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Sophia Grace is a 23 year old young and aspiring medical doctor. Her dream is to open the biggest hospital in all of Atlanta,Georgia. Everything works out perfectly well till the day she returns from her studies in India, when she is betrothed to someone whom she doesn't know.There is a reason behind the sudden engagement announcement, yet she is kept in the dark.Tony, the man to whom she has been betrothed isa little annoying and irritating, making them not to get along in the beginning but things suddenly change.There is more to the reason why she's been betrothed which makes her discover after all that she has never been theboss, she has only been bossy all her life.Sophia's mom is dead and her dad is remarried to a Millicent, her stepmother who bore twins for him. Cindy the first twin is madly in love with Tony while the other twin is always calm but she is dangerous.Henry is Sophia's boyfriend who is away but he comes into the picture with the help of Cindy and Cynthia, but Cynthia has other plans as to why she brings him in the picture.

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26 Chapters
I returned home from an hectic journey, only to find out that I had been betrothed to someone I didn't know. I was furious and was ready to give a no at that time but I didn't still.  I'm Sophia Grace Devale, who was in that time, very rude, abusive and bossy.  "You still are." I heard my husband's voice from the inside and frowned. "What happens to the 'darling you have changed' part?" I yelled back. I once was rude and bossy, I'm not now.  Well I was in the parlour with Alex, playing cards with him as usual although feeling a lot of discomfort at the level of my abdomen because I am heavily pregnant with twins.  I finally got married to the man in question and please don't ask me questions. "How did it happen, mom?" My son asked me and I turned to him. "Alex let's finish what we started." I told him.  Soon Tony came out of the kitch
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                 General POVSounds of heels and all sort of shoes were heard from a long corridor, as many walked their way towards a big door that stood at the end of the corridor. The door was opened to seeing other people dancing to a slow, all dressed elegantly in white as it was a white party. But what was it all about? Why a party as such, with great men and women of high authorities?  A man stood at the front, dressed in African white designer wear. His looks told of a man in his late sixties with the wrinkles clearly visible on his face and few touches of grey hair on his head and chin. Despite his old age, he still had the energy of a young man. "You all are most welcome to this party." He said on the mic which he had in his hands with his voice a little husky.  "I am most delighted to meet most of you. I am happier to meet Senator Hartz here with his son. I want to s_" He didn't finish
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Sophia's POV The party had ended due to my sudden exclamation which caused a lot of murmuring among them. I was growing angry and impatient as I was so desperate to listen to my father's reasons for announcing an engagement without telling me before. It was more infuriating as he sat down, saying nothing at all.  I wasn't ready for any marriage and I wasn't going to do so. Especially not to man that I've never known. "Oh yes you are young lady." My dad replied in a slightly hoax tone.  "Dad listen I_"  "There is no contradiction here daughter." He interrupted and continued immediately. "You are marrying Tony Hartz and that's final." He said and left. Dad was even more angry than I was...  Milicent's POV I walked inside the bedroom immediately after
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Sophia's POVThe next day, in the morning, I woke up all cheerful although I was still a little worried, I took my bath and sat before my mirror. It was different from the one I had. In fact, a lot of work had been done to my room while I was away, which changed it for the better. It no longer had a wardrobe standing in the bedroom but it had a dressing room in it. So it was that I had my room which had a dressing room in it that had a bathroom in it too. I checked the time and discovered that I was getting late.  Dad was taking me to SGHC, short for Sophia Grace Hospital Centre, a growing hospital as it was started when I was in India. I had never been to the hospital before and that very day was going to be the very first for me to set foot in the hospital premises.  First impressions, they say always count a lot so if I had to go to the hospital, I needed to look smart and beautif
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          Sophia's POVWe were in the car heading home when Tony suddenly flashed in my head.  What he said__ I felt the urge to ask dad about it. Though I did not believe him but I felt somehow, the feelings of doubt. I was doubting the truth in what he said and decided to ask dad about it.  Besides, why will dad engage me all of a sudden to someone I barely knew who said something like he also owned my hospital.  I had planned on asking dad in the morning on why he had engaged me all of a sudden but since he was eating I decided not to bother him.  Since we were both alone, aside the driver, I thought I should ask him why. "Dad!" I called distracting him from his phone. "Yes darling." He replied and looked back into his phone.  I suddenly felt nervous. My dad was the only one that
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     Sophia's POVThe next morning, I woke up with a terrible headache from last night. Thinking about the fact that I had to be seeing someone manage my hospital along with me was annoying but not going to change anything. I just had to accept it and go along with the flow of things.  After a few minutes of preparations for work, I was out of the house in a white sleeveless jumpsuit. I went to where my car was parked and entered the driver's seat when Josh decided to show up.  "You were late." I told him before he could utter a word.  "Miss I _"  "It's ok. I will be driving myself today." I said.  "Please open the gate for me." I added and he left. I steamed the car, ready to drive out of the house when Cindy came and knocked on the window of my car.  I was leaving the house early to av
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     Sophia's POV I went back home very angry. Not only had Tony added a table in my office, but he also added a bed. He even changed the name of the hospital. I was very angry with him for doing what he did.  But what could I do? He owned 50% shares in the hospital and hence he had the right to do some modification, although that wasn't what I wanted. I knew that one day I was surely going to have my revenge on him. I was positive sure about it.  I came out of the car and walked inside the house.  "Sophia!" I heard my dad call, stopping me from taking another step.  I turned to see him and his face was down. I suddenly had sympathy on him. Whatever he did, he did it for a reason justifiable enough. "Dad!" I called back as he drew nearer. "Princess can we ta
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They ended the story since everyone concluded that Tony made her to fall in love. But did he actually do so? The story continues....  **********************************     Tony's POV The principle is a simple one. Just by hearing the word itself, you would have a glimpse on what it is.  Reasons why these past two days I have taken a sudden interest in Sophia?  Well all my past life, in all my 27 years that I lived, I have never met one as daring and bold as her. She is beautiful with a unique eye colour, yes. But that wasn't what made me take a special liking in her.  Remembering vividly, I met her the day she was returning from India. Her dad had hosted a mega party at their domicile.  Even from her ego that she carried on that particular day, one could have guessed right that she was boss
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 Cindy's POV  I looked at Tony in disbelief. I came here because I wanted the both of us to get intimate as since we started dating, we had never done so. I had long been craving for today but seems he had other plans. "I am really sorry Cindy. I just can't do it. You won't understand." Tony said.  I didn't come here dressed like this to be insulted. I knew exactly what to do.  Luckily for me, I brought some enhancers. I felt he might bail out on me so I needed to act smart.  "It's ok sweetheart. I understand you. I first of all am scared of it. But that doesn't matter. I need some fruit juice please." I pleaded with him. "Check the mini fridge that way." "Will you drink too?" I asked him and he nodded.  I took two glasses and emptied the sex pill content in one glass. I poured th
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Tony's POV I woke up with a terrible headache and onn trying to adjust my sleeping position, I saw a figure lying in bed next to me. I flinched!  Taking a proper look at the figure, since my vision was blurry, but now ok, I noticed it was a lady's body. But she seemed to be naked.  I checked under the duvet and she was indeed as I had presumed and not just that, even I was naked.  I tried recalling what happened here last night.  Cindy came to my room dressed...  Gosh!! I exclaimed as I sat up, feeling disgusted.  Cindy actually drugged me to satisfy her selfish desires.  I decided not to bother her so I left her to her sleep. But one thing is for sure, I can't be with her anymore. I went back to my room and locked my door. I need to take precautions. But I still
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