Engagement Party


I sat in my dad's home office opening a bunch of files and books he had given to me to read about the company. He hadn't told me the position that was waiting for me at the company but he had slightly hinted on the position of the C.F.O. I was a bit giddy at the thought of being the Chief Financial Officer but I cautioned myself. Lorena and I were the same, we stayed delusion.

Unlike me, her delusion became true. Tonight was the official engagement party and I had caught a few symptoms of pregnancy on her. Well not few but her constant cravings and nonchalance to eating anywhere without a care in the world. Either it was growth or my suspicions were right.

"Why was this large amount of money deposited into this account?" I asked myself squinting my eyes to see properly.

Was there someone stealing from us? I thought to myself.

Our family, The Millers, was prominent in the hospitality industry. We owned chains of famous hotels, restaurants, resorts and recreational center
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