The Demon Queen's Desire

The Demon Queen's Desire

By:  Rory McCauley-Hayman  Completed
Language: English
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Madison is a woman on the verge of destruction. She's nearing her 22nd birthday and still hasn't been sealed. If she doesn't find a partner to be her first physical meal, she risks going full demon and harming innocent people. She hoped to wait for one of her two mates to appear, but time is growing short. With guidance from an old notebook her sister kept, Madison heads to a dive bar and finds a perfect first meal, a man like no other. A king to her queen. Duncan "Ford" Stanford, the werewolf king ***************************************************************************************** Ford kissed my neck down to the curve where it met my shoulder, then started licking and nibbling. I moaned and moved my head to give him better access. It felt so good. His right arm gripped me tightly against him as the nibbling became firmer little bites. Every nerve in my body thrilled at the little shocks of pain that were then soothed away by his tongue. Suddenly, I realized what was happening. He was thinking of marking me. Even though I didn't really want to make him stop, I had to. At the next hard nibble, I squeaked. “That hurt! Don't bite so hard, Ford!” I scolded. “Sorry, baby. I got carried away. You just taste so good.” He said, moving away. The loss of his body on mine was difficult, but I couldn't let myself be marked by a werewolf. ******************************************************************************************* First of three books: The Demon Queen's Desire, The Demon Queen's Duty, The Demon Queen's Destiny

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81 Chapters
The Phantom Undone
       Xander Phillips walked carefully through the woods. He and his partner, Paul Garrison, had been called out to track a suspected supernatural hiding in the area. There were nine calls in the last three nights and they’d pinpointed it to the southwest corner of the wooded area near the county line. He sniffed the air. Concubus. This had a more seducti
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Finding a New Path
Once she got down to where she’d parked, Madison absorbed her wings again, put her knives in the hidden compartment under her back seat, and put her backup shirt on.The only way a demon could survive was by hiding what they were. The ones that couldn’t make their demon features disappear had ended up being killed in the dark ages. There weren’t many species of demon left because of it and even some fae had been wiped out.When she reached home, Madison couldn’t get to the warehouse her apartment was in because of the police cars. She got out of her car and ran to the police line. An officer stop
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Tourist at the Tavern
[Ford]     I pulled my motorcycle into the back lot of Perry’s and took off my helmet. If not for Rao insisting I go out, I would’ve stayed home tonight and watched some movies. He said I was getting antsy and needed to get laid. I knew it. We had a job next week and I was growing more and more frustrated with how long our plan was taking. We couldn’t get ahead of anything.    Walking around the front, I growled at Sam. He nodded
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Ford Focused
[Madison] I walked out of the restroom and scanned the barroom until I saw Serena. She was talking to a thick wall of man. My drink was sitting in
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Take Me Home
[Ford] When Madison came to the table, I’d almost started drooling. I fucking love redheads. Her hair was like rubies shining in the glitter
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A Girl Unlike Any Other
When we got on the road, Madison leaned back into my chest as I drove. I loved the feeling of her there. Part of me wanted to take her home and never let her leave. That would be a bad idea, the Helvegr didn’t do kidnapping. Rao would be pretty pissed, too. Though, I could just give him Serena… No, that’s terrible. I’m not like the bastards we’re fighting. I won’t steal people.
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A Night of Firsts
[Ford] Once in, she closed the door and turned back to me. I stood there, unable to move, unsure of myself for the first time in years. I’d s
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Sealed at Last
[Madison] Sitting on Ford’s lap and riding home in the curve of his body while the engine of his motorcycle thrummed between my legs was reve
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When it all Starts
[Jeremiah Moran] I was having dinner with my sweet, beautiful Callie and a couple of our friends. Callie and Jenny had worked hard on a meal with s
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Trapped and Embarrassed
“You better put your guns down and get your fucking hands up.” A woman’s voice said softly, but sternly.  We complied, placing our weapons on the floor and waited to see what would happen next. I didn’t want Ford having sex to be the last thing I saw before I died.
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