Chapter 29: The Bully (Part-7)

There was a notorious bully in Beverley Falls high school. A group of popular jocks, which was called the STD. They were showing other students who were the true ruler of the school. It wasn't the headmaster Patel or other school staff members, but them. The STD was ruthless to those who were outside of their circle, especially toward the Horton kids. These jocks' trio had tormented the LOL for the last couple of years, each year being more severe than before. Since the trio belonged to the strongest pack in Pennsylvania, no human or werewolves dared to stop them.

But now, since the Horton gained the new Luna, the table was slowly turned toward the STD and those who were being bullied would retaliate.


It had been a tradition for many years among the werewolf packs in Beverley Falls that the relay race was the event to show which pack was the best. Of course, mere humans wouldn't know it, and only those

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