I Alone

I Alone

By:  Itara13  Ongoing
Language: English
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On break from college, and desperate to escape the mundane of her current life, Mira Marshall ignores the superstitious and paranoid nature of her family to leave the house and see the world for a few weeks. Mira wants to see a change in scenery, and roam in wide open spaces that shame the small house and city life she's been confined to. She wants to leave it all behind for a few weeks, but not everything wants to remain behind. Strange incidents and an ever growing list of questions inspire Mira to detour and venture to the area where her parents were slaughtered on a camping trip. Emboldened by a desire for answers and justice, Mira digs deeper into her family's history and into the area. She soon crosses paths with a vengeful being who's hatred of her family well surpasses a century. She doesn't know him, but he knows her.

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8 Chapters
Breaking the News.
"Hey! Wait up!" I clutch my chest indignantly and turn to see my best friend, Cheyenne, running full speed towards me. Her long limbs and boxer braids flapping in the wind. Cheyenne is gorgeous, tall and tan, with dark shiny hair and large doey eyes. Watch her run reminds me of a clumsy gazelle, and I snicker as she approaches.           "Hey Chey!"            "Don't you hey me. You made me run. I was yelling for you for like...gee...I dunno...TEN minutes." I cackle at her dramatics as she wipes imaginary sweat from her brow. "I hate running. I could've died!"           "I couldn't hear you over the sound of everyone yapping and roaming around. It's a mad house." And it is!            The street is lined with kids leaving classes and going to the dorms to pack up their remaining
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It went DOWN that night. Like downhill, fast. Chey's parents held their crazy in until they got home, and Bill and Marta held theirs in until Ore had went to sleep. It was then that they unleashed all Hell. Everything from insults, to guilt trips, even threatening to kick me out of the house. I pulled my bags in attempt to leave when finally Bill gave up and tried to calm Marta, who was now begging me to stay.          I felt like crap. I just wanted to live a little. Have adventure. The last thing I wanted was to destroy the entire family all because I wanted to see something new. My fears were realized when she had made things thus big of a deal. Bill backed her at first, until I bluffed them on leaving, then he caved. The whole time Marta's words lingered in my head. She had called me callous, selfish, childish and irresponsible. She had never in my time of being here made me feel so low. All because I want
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        "Mira. Calm. We'll find it. It might be misplaced, how do we know anybody took it?" Chey tries to censor me as a fume and spill obscenities.              "He just gave me bad vibes. He brushed right up against us and our belongings."              "So did everybody else." I huff.              "I can't explain. Thst man is just...off...he's not right. He's a strange man and I don't know why, but he is. I feel it. He had to have swiped it or knocked it away." I scan the room, leaping to my feet.              I walk around our bench, examining our luggage contents and beneath us. I walk farther our, searching the floor and watching everyone's hand in suspucion. I'm not crazy, or at least that
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The Search.
    *Abram's POV*            I had stayed in the study for days, turning over books and old paintings, consumed in thought. The dusty tapestry of curtains billowing in the wind of the slightly cracked window. The thick material of the curtain, obscuring some of the late evening sun, and the sky that's becoming a multitude of coral, pinks and orangey hues. The sunlight no longer bothers me, having become tolerant of it for decades now, but I have no desire to look at the sun. I run a finger along the large painting on the wall, my finger trailing the delicate curve of Elsie's throat. Beautiful. I sigh.          Beautiful. But not alive, not here. No painting could ever capture the essence of the woman I loved. The dew of her skin, the way the angles of her face caught the light of lanterns and candles in dim rooms, the harmony of her heartbe
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     I toss and turn but the scratching and thudding about the door, and now window keep me from my slumber. I'm starting to feel scared. Watched. As I think this, I see the curtains are not shut so I leap up, dizzying myself to fix this. My head spins the whole way across the room, pounding behind my eyes.        "Frig. Friggity frig. Ughhh..." I rub my tenples and stop just short of the window. I reach for the curtain and nearly scream as a face flashes, and in an instant is gone. I shake my head, cussing, and I peer out the window again. I crack it about two inches and I bend down to speak through the crack.       "Hello! Hello? If anybody is out there, you're a jackass you know. If you are a figment of my imagination, I'm an asshole and can no longer stand myself." I shut the window and hear Chey chuckling.         "Come b
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        *Abram's POV*          I sit once more in my study, pushing thoughts around in my head. I seen her today, this girl who I'm going to kill. The girl who looks like Elsie, is blood to Elsie. Who smelled like her, moved like her, and who had the sane tiny white scar in her brow. I could have fell to my knees and wept. It's disgusting, despicable, and unnatural. This girl is not a coincidence. If it were looks alone, I could pass it off, but it's not. It is everything. Another thought comes to mind, but I scoff it away.        "Abram! Sire, where have you been I-" I silence him with a hand.        "I was with the girl. I found her." He swallows hard and looks away.         "You didn't...you never-"         "No. For no
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   "You didn't see who did this?" I sigh and knead my temples.           "No sir. I seen the shoe and nobody answered me, so I opened the door assuming someone was hurt...ugh..."           It hurts to concentrate. My head is throbbing, and my nose broken. My sad little ladybug nose stud barely holding on to the swollen mess of my nose, slightly crooked from being reset. My brain swims, my head like a fishbowl and my thoughts are little more than random food flakes just settling to the bottom where they congealed and make no sense to me.           I can still hardly decipher what happened. One moment I cracked the door to check and the next I had thought the man had leapt up and attacked me through the door. I had sworn I heard my name, but was it before or after the door had cracked? To my horror though, the man was alrea
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Meant to Be.
"Mira, you are not serious? I'm fine you don't have to-"            "I want to." I sigh. "Listen, I know we both wanted away from home and to just have a good time. Change of scenery...something...something is just wrong though, Chey. I can feel it. I don't feel safe, and I don't feel comfortable. I just want us to get home. It's boring, but I am scared. My intuition is screaming to the top of it's lungs right now."           "Mine too, I just didn't want you to feel pressure from me."           "No, I need to feel pressure from you. Always tell me how you feel. You are my best friend and I love you. If you ever feel uneasy, let me know. I was paranoid of hurting your feelings too, but in circumstances like this I just feel like we have to get home."           "Promi
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