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Bradley is faced with a difficult decision: let go of the past, give up on the present, and give the future a chance. However, no decision becomes easy when it comes to sex, love and fears. This is when Bradley questions everything. Is it possible to help others to the point of sacrificing your own happiness? He has no idea what to do: Claire or Chelsea? Which of the two will he really get to know, to the point that his heart chooses the right woman?

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Trisha Holmes
nicely written, I love it.
2023-06-22 14:13:51
43 Chapters
chapter 1
When I woke up I thought I was alone, but no, she was still there; in my bed. She was not one of those men who used women, but when a person leaves a part of himself in you, it becomes difficult to discard that piece and become you again. When Allyson left my world didn't fall apart. Not like those dramatic novels where nothing makes sense and things lose color. She had a reason to fight: Lucas. During that time I did my best to be a good father. I filled him with love and placed my hope in him; I clung to my son like a shipwrecked man to his lifeboat. That worked when things started to get out of hand; for the nights when I wanted to call her, listen to her, or catch a plane to London. After a while I went with the flow of the world like a mature man is supposed to. However, she was still in my heart. Overwhelming my senses and cutting off what little peace of mind she had. But the icing on the cake was when my son got sick. He did what I could, but it took time to find a diagnosis
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Chapter 2
I heard that Loreine did not do well in prison. He messed with the wrong people and paid the price with his life. After everything he did to me I didn't hold a grudge against him, however Lucas had to pay too high a price in losing not only a mother but the ability to one day know her. "Well, I'm not gay, happy?" He was focused on you. Trying to be mother and father. Now that you've grown up, you don't give me much space in your life, do you? Someone must take care of me. He made a disgusted face, to spit out—: Too much information, dad! She covered her ears to emphasize his protest. "You called me gay." We are even. He wrinkled the corner of his lip, to turn the gesture into a smile. Then she gave a tired sigh as she looked out over the parking lot. She hoped that she would adjust to school. Lucas was at a difficult age. "Will you come back later or will Greg?" she asked when she turned her face to look at me. Greg was our driver. He wasn't always available to pick him up in the
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Chapter 3
For the middle of the night I felt that this dinner was the most boring thing that could be. He was in the auction part, where they were fighting to see which one of them could win a trip to Scotland, which surely they could easily afford, but it wasn't fun if they didn't have to bid on it, was it? It wasn't entertaining unless it was snatched from someone else's hands. In my search away from those pretentious piece of shit, I heard a curse in the ladies' room. The door was half open, I could just walk in, but I wasn't going to risk seeing something I couldn't erase from my memory so I waited patiently until I found out it was the woman who came with Jones. At that point I had serious trouble remembering her name, but I wasn't sure why Chelsea's name popped into my head after a few seconds. A black-haired girl accidentally crossed my mind. However, I let it slide when Jones's escort gave me a suspicious look. I looked at her, looking for the reason for her curse, however, everythi
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Chapter 4
"I've always wondered how a person with money can even think they have a bad life."He was judging me. People believed they had the right to do so. She had this idea that money gave me the ability to have everything. However, when you have money there is one thing you cannot buy: love.I did not reply to your comment. She would have her reason to think that I was a crybaby who had everything at my fingertips and she was not happy. Surely, she was thinking that if she had the amount of money that I had, she would do what she always dreamed of. It is the problem of people: they believe that money is the secret key to get what you want; that's why when they get it they feel hollow; because it is not enough to just have it.-Sorry. I don't know you and I'm getting into something I have no idea. I'm just trying to understand, you know?I went back to see her. Since she sat next to me I had only looked at her once. As weird as she seems, I paid attention to her clothes. She was wearing a re
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Chapter 5
Rain was never a big problem for me when I first came to Louisiana. I loved Florida for its sunny weather, the beaches, tourists who never slept, so moving to Louisiana wasn't so bad, except in the summer when hurricane season started; but even so, the days were so illuminated that they made a good contrast for people like me who did not arrive in time for the distribution of melanin. Surely the first thing that came to your mind was: typical girl with such a big family drama that she needs a lot of help. I didn't follow that pattern. I decided to fight for myself and get ahead. Some decisions better than others, but no one could accuse me of staying in a bed and letting my life go to shit. That's why I ended up in Louisiana. I'm not going to bore you with sad details from my past. The point was, I was in my apartment with more serious problems than a drug-dealing stepfather or an addicted mother.My problem had a name: Patrick Jones. That fucking pig was very good at keeping anyon
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Chapter 6
I was not surprised to find him at that event. It was becoming a habit to see him.It had been two months since I visited his office; of those months, she had seen him from afar seven times. He was an important man, he even thought more so than Jones. Maybe my client hated him for that reason, because Bradley got attention even if she didn't like him.At first I felt my insides burn when I saw it; Besides him acting like a lost and broken kid, there was also that hurt part of him rejecting me. A feeling that was alien to me because it didn't happen often.On this occasion, I had been watching him for a while, taking advantage of the fact that Jones was in a poker game in which women were a nuisance. It was his time to negotiate with people from the Italian mafia and I really didn't want to get involved in that. If Jones' wish was to die, that was his problem, as long as he didn't see me involved, I didn't care. What he was getting at was that he had been watching Bradley from a distan
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Chapter 7
Sunny looked at me with those beautiful big green eyes, praying I wouldn't put her to sleep. She was grateful that hers had inherited light, almost ash hair, courtesy of her father, as well as olive green eyes with blue flecks.At two years old, Sunny was not a very talkative child. I thought she was the legacy of her father, very little talkative. Randy was not a bad customer; a little eccentric, but he left a good tip. Unfortunately, one day we were lucky that the condom broke, which caused the accident called Sunny.Randy was married, a man in his late fifties, with a textile company; High profile. I couldn't stay in Florida any longer because Malcolm would never put me down with a baby bump, and while there are a couple of men with a fetish for fucking pregnant whores, most of them didn't like it. Wendy offered to help me while she got a new job.I just had to have Sunny and after three months I started working again. By six months I no longer had milk in my breasts. However, Sunn
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Chapter 8
My heart pounded when Bradley sat up, with that ability to stare at you. Desire, mixed with confusion, would make me scream that I needed him in my bed; that it didn't matter if he didn't want to pay, because he really wanted to fuck him.However, he was expectant, looking at me with such intensity that I felt naked. So, he did it: divert his attention from my face, to my chest. Contrary to what used to happen when they gave me that look, I realized that it did not cause me disgust, but rather a feeling of being desired; just how I wanted to feel with him.I approached, taking advantage of the value that his look caused me to bring my hands to his cheek, forcing him to look me in the eye again. He continued with that look between confused and yearning, but he didn't stop my hands when I reached his hair, running my fingers through his mane to feel the soft and silky strands. He closed his eyes and I guessed he was doing something right.The only time I experienced that kind of normal
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Chapter 9
My mom used to tell me that I was a lucky girl; she was pretty, talented and smart. However, she forgot the part where being independent leads you to be: "the best friend"; the one that waits in the friend zone because boys like princesses in distress.She understood guys better than some women. Having brothers led me to hang out with them long enough to see what other girls rarely get to know: guys prefer it easy. Yes, if the guy finds a woman who spreads her legs the first time, believe me, she will never notice you; unless he is looking for some stability you will be a zero to the left for him.But knowing that didn't prepare me for the first man I liked in almost seven years to be fucking someone else.I had heard of Bradley since very early in my life; maybe since I was seventeen, when I decided to go to law school. Besides, he was quite a well-known last name in Louisiana. But I heard about it as a task, an investigation; Nothing about his personal life, only in the professional
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Chapter 10
Gossip … If I'm being honest, I hated gossip , gossipy people; everything that was based on rumors or speculation. However, when it came to famous people, like Bradley Dempsey, the murmurs and comments came and went; some good, others totally bad.When they approached me with gossip I tended to ignore them. But at social events I couldn't play the nasty girl because at the end of the day it was the name of my job that would be in question. They wouldn't say, "Chelsea is a rude piece of shit who doesn't fit in at gossip events," no. They'd say, "The girl who came in on her firm's name, well, she told me to go to hell for trying to be friendly."I had to put up with my bad mood, smiling falsely; pretending I didn't care if they pried into the life of a man they didn't know."It is said that his wife cheated him because her family was bankrupt," whispered a girl who was with me receiving the donations.My boss was the type that solved everything by giving more money. But since he wanted
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