I Love You, Boss

I Love You, Boss

By:  Mandja  Ongoing
Language: English
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Evelyn works as a secretary for someone who has become an obsession with her since she was in high school, Evelyn works hard to get accepted to work at Malvin's company, someone she has become obsessed with.Evelyn makes Malvin finally love her, but the presence of another woman due to an arranged marriage that Malvin can't refuse makes Evelyn angry.What will Evelyn do next?Can Evelyn keep Malvin beside her ?

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The story is interestingly good so far. But seems the writer have difficulty with using he/she, him/her. I hope the writer will be able to rectify these issues.
2021-03-16 18:44:40
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Roselle Olbedencia Tutor
Nice story
2020-12-28 14:33:14
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Jomairah Magusali Mohamad Sapalon
its interesting
2020-12-11 12:55:02
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Nur Cahaya
nice story...
2020-12-09 08:57:11
default avatar
when update? your story is good.. nice..
2020-12-07 19:18:34
user avatar
nice story..😍
2020-12-03 08:58:49
35 Chapters
1. Evelyn
This morning Evelyn looked as excited as ever. Evelyn is satisfied that she can always easily get her work done. Evelyn's new boss always gave him a harder job than Mr. Gerald, his father.Malvin Gerald, son of Mr. Gerald is a handsome young boss, famous perfectionist and does not fall in love easily. Almost all female employees talk about it, even many of them deliberately seek her attention. However, it was still their only failure.Evelyn is the secretary who previously worked for Mr. Gerald for three years. Always be able to finish his work on time. Mr. Gerald never doubted Evelyn's abilities and trusted her very much."Mr. Malvin, here is a file that you must sign." Evelyn handed the file to Malvin.After reading the file submitted by his secretary, Malvin signed it and then returned to give it to his secretary. Evelyn lowered her head and was ready to leave the room.
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2. The First Night
Malvin paused then stopped a taxi. They returned to Malvin's apartment. When about to get off the taxi, Evelyn hugged Malvin. Finally Malvin carried Evelyn into his apartment. with difficulty Malvin walked over and tried to open the door to his apartment as Evelyn hugged him tighter."don't go ... don't go ..." Evelyn raved.Malvin lay down Evelyn's body on her bed, but Evelyn was still reluctant to let go of her embrace, continuing to say "don't go ..."Malvin stared at Evelyn warmly, then reached out his right hand to stroke her hair, rubbed Evelyn's cheek and touched her tiny lips. Malvin's heart trembled."I'm not leaving you Evelyn." Malvin whispered.In that instant Evelyn's eyes, which had been closed and then opened. Gently and suddenly Malvin kissed Evelyn's lips. Evelyn closed her eyes again and returned Malvin's kiss.as if he didn't want to stop, Malvin continued to crus
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3. Jealous
Evelyn was packing her belongings preparing to return to her apartment."Where are you going dear?" Malvin suddenly entered his room."I'm going back to my apartment, haven't we won the project?""just stay here with me, we still have to work hard on the projects we win.""why do I have to stay here?" Evelyn wanted to know Malvin's reason."because you are my secretary." replied Malvin by standing up and holding Evelyn from behind "besides, because you are mine." said Malvin whispered in Evelyn's ear.Evelyn shuddered at this."You are serious ?" Evelyn asked, turning back."you doubt me ? if not serious, why should I do all this."Evelyn smiled hugging Malvin. She did not think that Malvin could love him, his efforts were not in vain. Because Malvin is a person who finds it difficult to fall in love."Get ready, we
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4. Jealous 2
Malvin smiled at Evelyn's expression from his room, he laughed even more reading Evelyn's reply.On the toilet, Evelyn meets Jeni. Seeing Evelyn's bent face got Jeni marketing and asking."What is wrong with you ?" asked Jeni."why what?" Evelyn replied in the mirror."Your face is bent like that."Evelyn just quietly fixing her make up."I'm going out first." said Evelyn."Where ?"Evelyn didn't answer Jenifer's words and immediately looked away. Evelyn came out of her office and walked to find a cafe to relax her mind for a moment.During office hours like this, Evelyn shouldn't come out to relax, because actually there are still a lot of jobs waiting to be done.The enterprising and agile evelyn will leav
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5. Marina
Malvin gave Evelyn a sharp look after he gave her a slightly harsh kiss. Evelyn met Malvin's gaze without saying anything."why did you silence me?" asked Malvin softly.Evelyn just remained silent and continued to stare at Malvin."why are you avoiding me?" asked Malvin again, still softly."Should I answer your question? Why don't you ask that of your heart?" Evelyn replied, no less gently."What do you mean ?" Malvin was starting to get angry again, he missed Evelyn, missed her warmth. but the woman seemed to always be avoiding it on purpose."I'm tired, I want to rest." Evelyn pushed Malvin back a little, then opened the door and left Malvin who was still stunned."shit!" cursed Malvin a little shouted.In fact he knew, Evelyn was jealous of Marina's attitude who always tried to look intimate with Malvin. But he wanted her to tell him so he coul
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6. Living Together
Evelyn ran into Malvin's office to tell him the news Jenifer had just shown him."Malvin ...." Evelyn called with a breathless after arriving in Malvin's room."what's the matter? Why are you in such a hurry?" asked Malvin."Do you know why the employees here gather and whisper? They are talking about us." said Evelyn, showing Jeni's cellphone which she had brought without the owner's consent.Evelyn immediately ran with Jeni's cellphone, after her best friend told her the news that her friends were talking about."damn ... who makes cheap news like this?" asked Malvin."Of course I am." said Marina who suddenly entered without permission into Malvin's room."Isn't that true? So it's a shame if big news like this isn't published." she continued casually."Ve, you go to your room, I'll take care of it." said Malvin approached Evelyn, he did not want
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7. Relax
Poured Gerald looked at Malvin and Evelyn alternately as if asking the two of them an explanation. Evelyn just waited silently for Malvin to explain to his father."she does live in my apartment well, because I asked him ... we are working on a big project that makes him often have to stay late at the office, so I asked him to stay with me.""When Marina came, I was eating and Eve was showering in her room, we didn't do anything." explained Malvin.Mr. Gerald was still in his calm demeanor, he didn't say anything, it was only natural that Eve did live in his son's apartment, because she was his secretary."Marina, I'm waiting for your confession at the press conference tomorrow ... and I do not accept any refusals." said Mr. Gerald, leaving the three of them.Malvin got up and walked over to Evelyn."You believe me ri
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8. Canada
Evelyn's morning was greeted with rain, it seemed like the rainy season had started. Luckily today is a Sunday so Evelyn is off work. She decided to shop monthly at the supermarket on the 1st floor of Malvin's apartment.Accompanied by Malvin, she went shopping for the next month."What do you want to cook today?" asked Malvin."What do you want?""I want meat soup.""okay boss" Evelyn smiled as she raised her hand. Malvin stroked his hair anxiously.The two of them continued shopping, buying the necessary drinks and seasonings.Afterwards they cooked together in Malvin's kitchen.In between their cooking activities, someone came. Even though it was raining. Malvin and Evelyn glanced at each other as someone pressed the button beside the door to her apartment.
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9. Denara
Malvin sighed tiredly, he lay down on the soft mattress in the hotel room he rented, he was getting restless because Evelyn could not be contacted since yesterday.Malvin was annoyed at his father because he felt he had been lied to, his father's goal of asking Malvin to Canada was actually to meet a girl, the daughter of his father's friend.Malvin remembered when he was picked up at the airport by a woman who looked like a bodyguard. His straight body and cold expression and didn't talk much made the two of them just stay in the car, without any conversation.When he arrived at the residence of his father's friend, only then did Malvin know that the woman who had picked him up was not a bodyguard but their daughter."Dena, mother has forbidden you to wear clothes like that, if you still look like that, then no man will be attracted to you." said Mrs. Paula, wife of Mr. Robert, a friend of Mr. Gerald, Malvin's fath
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10. I am Sorry
Malvin paid the bill and immediately jogged to the place where he had parked Dena's car while occasionally looking for Dena.Arriving at the parking lot, he did not find what he was looking for. Dena's car is not there, the woman has already left, Malvin knows that woman will definitely throw a tantrum and trouble him."shit!" he swore.There is a little sense of regret why he gave the car keys to Dena. Supposedly, he didn't just trust her.It was six o'clock in the afternoon, when Malvin headed for Robert's house by taxi, after spending his time at a cafe to fill his stomach and relax a little.Actually he was tired and wanted to go straight back to his hotel, but it turned out that the hotel was quite far. finally he decided to relax at a cafe. Only then did he continue to the house of Robert, Dena's father.Arriving at Robert's house, Malvin found Dena reading a book on a swing i
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