When the Painting Tells the Story

When the Painting Tells the Story

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René Huang is a French-Chinese Painter who lives in France. He lives alone there when his parents are living in China. He is famous, rich, and handsome. Everything in his life was perfect until finally, unexpected events started happening in his life. He painted some paintings in his sleep, and there was a secret behind them. He wanted to find out the secret, and when he became a guest lecturer in an art university, he met a student who was related to the paintings. Their relationship was not good at first, but when they were investigating the paintings together, the romance started blooming. Note: This novel is inspired by my fanfiction that was posted on another platform. The idea and the story are mines. No plagiarism. Cover by MichelleLeeee

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22 Chapters
His life was almost perfect. He came from a rich family who owned several businesses in some countries. He lived a luxurious life since he was a kid, and money had never been an issue for him. The number in the year kept increasing, and he grew up as a smart kid. He was a top student in his class, and he was loved by his friends and his teacher. Coming from a business family, he didn’t want to be a businessman like his father. Instead, he wanted to be an artist. Yes, he wanted to be a painter who painted beautiful paintings. He was lucky that his parents weren’t against his idea. They let him choose what he wanted, and he was so thankful for that. His work hard was paid off when he successfully made his dream come true. His talents were acknowledged by many people, and his arts were loved by them as well. He became a famous painter at a young age. Handsome, rich, and talented. His life was almost perfect, but suddenly, a strange thing started
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“So, you did it again?”“Yes.”“You did it again without realizing it?”“Yes.”The bespectacled man, who twice asked the question, now sighed heavily. The two questions he voiced were answered positively. However, the positive answer indicated that there was something ‘negative’ with the other man.His narrow eyes stared straight at the figure sitting in front of him, trying to dive into the man’s soul even though no words were spoken. In fact, it was quite difficult to understand the figure he had known for a long time even though he had read hundreds of psychology books.“Are you sure you don’t want to go into therapy or maybe start taking medication, Ren?” A handsome fig
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René Huang. His age would soon touch the head of three, but his face was still flawless without a single wrinkle. He was a French-Chinese mixed blooded. His father was Chinese, while his mother was French.Even so, he was born in China and spent his first six years of life in the Asian country. It was only when he started elementary school that his family moved to Europe. Therefore, he pocketed the French nationality.His family was not living with him now, though. They moved back to China ten years ago, leaving him with his grandparents, who loved him dearly. Unfortunately, his two special figures passed away last year.He was completely alone afterward. The only ‘family’ he had was the psychiatrist, Damien Lau. They weren't related by blood, but they had known each other for so long that they became brothers. Moreover, Damien was also mixed-blooded, and that fact alone made them feel connected. Sometimes, they were chatting in Chine
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That night, René returned to his apartment after meeting his old friend and having a few drinks. The tall man had a high alcohol tolerance, so drinking a few glasses didn’t make him drunk.After cleaning himself and changing clothes, René quickly laid down on his king-sized bed. The next day, he had a schedule to teach the students at a famous university. This time, he wouldn’t be merely a guest lecturer, but he would be a temporary lecturer for half a semester. He was asked to replace his former professor at the university who was currently being treated in a hospital.He was about to close his eyes when his phone on the nightstand suddenly vibrated. He sighed before getting up from his position. With a heavy heart, he stretched out his hand to grab his phone. He stared at the phone screen blankly when he saw his dad’s name flashing on the screen.It was already midnight in Paris, so it was around 6 AM in Beijing. His father must
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René was sure that he didn’t recognize the dark-haired girl. Or perhaps he just didn’t remember the girl? He met a lot of people in his life, and he could forget a person or two.He decided to ask someone about the possibility. Someone close to him probably knew the girl.The painter walked out of his studio and turned to his bedroom. He was about to pick up his phone from the nightstand when it suddenly vibrated. The handsome painter frowned as he lifted his cellphone from the nightstand.Once he read the name flashing on the screen, his eyes bulged. The caller was Albert Martin, the Dean in the Faculty of Art in a famous university. The painter immediately answered the call.“Hello?” René’s deep voice greeted the caller.“Mr. Huang, did I disturb your rest?”René’s hand ran toward the nape of his neck and stroke it awkwardly. He didn’t have a proper rest la
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René’s mind wondered, and his eyes didn't leave the young figure in front of him. The figure was looking back at him in confusion.“Um, Sir? Is there something wrong with my face?” The student finally spoke up because René had been staring at him mysteriously for a quite long time.Finally, the painter cleared his throat, trying to neutralize the rumbling in his chest. “There’s nothing wrong with your face,” he said awkwardly. “Even so, you are still violating the rule by coming late. But, since it’s the first meeting this semester, then I will tolerate you. Now, please state your identity.”“Thank you, um... Mr. Huang?” The student thanked him in a hesitant tone at the end. “My name is Alain Kim, and this is my friend, Brielle Park. We both are third-year students.”René subconsciously recorded the student’s name in his brain. Alain Kim. 
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The orange rays approached, coming with the twilight at the end of the day. It flaunted priceless elegance, giving a calming sense of peace, perfecting a day that had passed.René was back at that point, a point where he looked straight at a painting he 'accidentally' drew in his deep sleep last night.He had produced a lot of works, dramatic titles had also been arranged for each of his paintings. But, René was a painter who had characteristics; he only painted objects he was seeing or had ever seen in the past.Sometimes, he painted some moments that happened in the past. For example, the moment when he and his sister were still young. They used to fight a lot. Yes, fighting. They did not hesitate to kick and punch each other, even wrestled each other like professionals. Once, René painted a picture when he and his older sister were in a brutal fight.René had also painted heart-wrenching scenes. Tears, blood, and sorrow. The
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It had only been a week since their last meeting, but they once again sat opposite each other with only a table separated the two men.“So, I guessed it right, didn’t I? You come to see me again just a week after our last consultation,” Damien opened the conversation as he grinned naughtily.René, who was sitting in front of him, scoffed in annoyance before he replied, “It’s your fault, Dam. You shouldn’t have jinxed it. I’ve warned you before.”The doctor laughed at his friend’s statement. “I don’t have the power to see the future, Ren,” he denied the accusation. He then erased his playful grin and plastered a serious expression when he said, “So, you painted someone you’ve never met in your sleep?”Before he came to see the doctor, René had told the doctor the general issue he had been experiencing. He called the doctor and told him about the mysterio
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“That’s all for today. See you again next week,” René ended his lecture today.The students showed a happy expression before they started leaving the classroom.The lecture went smoothly. He explained some drawing theory and the technique, and the students seemed to be interested in what he was explaining. He was slightly in doubt about that, though. He wasn’t sure whether the students were interested in the course of his handsome face.No one could deny that his handsome face was like a magnet that attracted the people's attention. He didn't know whether he should be happy about that or not.He was about to pack his things up, but then his sharp eyes caught a glimpse of someone walking toward the door. Subconsciously, he left his bag and rushed to catch up with the person.He then stopped right in front of the person, making the said person halted his steps as well and looked up at him confusedly.“What&
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As soon as he arrived at his flat, Brielle Park had been waiting for him at the door. She crossed her arms in front of her chest. Her eyes stabbed into Alain’s eyes; demanding an explanation. Zhou Yongliang could only sigh at the sight. He had expected it, so he wasn't surprised by the girl's appearance. “At least, let me go in first. There’s no way we can talk outside like this, right?” The girl still glared dangerously at Alain even after the man had voiced his request. Alain knew that his best friend was so stubborn, so he patiently waited for the girl to relent. After contemplating it for a moment, Brielle finally shifted her body from the door, letting the owner of the flat open the door before leading the way to the residence. The owner of the residence entered the room, took off his shoes, and put them on the shelf. Brielle followed closely behind him. It wasn't the first time the pretty girl visited the flat, so she felt like s
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