimed.

"I thought you're just fooling around to annoyed him," he tsked as he shake his head.

He squinted his eyes when he noticed the mark on my neck, my cheek heated in embarrassment as I try to cover it with my hand!

"Oh geeze! I think I knew the answer to where were you last night," He rolled his eyes on me.

"Hey! Silly! It is not what you've think!" I said defensively.

"Oh, sure! Did the mosquito bite you, then?" He said in sarcasm.

But I just rolled my eyes on him, "You guys slept together? At his house? Apartment? Or-" He didn't finish those words when I started to talk.

"Yeah. But we didn't do anything else! We just slept. He then finally introduced me to his Parents. They're all nice." I smiled but he still looking at me like he wants to hear some other explanations.

"Oh c'mon! Nothing really happened!" I start to hit his arm.

"Aww! Okay. I didn't say anything!" He said while massaging arm. Furrowing his brow.

I glared at him, "By the way you look at me, I think you're judging me!"

He chuckled, "You are over reacting. You know that?" He said.

"He is good guy. Trust me. Nothing happened between us." I said in a serious tone.

"I know that he is. I believe you. I'm just teasing you." He said as he shrug his shoulder.

"Are you gonna go to school?" He asked, changing the subject.

"Yeah? I'll gonna go, gonna change  my clothes." 

"Okay, I gonna wait you here then." He said, I nod my head as an answer. He's playing some mobile phone on his phone when I left him.

I changed my outfit. And looked at the mirror. I saw the 'mark' that Manu did on my neck last night.

I traced it, and I can't help but mesmerized about what happened last night but my eyes widened as I shook my head and hurriedly go to Teejay. He's probably late for his first class.

I'm wearing a red and withe stripe T-shirt and a ripped jeans with just a converse shoe and a floral jansport bag.

"Let's go?!" I said, he began to say 'bye' to my Mom before we go and I did the same.

"I'll brought my motorcycle. I'm glad you're wearing jeans!" He said while smiling he put his color white helmet on my head. 

"Safety first, clumsy!" He said.

I rolled my eyes on him, "Coming from a legend like you?" I shot back.

He shake his head, as he put an another helmet on his head. 

"Okay, okay, come on! We are late. You are probably late! Thanks to me," I exclaimed sarcasticly and he smirk.

"I'm glad you know that I have a turtle friend," he said while smirking. Showing his white perfect teeth. 

"Where do you want me to hold?" I ask him as I hop in his motorcycle.

"Shoulder?" I asked. I touch his shoulder but he took it off.

I grin of the thought, "I didn't know you were that ticklish!" 

He rolled his eyes, "Yeah you done teasing me?" He raised his both brow when he turned his head to look at me.

He start to place my hands on his stomach, "You know what? You're too lucky to touch me like this." He arrogantly say. He began to start the engine of his motorcycle. "Hold me close that you did not want me to let go." He teased.

"Jerk!" I mumbled causing him to chuckle.

"But handsome, yeah?"

As we got to school. I hopped back. Waiting for Teejay. But to my surprise Manu was seen walking towards the hall.

"Hey, who are you looking at?" Teejay asked from behind. But, I just shook my head. 

My forehead creased. "Nothing, I think, it is someone I know but it is not." I said. Manu told me he's not going to school today. But why do I feel, like, I see him?

"I thought you were going to say that you saw your boyfriend. Because I did see him." He said without looking at me.

He peek on his wrist watch, "I still  have a class. Just text or call me if you need something or whatever? I'm just one call away." He said. As he turned his face to me, "Got it?" I nod and smile at him.

I shake my head, when he wink at me before we bid goodbyes. That guy was really full of himself!

I glanced at the vacant room that got my attention since I went here. It seems theres nobody there. But the door was slightly open. I don't know where did I got the guts to go for it. But my feet wanted to.

I slightly push the door and feel suddenly nervous! Seriously, I don't understand myself why I suddenly want to go in this room and check what's with this room look like was!

It's seems that no one's in here. Because the light was off! The deafining silence is all I heard. I sighed laughing in myself mentally. If curiosity can kill, it will totally kill me!

I was about to turn. When I heard someone. My heart beat faster when I heard the voice of someone who seems so familiar to me.

"Manu, please, stay a little bit longer. " I heard the voice of a girl that I start to assume that it's her. Denisse. My heart starts to beats hysterically  faster.

"Denisse." Hey, Cyanelle, I think you just mistaken, it is not Manu! He was not there. He texted you right? He said his not going to school today. I trust him. Don't make a scenarios that will hurt you!

I open the door bravely and slightly. I quickly take a glimpse to them. And I can't even help myself, as my eyes started to form a tears again. How could he?!

I feel cheated! I feel betrayed! Many question are going through my brain, like are they seeing each other behind my back?! Are they now together? I'm looking at them with tears on my face. 

Manu and Denisse. What are they both doing in here? Why did Manu lied to me? Everything in my mind right now was, fully a mess and I can't even think straight!

I am hurt.

"Manu, I still love you!" She confessed. Manu's eyes widen. Like he's literally shock from what her ex said to him.

She's hugging him from the back, Manu's trying to escape from her arms as she hugged her tightly.

She let go of her arms around him. Manu turned to see her face, I can't help myself but to cover my mouth using my hand. Denisse began to touch his face.

As if she's planning to kiss him again. I can't look at them like that so I hide myself in the side door and my tears began to stream down to my face.  I close my eyes, thinking if did Manu allows her to kiss him?

"Denisse I still love you but-" I want to hear those but the guy beside me poked me to ask me some question.

"Hey are you alright?" My eyes get widened when Manu speaks. "Who's there?" I hurriedly wiped my tears using my palm and held this guy's hand and ran away from that room.

"Hey!" He said while we're still running.

"I'm sorry." I said while I'll catching my breath and let go of his hand.

"Why are you crying and who's you looking at in that room?" He questioned. His accent was thick and kinda sounds like british. While catching his breath. He raised his both brow and shook his head while massaging his nose bridge, trying to keep his calm.

"You don't need to answer my question though but you look like stupid looking at them." He said as his peep at his wrist watch. His eyes widened.

"I'll gotta go now. I need some class to attend. Thank you, Miss. My next subject was in the S.B building but you took me here in the main building. Thank you, I will walk a miles miles again." He said in sarcasm. He even lend me his handkerchief. 

"Take this and wipe your tears, you look like a mess." He said and he hurriedly ran away from me. I looked at his handkerchief and saw the initials to it C.W? 'Oh crap!!! I forgot to ask his name.' 

"I'm sorry!" I shouted. While I'm staring at his back while running.

I just shook my head. As I'm trying to reset my mind to what I've saw and heard lately but my brain didn't cooperate with me.

My 4th subject for this day was kinda tiring. I look like a fool. I'm totally here, but mentally absent. My block mates  asking me what's wrong but every time they are asking me. I'll just only said I'm fine, just tired and I'm not in the mood to talk.

I finished my Physics subject which is my last subject for today. I feel relieved. I didn't know, how the hell I survived with these hours! Despite that my mind is floating and I just want to go home and rest.

While walking alone, someone held my arm. I turned around and my eyes widened in surprised. I smile bitterly at him as he call my name.
"Are you alright? Are you sick? I texted you like a couple of times. But you did not even bother to reply, you also did not even answer my calls too." He said worriedly. He let go my arm and pull me closer to his chest. 

"Are we cool?"

"Are we cool, Cyanelle?" He asked softly. I shook my head. I'm not okay. You hurt me again, my mind says. Looking at his emerald eyes.

"I miss you." He mumbled to my left ear, this words was really sweet when it comes from him. I close my eyes my tears began to form again.

"Hey, what's wrong?" He touch my both shoulder. But I just shook my head and bit my lower lip. While I tried to stop these tears that coming from my eyes! Stupid me, I'm such a crybaby!

"It's nothing really. It's only I'm touched by the words you told me." I lied. He kisses my forehead and pulls me tighter to his chest.

"I met Denisse lately." He whispered but it is enough for me to hear it. My chest tighten. I bravely wait for his next words.. 

"We only greet each other." He added. I can't help myself and sobbed again. Maybe its not a lie. But what's with the I love you's, then? 

I think he didn't probably gonna tell me that topic. Knowing Manu, he is very secretive when it comes to girls especially with Denisse. 

"She said.." He stopped like he was hesitating to spill it. But then he still say it anyway. "She said that she still loves me." My eyes can't keep those tears so it keeps streaming down to my face. I thought he would lie to me but he didn't!

"She actually kissed me again. But I swear! Cyanelle, I did not kiss her back! I told her that I still loved her but just only as a friend. Because I already have girlfriend. I already have you!" He said, still looking at my both eyes. Is he for real?

"Trust me. Trust me Cyanelle. I'm saying this to you because I don't want you to feel that, I .. Your boyfriend is cheating on you ... I want to be open with you. So, you could do the same thing. "He added, my tears start to keep running down through my face. I come closer to him and place my lips to his.

Kissing him soft and slow as we pulled away. I look down as I wiped my tears away.

"I love you." I mumbled he lift my chin up to stare his emerald eyes and smiles at me.

"I know. That's why I'm lucky. Because I have you." He said and gives me one one last kiss. Before we drove home.

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