Seeing The Mini Devil

Lydia's POV:

I gathered my things and she flaunted her hands in my face. My eyes almost bulged out of their socket when I saw a diamond ring and I held her hand.

"You're getting married?" I squealed in excitement and she nodded frantically with a smile on her face.

"Yes, Darren proposed last month." Darren was her on and off boyfriend since college and he always seemed to be a player as he was an athlete. Hearing that he was finally acting right and putting a smile on my best friend's face brought me nothing but joy.

We strolled downstairs and she filled me in on how he proposed at Eiffel Tower after her show in Paris. I smiled listening as the driver, Mr Fil, opened the back seat of the black Rolls Royce for us.

"That had to be the happiest day of my life." She concluded and I chessed teasing her.

"So where to?" Mr Fil asked, looking at us through the glass.


We arrived at the spa and I had gotten my nails painted in baby blue and cream. While we were meant to be cat
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