Hunter's Mark

Hunter's Mark

By:  Stacy Getz  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rainn Stonebrook was a man on a mission. He became a Hunter to avenge his parents and to rid the world of evil. He made many enemies along the way, but he never expected to find the woman who was made for him and have those enemies so close to home. Can he destroy the threats to his future before they take it from him or will he lose everything. Adalyn Grey always thought she was just a normal girl living a mundane life, but one dream changed everything. She was immersed in a world that she didn’t understand and had to acclimate to quickly. Will she accept Rainn, fight by his side and find out who she is or just walk away.

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31 Chapters
A ten-year-old Rainn Stonebrook looked over the landscape that he called home. It's 1845 in the countryside of Ireland. The view is breathtaking, the sky is bright blue and the grass in the meadow is a deep green. There are patches of purples, yellows, whites, and red wildflowers. As he stares at the beauty, he gets lost in a trance, letting everything else fall away. He's rudely awakened from that moment by his little brother Liam, who had just turned eight. He was rolling down the hill unable to stop himself before barreling into Rainn. He was just about to start scolding him when he heard his mother calling for them to come back to the house because it would be dark soon. As they ran up over the hill towards their family's sheep farm, Rainn saw his mother just outside the house. Her red hair shining brightly with the falling sun at her back and her light green eyes sparkling when she saw her sons returning. Rainn would forever hold that image of his mother in his
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Chapter One
Eleven Years Later Rainn Rainn woke up in a cold sweat from the nightmare again, just like every night for the last eleven years. He could still hear his mother's voice and see the look on her face after her death. There are still days when he can't seem to scrub his hands enough to feel clean. He hoped that he would make his parents proud. He'd trained harder than anyone in the fortress and protected Liam as much as he could. He got out of bed and headed to get washed up and to get some food in him before training started for the day. There were already men on the fields when he got down there. You could hear the swords clashing and arrows whizzing through the air. He knew that today's training was going to be brutal because the elders on the council were here to choose the next round of hunters and everyone wanted those spots. Every ten years the council elders hold the trials and only the best of the best are chosen. This was what Rainn had been working so hard
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Chapter Two
Present Day- Seattle, Washington Adalyn The sound of thunder was deafening as I looked around trying to figure out where I was. The lightning was cracking across the sky, and I couldn’t make out much of my surroundings. Any normal human being would be terrified standing alone in a dark unknown forest in the middle of a thunderstorm, but I felt a sense of calm for some reason like I was supposed to be here. I continued to scan around me to find anything familiar but then I caught movement from my right, someone was walking towards me. My first reaction was to run but I realized that I was not afraid. I could see the shape of a man taking form. I could tell that he was tall, well over six feet and as he got closer, I could see his broad shoulders, muscular arms, and a very toned chest. He had tattoos down his arms and across his chest depicting many battles against evil creatures. His skin was a light tan, his hair was red, and his eyes were the most beautiful green I had
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Chapter Three
Rainn Rainn pulled up to the mansion outside of town that he and his brother Liam bought ten years ago. He's exhausted after a night of hunting a group of rogue demons through the city. He was so close to finding them and then the trail went cold. He needed to talk to Liam and see if they had any updates from the team on demon movements in and out of the city. He decided to head for home for a few hours of sleep before he would be back at it again. He got out of his car and decided to go check the gardens that he had put in this year. He told the gardener he wanted plenty of color and he wasn’t disappointed as he turned the corner and saw all the blues, pinks, purples, reds, and yellows. Rainn wasn’t particular about the kind of flowers that they planted but did ask that some were from his homeland. The garden was something that he and Liam decided to have put in when they first moved in. There was partially one already there, but it was small and overgrown. They w
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Chapter Four
Tabby I’ve called and left a million messages for Addie and no answer. Tonight, was supposed to be our girl's night out but I guess I'll be going alone. Addie has a habit of making plans but not actually going through with it which is why I'm one of her only friends. I got off the couch and headed to my bathroom for a quick shower. I started ripping through my closet to find something to wear. I probably have way more clothes and shoes than necessary but hey a girl has got to look good. I finally chose a form fitted red top with spaghetti straps and a short black faux leather mini skirt. Now what to do about shoes? I spotted my favorite red stilettos and grabbed them. I headed to my vanity and decided to leave my blonde hair hanging down my back in ringlets and put on a little bit of makeup. That should do just nicely, I said to myself. I headed out the door and hoped that eventually Addie would show up at McGinley’s. I jumped in a cab and gave him the address. Before I knew it,
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Chapter Five
Typhon I headed into the conference room of my security company, The Damascus group. I hate having to go to these meetings, but as the owner, it is necessary with certain clients. I mostly have bodyguards that get hired out for rich and powerful clients, but I do have some mercenaries. I have my second in command with me as always, Henry, who is a smoke demon. He pays more attention to the clients than I do. I built The Damascus group from the ground up and I only employ super naturals because, well, this company is a cover for something I enjoy much more. I sit down at the huge table next to Henry and the client starts complaining about his problems and why he needs a guard. I'm not listening anymore but zoning out, caught in a memory of long ago and how I became this person, well, not a person but the horrible demon I am today. I'm in my room and I can hear the screaming downstairs as it gets louder. It's my parents as always. I'm twelve years old and even though my parents f
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Chapter Six
Adalyn I ended up leaving the bar with Rainn and his brother, but we don't even make it to the car before we are in trouble. We were surrounded and I'm stuck in the middle with no idea what to do. Rainn looked at me with regret and said that he didn't want me to find out this way before his body changed and a skeletal appearance shimmered over his own. His brother changed as well; they took their fighting stances. I was sure that I was seeing things and, yep, I'm officially crazy. What have I gotten myself into. I decided the best option was to try and make it the last few feet to the car and hope it was unlocked. I took off toward it when one of the men claiming to be a demon came at me. I dodged most of his attacks, but he put me on the ground. He started stalking closer to me and I just reacted and ended up sending him flying with a pulse of energy somehow. I'm freaked out. My mind is racing and is having trouble coming to terms with what is going on here. I needed some air. My l
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Chapter Seven
Rainn She had the reaction I was hoping for when she saw the house that would eventually be her home. I couldn't wait for her to see the rest of it, but first Liam and I had to get Malik settled in the cells until we could question him. I had carried her into the house, taking in her scent every step of the way. I realized now that I was already addicted to her. I put her down when we got inside even though I really didn’t want to. "Adalyn, why don't you explore the house a bit while we get Malik downstairs." "Ok sure", she said. We made our way through the kitchen and down the stairs to the basement. The basement runs the entire length of the house. We remodeled it a few years ago and split it up into different rooms. We have a gym with every kind of machine imaginable. Then, it's the armory where we keep any weapons that we might need for any mission, an interrogation room, and then finally, through the last door is the cells. We only have three cells down here, but they all serve
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Chapter Eight
Adalyn My mind was reeling when Malik told me that I was a dream walker. I've never felt like there was anything special about me. I was a normal girl and nothing interesting ever happened to me. "I can prove it", he said. "How can you prove that I'm a dream walker?" "Easy, one of you get something for her to lay on, and then we will begin." Rainn and Liam looked at each other like they were trying to decide if this is a good idea or not. "Guys I need to know and if this is the only way to find out then I want to do it." Rainn looked down at me with so many emotions in his eyes but the most prominent one is fear. He moved closer to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He looked over at Liam and nodded his head, then put his head on mine and smelled my hair. "Why do you keep smelling me?", I asked, as my cheeks turned pink. He moved so his lips were right by my ear and whispered, "because you smell like a field of wildflowers, and it reminds me of home. It calms me." My cheeks tur
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Chapter Nine
Rainn I was completely shocked by everything that happened while questioning Malik. It seemed like she needed some space to process everything, so I decided to give her the spare room next to mine so she could get a good night's sleep. I wasn't sure that I could keep my hands off her for much longer, everything about her lured me in. It seemed like she was disappointed in my decision for her to stay in the next room and when we got to the room and I went to say good night to her, she pulled away from me. I thought maybe she was still processing whatever she saw, so I left her alone and went back down to the kitchen with Liam. When he saw me walk back in, he was shaking his head. "Man, sometimes you are so dumb", he laughed. "What are you talking about?" "I love you, you’re my brother, but dang, did you not see how upset she was that you pushed her off into the guest room?" I started to regret my decision immediately. "She needed you even if it was just to hold her and comfort her and
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