Chapter 6

Emily!! What are you doing? Lily said coming towards myself and Mr Richardson.

"Can't you see I'm talking to someone Lily

I turned to Mr Richardson.

" I'm sorry sir,this is my younger sister Lilian, Lily this is my boss Mr Richardson 

"It's fine Ms Cole , how are you Lilian" he asked her

" I'm fine thank you sir, she turns to me . I'll be waiting for you Mily and left

" I'm sorry again sir"  I smiled at him

" nothing to be sorry for Ms Cole and you can call me Damien when we are outside work" he said smiling at me

My boss just asked me to call him Damien

No big deal right?

" o-okay sir, i mean Damien but you have to call me Emily too"

" That's not a problem Emily, I'll leave you to go back to your sister, see you later Emily.

a while later we started boarding, after some hours we landed safely at Seattle, we got our bags and left to get a taxi and went to our parents place.

" oh, how I've missed this place " Lily said beaming with joy.

The taxi drops in front of our house myself and lily got out of the taxi with our bags . I paid the taxi and walked towards the door.

I pressed the doorbell and waited a few minutes before the door got open

" Mama.. i hugged her with a huge smile on my face, i walked into the house feeling the warmth. I looked back to see mom and lily hugging.

" you missed us that much uh" i said wriggling my eye brows

She laughs and wipes her hands with he apron 

" mama, where is dad" ? I asked

" oh check upstairs, he should be in his study.

I looked at Lilian and asked, are you coming with me?

" no, i need to sleep " she said yawning .

Okay, i jogged up and walked to my dad's study, I opened the door and saw him engrossed in his work, he stop and looks up with a big grin appearing on his face

" Daddy!! I walked in and gave him a big hug

" how is my princess doing"?

" I'm fine dad, you're always working you should take sometime off you know"

" princess i just have some pending things to wrap up, by the way where is my other princess 

" she's in her room, she's pretty tired i am going to my room. I need to rest" i said as i left his study and walked towards my room.

It's so funny how nothing has changed in this house, I opened the door to my room. Everything looked the same way i left it, i saw that lily put my bags in my room. I got undressed and went into the bathroom. I finished bathing and tied a towel i checked my phone. I saw a message from Susan.


Hey bish, you gotten to Seattle?


Reply me !!!


I swear, I'm going to fly to Seattle and punch you.




                      Sorry Susan, I wasn't with my phone, whats this about flying to Seattle to punch me uh😏

Suzzy 🥰

Well, took you long enough. I was about to fly to Seattle


                   to Seattle indeed


Anyways, did that hot British guy call or messaged you?


                                   Nope, not yet well he        probably doesn't care


What's that, if he doesn't call or text he's a douchebag 


                       Hahahah, douchebag indeed, i have to go Susan I'll talk to you later


Bye Mily

I dropped my phone and unpacked my clothes, i wore a short and tank top, tied my hair into a ponytail and laid on my bed, i heard my phone beep.


Hey beautiful.


                      Hello, I'm sorry who is this?


Take a guess beautiful.


                                               Umm..Oliver ?


Correct, how are you beautiful?

I smiled as i saved his contact and replied him 


                           I'm alright,how about you?


I'm alright too

Umm..Emily i was wondering if i could take you out for lunch tomorrow.


         Oh sorry Oliver, I'm not in new York 

But we can when i come back


Oh that's alright, when you come back then . Have a goodnight beautiful 😘


                                         Goodnight Oliver 

I plugged my phone and went downstairs to see my parents kissing.

" eww... get a room" i said as i walked past them

I saw my mom giggling, i took a seat at the kitchen and watch as my dad whisper something to my mom and her cheeks turn red.

" okaaay, I'm going back to bed, i took a bottle of water and made my way back into my room. I drank water and climbed my bed seeking solace in sleep.

The next morning i woke up and had my bath, i wore a yellow floral dress and slipped on my sandals 

. I went downstairs and see my family at the dining room.

" Good morning mom and dad" i greeted them as i took a seat beside lily.

" good morning princess, did you sleep well" my dad asked 

" good morning Emily" Lily said

" yes dad, i slept well. How about you" i asked 

" I slept well princess "

My mom comes dishing out foods and i stand up to help her.

" yaay, we are having pancakes" I giggled loudly 

" take a sit Emily " my mom said 

We all had our breakfast and I helped lily clear the dishes 

" so what are we doing today"? Lily asked

" I shrugged, let's ask mom"

We both walked back to the sitting room and i got an idea.

How about we watch movies, I'll order pizza and ice cream. You choose the movie.

Sounds good?

" yeah, sounds good. We can do that later"

" no problem sis" i said as i walked into my room for a little nap

Time skip

I walked into the sitting room and saw lily  sitting going through some movies.

I ordered for pizza and ice cream and got back to see the movie lily had picked.

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