Today is the day i am finally getting married to Damien, and here i am nervous as hell. Lily, Susan, Joslin and my Mom were all fretting over me. My face was made up for the occasion and i was totally dressed with my long gown flowing graciously behind me, I was already looking like a queen waiting for her prince

"Susan, You are making me nervous " I say and she stops abruptly 

"I’m just so happy for you Mily, you are finally getting married and i want it to be so memorable for you" She says and i smile at her

"It is already memorable Susan, you all are here with me, why wouldn’t it be memorable?" I say to her and her eyes glistened with tears. I groaned internally, Ever since she got pregnant she has been releasing waterworks, yup you heard me right Susan is pregnant and engaged to be married to Nate, Damien and I waiting for a year before our wedding and along the line Susan found out she was pregnant, Her baby bump is so visible now that she

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Love this book and the characters I like the facts the book is short and sweet no long dramas and affordable I know you said you'll write about about their children, Nate and Susan but I can't find this book please make it available.
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Nicole Toubo Glass
Loved this book so much!!! I think you need a sequel with Susan and Nate and a little bit of Emily and Damien also!!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Cynthia Lsr
Lovely book! I love Emily’s character. Keep ot up and will certainly check your other book.

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