Spotted With A Prominent Man



"Let me just finish this." I said to myself sitting Indian style on my soft large queen sized bed tucking my hair to the back of my ear as it was getting in my face.

In order to keep my identity a secret which my father had always done since I was a child, in fact the majority of people believed Andrew was my father's only child, I was going to work from home.

I was uncertain if my father was going to still grant me a position at the company but nonetheless, he had instructed me to know the in's and out's. So I was going to do just that.

I snacked on the cookies Patricia had baked, I strongly believed she was literally cooking and feeding not just because it was her job but also in order to get employed at one of our luxurious restaurants as a chef. And maybe her plans were working.

A sound of my phone ringing from the bed stand broke my attention from the pile of documents in front of me. I sighed deeply stretching to pick up my phone, the caller ID r
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Elizabeth Guzman Martin O'Brien
I'm excited to read the next episode of this book.
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Wasn't she wearing a white gown as the party theming was white?

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