I Made A Deal with The Devil

I Made A Deal with The Devil

By:  K.B  Completed
Language: English
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Omega Amir is the pampered bastard son of one of Britain’s greatest mafia leaders. When his father gets killed one day, Amir has to deal with his step siblings and step-mother who want to get rid of him and sell him off to the black market. Amir decides to avenge his father and take back what's his, by making a deal with a Russian gang leader from Magadan, Alpha Alexander Ivankov. ************* Amir is the bastard son of the English Mafia boss and Alexander is a Russian Gang Leader and the only way for Amir to take back what his father owns is to form an Alliance with the Devil.

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Absolutely one of my favorites, I would recommend this book over and over, I love the way you write. You always keep a reader on the edge of their seat. Thank you, author
2023-09-11 23:05:16
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please update, crying face... I see you updating the fake badboy but not this one, waiting patiently
2023-02-27 18:01:41
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I love this book so much, Amir is so feisty I love that as an omega he's standing up for himself... Alexander is one of a kind but he must do what his heart wants not his head, great story author please keep it up
2023-02-23 13:08:56
user avatar
Intrigued already...️
2023-01-12 03:53:31
58 Chapters
keep your enemies closer
I Made A Deal With The Devil.Chapter 1: keep your enemies closer . **Amir Roswell** Amir was casually taking a stroll in the park, thousands of cherry blossom trees surrounding him.With a pink flower pattern umbrella shielding him from the spring rain, he walked for many minutes, his muscular bodyguard by his side.Amir was a special Omega after all.Everywhere he went, he had an Alpha bodyguard by his side, always protecting him so he wouldn't get harmed.His father had always been very protective of him, ever since he was born.His favorite lover and mistress had given birth to Amir; Makarov Irina. She was just a mere Omega prostitute from Russia that had happened to catch his eye. She died a few years later when Amir was still very young, so Amir found himself getting raised by his protective father, his step-siblings, and his very infuriating stepmother.His father was one of Britain’s greatest mafia leaders, Hester Roswell.And even though Amir was his bastard son, his fath
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A Soul for A Soul
I Made A Deal With The Devil.Chapter 2: A Soul for A Soul. *Amir Roswell* Then, the door was slammed open.It was his bodyguard, Nikolai. "Amir! Thank God you're alright!" Nikolai was panting heavily, and his black suit was covered in blood everywhere. There was a trail of blood coming from him, that Amir could see the blood drop to the floor."What's going on?!" Amir asked in a panicked voice, but instead of giving him a proper explanation Nikolai just picked Amir up and tried to escape with him.‘No matter what happens, you must protect my child, got it?’ Hester’s words emerged in Nikolai’s mind, as he was carrying Amir in his arms, trying to escape through the chaos that was occurring in the mansion.‘Even when I die, I want you to stay by his side and protect him. I want my child to live and be happy. I want him to lead an ordinary life, find a mate who loves and supports him’ His words repeated in Nikolai’s mind, making him tear up.God, what was going to happen to them n
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I found the Devil
I Made A Deal With The Devil.Chapter 3: I found the Devil ."Christ, Amir. Did you have to pack this much? We're going to Magadan to make a deal with a gang leader. We're not attending a fashion show-,""Hey! Clothes are always needed! So what if we're meeting a gang leader? Am I supposed to be in rags while meeting him?"Here they were, currently riding the plane from Osaka to Magadan.Amir came up with a lie and told his stepmother that he had to visit Russia due to his fashion studies and attend a special seminar.The stepmother didn't find him suspicious and let Amir do as he liked.For her, it was better if Amir was gone.She could plot his downfall better this way.But little did she know...that Amir was also plotting her downfall behind her back.''Are you sure about this, Amir? We can always go back. Or maybe...or maybe we can just remain here, what do you think? We can stay in Magadan and never go back. You know the place was your mother's hometown anyway so why don't we-
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deal done in hell’s basement
I Made A Deal With The Devil.Chapter 4: deal done in hell’s basement .“What do you need me for?''. Alexander spoke confidently.While Amir was frozen for a moment from his shock. His doe eyes widened, gazing at Alexander up and down again.Well he does look like a gangster, Amir thought to himself.''Are you...Alexander Ivankov..?''Alexander nodded, a smile forming, walking even closer to Amir, speaking to him in a lower tone, ''What deal do you want to arrange with me, darling?''.Amir pouted a little, hearing the gangster repeatedly use pet names with him, ''Well, since I found you...can we go somewhere private? It's important!''.Alexander let out a soft chuckle, finding him, the pretty Omega in front of him quite amusing. ''Mm, sure. Let's go to my car then, over there-'' He motioned a bit further away from the beach shore. Amir could see a very expensive limousine car parked in the lot.He could also see a few muscular Alphas dressed in black, standing outside of the black
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anything for an empire
I made A Deal with The Devil. Chapter 5: anything for an empire .At first, when Alexander had agreed to make the deal with Amir, he wasn't very serious about it.It was the first time an Omega had come to find him, and above all, the Omega was the prettiest doll he had ever come across, so he ended up agreeing to see how far the pretty Omega would go.Little did he know that Amir was as serious as ever about their deal and was determined to kill his enemy and bring his head to him.**"Amir! I can't believe you've found him without me?! And you ended up making a deal with him too?!" Nikolai was screaming and scolding him as Amir had returned from his first encounter with Alexander Ivankov. He explained everything to Nikolai in detail, freaking him out."Well, what was I supposed to do? Wait for you? I found him and took my chances!" Amir said as he was lying on the cheap motel bed, being rather calm about the whole situation. Ignoring the fact that he had to kill an infamous mob
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Escort Baby
I made A Deal with The Devil.Chapter 6: Escort Baby .''We've arrived, Amir. Next stop is Moscow--get up,'' His thoughts were interrupted by Nikolai shaking his body so they could get up for the next stop.''Kay...'' Amir picked up his things and they hopped off the train together.Since it was midnight, they searched for another cheap motel to stay at. The Alpha at the lobby asked if he and Nikolai were mates, but Nikolai awkwardly denied it right away and said they were brothers.They ended up sleeping in a cheap dusty old room of a motel again.Tomorrow, they would start investigating the strip club and gain more information about the gang leader they had to kill.''Night, Amir,'' Nikolai was resting on the single bed next to Amir’s, trying to make himself comfortable on the very uncomfortable mattress.''Good night, too...'' Amir tossed in his bed and tried to fall asleep, even though the dust all over the room annoyed him, and the pillows were uncomfortable.In a few days, h
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killed by the doll
I made A Deal with The Devil.Chapter 7: killed by the doll . ''E-escort baby?''.What the hell did this mean?Amir was clueless when it came to strip clubs.Maybe he should have done better research but-''It means that you escort the Alphas and remain by their side, while they smoke and get wasted in this club. See over there?'' Amir glanced a bit further away from them. He could see a few Omegas seated on the Alpha's laps. He could see an Alpha groping a poor Omega, while he was smoking and chattering with his friends.''O-oh, I see, so....i...'' Amir hoped he'd be able to seduce the leader and take him to a private place. ''What happens if the Alpha wants to be...a-alone with you?''.Amir pretended to stutter, wanting to give a cute innocent image to the other Omega stripper.''Then, you will take the Alpha to the VIP rooms over there. See the sign over there? Only those who have a VIP can access the private rooms.'' The Omega explained, pointing at the red door afar of them.
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the prettiest is always the most dangerous
I made A Deal With The Devil .Chapter 8: the prettiest is always the most dangerous .As soon as the blade sliced the Alpha's throat, the lights went out. Nikolai had succeeded as well!''O-oh, god...I should get out of here...'' Amir felt repulsed by the sight and the smell. There was blood gushing out everywhere from the now-deceased Alpha leader. The metallic smell of the blood made him want to puke. And he did.As he escaped from the window, he landed on the ground and ended up vomiting in a bush near by.Yes, he may have succeeded in killing Alexander’s enemy, but he was horrified. This was his first kill. His first murder.Thinking about it again, he felt sick and vomited for a second time.''Amir!'' Nikolai was running towards his side, spotting him near the bushes, ''Are you alright?! Did you kill him?'' Nikolai asked, sounding very concerned. He was relieved to see Amir had come alive out of that club.''Y-yes, i...I mean...I killed him b-but...i ...i feel strange. I...i
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an arranged marriage with an Omega.
I made A Deal with The Devil.Chapter 9: an arranged marriage with an Omega..''Boss, are you certain about this deal? There's still time to if you've changed your mind—'' Everyone had packed for their long trip to Japan. Alexander’s 20 gang members were all set to follow their leader in Japan.They had of course traveled many times for business deals, illegal trading, even assassinations. But it was never something like this; their boss getting into an arranged marriage with an Omega.Alexander’s members still couldn't believe that their boss was going to marry. And that someone was an Omega whose father was a notorious gang leader in Japan. Well, he was now deceased, so what did it matter?They just hoped their boss wasn't tricked into a trap and that this deal would be beneficial for them in some way. They were like a family, and deeply cared about him.Yes, perhaps they were criminals that participated in illegal activities every day, but they were family. Alexander Ivankov h
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the perfect husband for him
I made A Deal with The Devil.Chapter 10: the perfect husband for him .''What are you two whispering about? Did you form a friendship with my bodyguard already?'' Amir spoke, noticing the two of them whispering closely to each other, ''You know there are no secrets between me and Nikolai so you better not be keeping anything from me!''''No, darling. I was just asking Nikolai about you, so I can be the perfect husband for you obviously,'' Alexander replied, showing off a smile to Amir again.Amir just sighed and rolled his eyes at him, no longer gazing towards them.After that, all three of them remained silent in their seats. Nikolai and Alexander also had a light meal that was given by the flight attendants and waited for the landing.Amir dozed off the last thirty minutes, and when he woke up, they had finally landed.''Finally!'' Amir undid his seatbelt and rushed out of the jet as soon as they landed. Nikolai followed behind, carrying their luggage with him.Alexander also st
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