Rise of Seraphim Daughter of Michael

Rise of Seraphim Daughter of Michael

By:  Kyraangelfae  Ongoing
Language: English
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The rise of a young archangel no one saw coming in a previous life she caused the second king of hells fall from grace with her death separated from her mate and reborn a second time this time born half human half angel with the identity of her angelic father unknown raised an orphan in the host with hidden mysterious powers she isn't supposed have with a mate to find the king of hell wants her dead and hunted by her uncle and host lord Gabriel for deserting her host life gets pretty interesting for this angelic teenager

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Olajemilo Olaoluwa
more chapters pls
2021-06-24 16:44:34
19 Chapters
30 YEARS AGO  "Hey Shakyra where are you off to this early in the morning?" called the curious tones of my best friend. As I hustled out the back door and across the yard, Xander D'Angelos eighteen-year-old boy that lived next door, I peeked over the wall that separated our homes, and spotted him going through his usual morning Taiichi exercise routine with his dad. He was shirtless, and I felt heat flush my cheeks at the sight of all his exposed muscles, something that had been occurring more often lately. In recent months, I had grown very attracted to my best friend of the past seventeen years of my life, and it was getting ever harder to ignore, It didn't help that between his Japanese dad and American mother, he ended up with the
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Xanders Pov "What the hell was that?" Azeazel demanded the moment she was out of hearing range, He was still going through the Tai-chi exercises, but he was pissed because of what I had done He had been the one to raise me and train me ever since he had found me In that orphanage. "She's my true mate and I've decided that I will claim her" I stated "Xander we have talked about this," he said his tone told me he was at the end of his patience, "No, you talked about this" I responded pissed off as well " you're the one who told me that if I claimed her, I would be making her target for our enemies, that her life would forever be in constant danger, that I could never be with her if I wanted to truly protect her, and yet despite all of that, she and I are mea
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Meeting Fate
Shakyra's Pov I stepped off the bus at the Fifth of Maine street along with everyone else, Its was pretty much the main bus stop if you wanted to get anywhere in the city so it was usually pretty crowded There were a few younger kids who were on their way to summer camp, at the junior high school just across the street the kids were crossing the street at the pedestrian crossing in the middle of the intersection when the sound of screeching tires on asphalt brought a halt to their little procession, looking up I could see an out of control car flying towards them the other kids scattered dashing across the street in panic, and getting out of the path of the oncoming vehicle, all except for one little girl about eight or nine years old, she
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Her Second Life
PRESENT DAY KYRA I was standing on the edge of the yard watching myself with the handsome white-haired silver-eyed boy next door watching him kiss me hold me we loved each other  knew each other so well Lucid dreaming again my heart ached for what was to come, the moment I died, it always happened at first, I tried to stop it only to realize I couldn't I came to realize it wasn't just a dream but a memory that seemed to be stuck on replay inside my head, it wasn't my memory, not the present me but perhaps a memory of the past me in some life that had ceased to exist long ago she looked only slightly different than I do now her hair was reddish-brown than crimson and black-streaked two-toned like mine was now, she was also slightly taller less curvy but she was also different in personality, she was less stubborn,
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First Battle of the Trials
The morning of the placement trails dawned like a clear bell in Kyra's mind, she woke from her slumber stretching with a yawn in the early morning sunlight listening to the sound of the forest waking around her, birds chatter in the treetops, insects buzzingthe nearby river nearby gurgled merrily,flowing along for the past two weeks she had camped out deep in the woods where she could be alone for her own intensive training in preparation of the day's challenges,she was as ready as she could ever be to take on the trials she got her towel and bath things out of her backpack, in the tent and went down to the river,she washed and herself clean and prepared for the day all of her focus was now internal she washed her fiery red hair and brushed it out and then carefully braided it winding it into a neat bun on top of her head so it wouldn't draw too much attention or get i
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Kyra sat in her barracks and watched the remaining students complete the first round that is until it was Thanis turn  knowing he was Gabriel's son they went all out on his trial even giving him an archangel as his opponent Kyra rolled her eyes at the screen jeez what a show-off she grumbled watching as he strode out to face his opponent white and gold outfit battle outfit shining under the sun He drew his sword proudly thrusting the blade up into the air The stands were filled with loud roaring cheers from everyone in the stands Kyra sighed just get on with it already Thanis began to do battle with his opponent so far he was holding his own with his swordsmanship he was also amazingly fast with his technique As thanis crossed blades with his opponent a burst of power came out driving back the angel he had been f
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Sudden Trips
she was thrown up suddenly hurtling upwards through the air at incredible speed she closed her eyes feeling sick to her stomach when she landed on the solid ground again she began vomiting immediately she was on the pavement somewhere in a city, vehicles were honking noisily sun was shining brightly it was the middle of the afternoon she caught her breath straightening up  humans were walking all around herholy shit! I'm on earth! she realized but the humans didn't seem to be able to see her they walked past her as if she wasn't there Samuel, she called to her guardian he appeared immediatelyKyra, what happened to you? I have been searching for you everywhere how did you get here? I was summoned to hell by lucifer she informed himyou were what?he cried child your father would be turning in his afterlife I don't think so this timelucifer summoned me because Azeaz
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Meeting the team
Woah she breathed as she saw a water spout shoot up in the distance as a pod of dolphins surfaced to breathe, she could hear their calls and seeing them swimming through the water faintly from the shore she began to feel excited as she raced across the sand along the edge of the water the view was scenic and breathtaking you see that break in the trees ahead Samuel said pointing turn us in right there don't go too fast the house is right there ok great  she agreed she took the turn discovering a path through what turned out to be a beautiful jungle surrounded by trees and blooming plants on every side  Kyra couldn't stop looking as her eyes took in everything so much color everywhere all kinds of exotic fauna and flora  colorful butterflies fluttered among the many blooms of flowers bees buzzed busily bird
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Ocean Dates
Gabriel paced angrily back and forth in the council chamber how could this happen? Michael's daughter his brother's own child had been living hereamong the host as an orphan, and it was kept a secret from him the entire timeand now she had disappeared vanished the very day of her placement trials in the midst of a demon invasion on Sparda how could this be? Michael was supposed to be dead how could he have a daughter?  to undermine him? was that why he had hidden her?he left his legacy to unseat him and reclaim his host is that what it was?Lord Gabriel! Yurian Captain of the Sparda Guard entered what is it? he asked pausing in the middle of pacing i found the housemother in charge of the orphanage sir,bring her here to me! he ordered with a growla female angel entered the chamber holding her head bowedlook at me Gabriel ordered the moment her eyes met, his mind locked int
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Xander's lips claimed hers in a kiss cutting off any further speech from her She was so sweet and soft he loved her full lips they were so suck-able she moaned as he sucked on her lower lip  before plunging inside hungry it has been so long god he had missed her so much  she pressed herself against him seeking the warmth of his body shivering from the heat of his touch on her skin cool from their time in the water he held her closer to his body one pair of his wings wrapping tight around her to keep her warm she snuggled against him in delight arms winding around his neck loving the softness of the feathers of his wings on her bare skin the second pair of wings unfurled and lifted them into the air and they flew down from the cliff landing under some trees on the edge of the shore they lay the grass beneath the tr
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