Chapter 7

We spent the entire day binge watching game of thrones and eating pizza, dad had work to do and mom was out. We were leaving Seattle tomorrow, i yawned and turned to Lily 

" I'm going to sleep, you can stay up I'm quite tired. I stood up and walked into my room also unplugged my phone and checked my mail. I had no messages or calls i went to have my bath and changed into my pyjamas, i got thirsty and went down to drink water. I walked into the kitchen and poured myself a cup of water.

" hi mom, you're back late"

" hi darling, i was caught up with some work. How are you and your sister?"

"We are fine mama, we are leaving tomorrow i have to prepare for work"

" no problem sweetie I'm glad you came with your sister"

I hugged her and went back to my room, i got into bed and slept off.

    The next day myself and Lily were going back to NewYork mom and dad were going to drop up as the airport, mom got teary

"Mama Don't cry here, we agreed you wouldn't make it emotional" i said as i hugged her, we bade our goodbyes and went to check in.

7hours Later

We were in NewYork, " i can already perceive the work" I sighed and walked towards my apartment. Lily locked the door and we both went to our rooms. I called Susan telling her of my arrival and I slept off.

The next day i got to work and made coffee for myself, i went to my office and saw that Mr Richardson had arrived. I went back into the kitchen and got his coffee. I saw Ann and greeted her but didn't wait for her reply. I knocked on his door and went in.

"Good morning sir" i smiled at him

"Good morning Ms Cole" he looks up from his laptop and smiled back at me.

I placed the coffee on his desk, he took a sip of it and smiled widely at me.I could feel a thousand butterflies in my tommy, he brought me back from my trance

" Ms Cole please rearrange these files and get me the file from Avil company, also get me my schedule for this week i need Thursday free so reschedule any meeting on that day to another"

I packed the files from his desk and listened to all he said.

"Okay sir,i walked to my office and dropped the files on my table, took my iPad and went back to his office. I gave him his schedule and walked back to work on the files.

4hours after

 I saw a tall brunette walk by my office, I immediately stood up.

"Hello ma'am, is Mr Richardson expecting you" i asked her

She looks at me assessing me i guess

"And who do you think you are stopping me from seeing Damien huh" she crossed her arms together and glared at me

" I'm sorry Miss, i am just doing my job. I need to check with Mr Richardson before you see him"

She looks at me with disgust " look here you slimy sad excuse of an assistant Damien is my boyfriend and i can see him anytime i want"

I looked at her surprised by her choice of words," thank goodness I'm at work I would've showed this wannabe Kylie Jenner, i took a deep breathe and plastered a fake smile.

" I'm sorry you think of me like that, i am just doing my job i have to check with Mr Richardson. I turned to walk into his office, she grabs me by the arm and glared harder at me

" who the hell do you think you are stopping me from seeing my boyfriend"

I was about replying her when i heard his voice " What in the world is going on here" his voice was laced with anger. I opened my mouth to tell him but "miss wannabe" beat me to it.

"Damyboo" she shrieked with her high pitched voice as she jumps into his arms

Hold up, who the fuck is Damyboo

"Your assistant was being rude to me"

I stood there looking at the sad excuse of a girlfriend complaining to Damyboo

"I'm sorry sir, i was just asking her if you were expecting her" i said

"Its fine Ms Cole, you can get back to work he shoots me an apologetic look.

I walked into my office wondering if that was Angela, I can't deny her beauty she was gorgeous but had a fish brain. I sat down and completed my work. I heard his voice on the intercom telling me to come to his office.

Oh god, don't let him call me to apologize to Angela

I knocked and entered his office and saw Angela straddled on his lap 

Talk about luck right now

Hello sir, you asked to see me.

He nods and gestured towards the files on his table 

" please work on these today i need them early tomorrow morning for a meeting.

" yes sir" i picked the files and walked to my office

I ran my hands through my hair and looked at the pile of work i have.

I sat down and started working on them, i was so engrossed that I didn't see it was closing hours. Susan peeped

"Hey there, aren't you going home now? She asked.

"I'll stay a little bit late, i need to complete this file" i told her

" okay, I'm leaving now though, I'll see you tomorrow sweet thang

"Bye Susan 

I continued my work and didn't realize how late it was, once i was through I wrapped up and took the elevator down. I got out of the building but couldn't get hold of a taxi and it was getting really late.

I saw a car parked in front of me, i saw Mr Richardson in the car

" Ms Cole, why are you still here?

I explained my plight to him and he offered to drop me off. I got into his car and the driver starts moving

It was a comfortable silence to my house

" I'm really sorry for Angela's behavior it was totally uncalled for I apologize "

Wait!! Damien Richardson was actually apologizing to me

Like the one and only Damien Richardson 

Like the sexy greek god

Like the billionaire Damien Richardson 

Like my boss totally get it

I cleared my throat 

"Uh-uh its no problem sir"

"How about you let me take you out for lunch tomorrow "

I internally screamed and did my happy dance

"No problem sir" i said

We arrived at my place , i was about to get  out but he held my hand

"Again Emily, i told you to call me Damien" he gave me a sexy flattering grin and i felt my knees go weak the butterflies in my tommy resurfaced and kept dancing.

"Sorry Damien, i smiled and got out of his car. 

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