Lydia's Anger

Nathaniel's POV:

“Uhn, uhn, It's Jenny. And you better come down from your apartment building without calling the police or doing anything stupid, or best believe I will send my people to shoot Lydia who is in her penthouse dressed in a white robe getting her hair done to meet with you tonight. Oh and our beloved sister, Rachel, who is watching a movie in her apartment a few miles from here wearing a white and black pj's.” Her description of their exact actions was worrisome. Jenny wouldn't do that, right?

“If you think I wouldn't ask for their brains to be blown off then you must underestimate how much I love you. So you better make the right decision and come to the parking lot in a black fully tinted minivan. Now!” She snapped and I clenched and unclenched my jaw.

Before I could respond, a knock came through the door and when I looked at the camera to see who it was, a man dressed in a black and black outfit stood there showing me surveillance and Lydia and Rachel doing exactly wh
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