Chapter 29: The Bully (Part-8)

After the relay race was over, Larry Garcia went to the library to do Martha’s request. Even though he was just a 14-years old-teenager, Larry was an expert at hacking other people’s computers. He used to hack Lola’s Netflix password because her sister refused to give it to him.

The main reason why Lola hesitated to share her password with him, because she didn't want Larry to discover her favorite movie list, which was mostly Boys Love dramas. Since Larry often made fun of Lola’s odd addiction toward male-to-male relationships in front of their mother.

Soon after he logged into one of the computers, Larry quickly searched for Lea Silvermoon’s profile and found out some information about her past secret project in Lycanthropy. Unfortunately, a more detailed explanation of her research was classified.

‘Dang!’ The boy mentally comp

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