His Unwanted Girlfriend

His Unwanted Girlfriend

By:  triciaarz  Completed
Language: English
22 ratings
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"You know what hurts so much? It's when someone made you feel like special yesterday makes you feel nobody today."

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Trinidad Tumanda
good for your past time
2022-05-25 15:52:41
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YourDaily Outfit
cute love story
2022-05-25 15:21:18
default avatar
a good read...
2022-05-25 10:19:33
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grammar issues, the story is entertaining though...
2022-05-25 09:58:38
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Deolinda Catolico Palma
nice story
2021-12-02 10:02:41
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M.Z. Mauve
the blurb needs more context if you want to attract more readers. another paragraph would do if you want to keep it mysterious. the narration has a melancholic tone to it. tense consistency is an issue, as well as the grammar. but with some editing, this will be even better. nice work
2021-10-06 08:05:37
default avatar
Loved the story
2021-10-03 23:59:53
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Teddy Bear
Wow!! I love this story...
2021-10-03 19:03:57
user avatar
muah. I'm in love with this book. hehe
2021-09-29 15:01:15
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Authouress preshy
nice piece
2021-08-27 11:49:36
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Zielle Delacruz
I'm so in love with Manu here! Ugh, it's already pay to read but wait for me Manu I'm gunna getchu!
2020-07-30 03:49:52
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Hi, guys! Thank you so much for the feedback, whether good or bad. It really means a lot to me. I really appreciated it. Thank you.
2020-07-30 03:41:23
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Kazu miko
here to support!
2020-07-23 03:51:17
user avatar
Zumorito Shidokizi
I've read this book years back then and I'm here to read it all over again
2020-07-23 03:40:02
user avatar
Shido Sensei
came here for this story
2020-07-23 03:34:19
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40 Chapters
Chapter One:
Cyanelle Louise I could not described the joy I felt, whenever I'm with the man I loved. The man that always make my heart flutter, whenever I saw him. I am now here at his small apartment near in Aristotle College, it is not that big. But I can say that it's enough for a student like him. I stared at his back as he was busy cooking. My eyes won't get tired following him in every move he made. I'm staring at him and I cannot help myself to stop even if I tried. Like my gosh! Is he that into me? I couldn't hold back the smile on my lips as I gazed at him. He glanced at my direction and consciously stopped when he noticed that I'm staring at him. "If I'm an ice cream I probably melt," he joked as he shrugged his shoulder. After he's done placing the plate in fronted of me. I'm quite embarrassed by that. But how could I stopped? Whenever I am looking at him all I can say is that... "Wow, I'm very lucky to have him."He is a really good looking guy that every women will drool for, ev
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Chapter Two:
 I'm at the library. Currently reading our previous lesson. When Teejay snatched the book that I'm currently reading. I was surprised that I almost yell at him. "He-" He covered my mouth before I could speak something else. He smirked and put his index finger in his mouth telling me to be quie
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Chapter Three:
  "Cyanelle your friend is here!" My mom said while knocking on my door.
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Chapter Four:
 I removed my heels while walking in the street at night. I stop in a playground as I sat on the old swing. My eyes starts to burst in tears. Again. I wiped those tears that rolling down to my face. I look up the stars above. 
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Chapter Five:
  When we reached their house. He proudly introduced me to his Parents and thank God! His 'Mom' is nice and kind to me. Like my Mom, she keeps me welcome to their family.His older brother wasn't here so he can't introduce
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Chapter Six:
 When I entered our house, I saw Teejay in the living room, Mom's not around."Your Mom
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Chapter Seven:
  Manu stopped his car in front of our house. But, I'm still here in the shot gun seat. I took a deep breath before looking at him. "I'll go now." I said as I unbuckle the seatbelt. He took a glance at me
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Chapter Eight:
  Manu drop me by in our house. I immediately went inside and as I closed the door my Mom is here, waiting in the living room sitting on the couch with her legs are crossed. "Owh,
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Chapter Nine:
 My phone rings over and over again. It was my alarm and I'll always snoozed it in every 5 minutes. I'm still sleepy as hell! I cover my face using my soft pillow and tries to sleep again when I realized someone entered my room, it's probably just my Mom? Maybe she'll gonna get my laundry basket here that full of my dirty clothes or find some ball pen or whatev
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Chapter Ten:
 I was walking the hall. When someone placed an arm over my shoulder. I wasn't even surprised when I see who it was. It's my bestfriend, Teejay. 
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