Chapter 30: The Plan (Part-2)

After his utter defeat to the weakest pack in Pennsylvania, the Horton pack, Anderson Vaillant intrigued to find more about who Noah Cheong really was. He then made a plan to investigate Noah’s background and his relationship with the invaders that he found a few days ago.

Yes, Anderson knew there was a strong werewolf pack that came into his territory in secret to attack the Horton pack. So he asked his spies to observe their activity from a distance and reported it to him. He thought that this unidentified foreign pack would give him a favor to annihilate the Horton pack for good.

But he was wrong. Instead, he found that this alien pack was defeated and dead. At that time, he didn't realize it was all because of Noah’s power. But now he was certain, more than ever, that it all happened due to that wretched omega.

Presently, Anderson Vaillant was sitting in his office, waiting for his beta to report

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