Life, I Beg Of You


“Nathaniel, do you know how many years I pretend to truly need her dirty blood that I no longer did?” She scoffed and Nathaniel stared at her intently though it wasn't exactly easy due to the intoxication.

“I made a deal with the doctor, we continued lying, we needed her blood and in exchange he lied for me to you. And you would take so much care of me, I miss that version of Nathaniel. Who disregarded his wife for me and now guess who is going to be your wife?” She smiled and Nathaniel was angry and disappointed with himself. He was extremely regretful and cursed the day he met her.

“I would rather die than marry you. All I did for you was just a form of appreciation for saving my life when we were kids.” He responded and she bursted out laughing.

She laughed boisterously thinking back to that day, they claimed she saved his life. Nathaniel was trying to figure out a way to untie the ropes and an escape route but his head was banging and his heart was racing unnecessarily.

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Saishe Ford
Omggg! I need to know what happened next!!!!
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