His darkness

His darkness

By:  K.N  Ongoing
Language: English
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“I don’t need magic, I need your arms around me when the dark is too much, I need you to be real when nothing else is, I need you to be with me when everything around us is chaos.” Skylar Ray O'conner

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68 Chapters
Chapter 1
October 23rd, 2018Death.
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Chapter 3
Skylar POV Looking at my reflection one last time, I smiled in delight and made my way downstairs. 
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Chapter 4
 Alexander POV I sighed satisfyingly as I downed my third glass of blood, emptying it to the last drop. I closed my eyes for a moment, enjoying the exq
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Chapter 5
Skylar  "Gotcha." A husky male voice whisper
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Chapter 6
Skylar "Feisty one, isn't she?"
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Chapter 7
 Skylar I winced as I felt something or rather someone nudging my shoulder making my back rub against the wall. I blinked slowly, before opening my eyes and mentally
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Chapter 8
Skylar I studied at myself one last time in the mirror, and a small smile crept to my lips. I felt pretty for the first time since I came here.  
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Chapter 9
Skylar "I got your chips, drinks, and sweets. I didn't know which one you wanted, so I got one of each kind." Josh put the shopping bag on the hotel bed with a polite smile."Thank you," returning his s
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