Judgment For All


It was judgment day for all as the police officers were moving from mansion to mansion, at least two mansions. The police had arrested Jenny and her men, meanwhile Jenny's brain kept replaying her killing Nathaniel all over again. She couldn't believe she did that, she kept staring at the police officer's gun on his waist and debated if she should take it and kill herself or not.

“I need to kill myself, so I can hurriedly join Nathaniel and apologize.” She said to herself but luckily or unluckily, the policeman who was standing right in front of her cell, got a call and left.

Jenny sucked her teeth sharply at that and rocked herself back and forth as she was in complete disarray.

The thing with obsession is you never know when it turns from love to such a monastery feeling. Where you are capable of doing anything without thinking, even if it's crazy and impulsive and violent. Jenny was in dismay and she just kept reflecting on all her actions, from lying about needing blood j
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