At A Bar

Later that night.

"My brother." Liam pulled me into an embrace grinning widely at my presence. Kelvin and Jacob dapped me up with our usual handshake we have been doing since young.

Liam and Jacob's parents are friends to the family and we all grew up together. Went to the same high-school and college. Kelvin was introduced into the group at high school and was literally the playboy of the group even at 30 was unwilling to settle down. He had the look and aura of an actor which attracted girls to him.

Liam was also the same except he had an on and off girlfriend named Riley. What they had was cute but toxic. She was a beautiful young girl from a wealthy family as well and Liam's family adored her.

Jacob on the other hand was quite the opposite, he was married with a child and he had a nice and easy going personality which was in contrast to Liam and Kelvin to wild and stubborn behaviors.

I loosened my black tie and exhaled deeply. I was exhausted and per
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