Hooked up

Hooked up

By:  Lauretta  Completed
Language: English
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There are a few grammatical errors, please bear with me Emily Cole a simple bubbly, serious/fashion minded 22 year old from Seattle that stays in new York and works for one of the prestigious company in NewYork . Her family is everything to her, her mom, dad, sister not forgetting her bestie Susan .Working in the finance department as an assistant to the financial advisor. An incident occurs and she's promoted to the personal assistant for the boss. Her life becomes a roller coaster of drama as she not only falls in love with her boss, but also managed to get a few enemies What else could go wrong for Emily? Damien Richardson, an arrogant billionaire, he's got everything a man could ask for. Good looks, greek god body, unlimited bank balance and any woman he wants at his beck and call. Not forgetting his "on and off " girlfriend.He's arrogant, possessive,and absolutely cold. He doesn't believe in love To top it all of a crazy ex-girlfriend seeking revenge His former P.A betrayed him and he finds himself hiring Emily Cole to fill the position. What he doesn't know is that his life can never be the same again.With a crazy ex-girlfriend on the loose and a stalker Follow the amazing drama filled story of Emily and Damien.

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81 Chapters
Chapter 1
As the alarm went off, i struggled to get out of bed"Arrgh" i groaned as i checked the time it's still 6,o'clock, well i have to be at work by 7-30am. I walked into the bathroom to do my business after i was done i went to check on my sister. She's not a morning person." Lily! Lily!!"please keep it down, some of us are trying to sleep here" she said"well i have work to do ma'am so i suggest you walk into that bathroom and get ready"I walked into my closest and brought out a blue skirt that hugged my curves and a white shirt , i tied my my hair into ponytail and wore my flats. " Lily!! Lily!! I called out againLily of the valley!!, i saw her peep from her room " Don’t you dare call me that" she glared at me." Please get ready my sweet sweet sister, i Don’t want to be late. " Wait!!i haven't introduced myself, my name is Emily Cole I'm 22years old
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Chapter 2
Mr Richardson was sitting on his desk working on his computer already, not even bothering to look up. I walked towards him and placed the cup of coffee on his desk and he looked up at me.    He takes a sip of the coffee and said. Take these files and work on them, place a call through to Russet industries and get the date for the meeting. I also need you to send roses to Angela Newman ask Ann for the details dismissing me with a wave.&nbs
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Chapter 3
Lily!! I saw her sitting on the couch watching sponge bobWelcome home Emily , how was work? She asked as she hugged me.I'll tell you about work when I'm done with my bath.I had my bath and changed inti my pyjamas and went downstairs to meet lily,she had a bowl of popcorn with her that i took from her. 
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Chapter 4
I took the elevator to the ground floor, got into the taxi and went shopping, i got a few things for Susan and Lily including myself. Shopping is fun for me.I went to a restaurant to eat, i had my food and took a taxi back to the hotel. I collected my keys from the receptionist and walked towards the elevator.I meet Mr Richardson by the elevator going to his room i guess, 
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Chapter 5
We ended up watching sponge bob with Lily." i need to sleep now, don't stay up too late Lily. You have school tomorrow i stood up to leave", goodnight Susan.I walked into my room and drowned myself on my bed and drifted to sleep. I woke up the next morning to someone pulling me
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Chapter 6
Emily!! What are you doing? Lily said coming towards myself and Mr Richardson."Can't you see I'm talking to someone LilyI turned to Mr Richardson." I'm sorry sir,this is my younger sister Lilian, Lily this is my boss Mr Richardson  
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Chapter 7
We spent the entire day binge watching game of thrones and eating pizza, dad had work to do and mom was out. We were leaving Seattle tomorrow, i yawned and turned to Lily " I'm going to sleep, you can stay up I'm quite tired. I stood up and walked into my room also unplugged my phone and checked my mail. I had no messages or calls i went to have my bath and changed into my pyjamas, i got thirsty and went down to drink water. I walked into the kitchen and poured myself a cup of water." hi mom, you're back late"
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Chapter 8
I walked into my apartment,Lily would be sleeping over at a friend's place tonight so it's just me and myself. I walked into my room and got undressed had my bath and changed a pair of white Pjs, I picked my phone and gave Susan the full gist we spoke for a while before hanging up. Then I drifted to sleep. The next day i gave Damien his coffee and got settled for work, time went by and it was lunch. I was still busy wrapping up some works when Damien popped into my office.
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Chapter 9
So i think its time to hear from Damien Damien's PovEmily Cole has been on my top radar since i saw her, I can't stop thinking about  her soft plump lips and those curves. She doesn't even know what she does to meMy temptress 
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Chapter 10
Emily's PovI was dazed by what happened, Damien just kissed meOh my ice cream it was the best kiss ever, does this change anything between us. I'm so confused but I won't dwell on that now.I got to my room and didn't bother to check on Lily, I stripped off my clothes and had a shower.The weekend went so fast and it was Monday ag
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