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The person I don't wanna see again was really Infront of me. "Dave?" I asked. "Yes Amber it's me, so glad you didn't forget my name" He said. How could I forget the person who broke me. "You need to sleep a little longer" Dave said to me. And I saw him injected something on me and it makes me slept again. The moment I wake up I saw Dave staring at me. "Hey, are you watching me while I'm sleeping?" I asked. "Yeah, you love it when I watched you sleeping" he answered. The heck he didn't forget those little things that I loved him doing. "Why did you drink too much alcohol I told you before that your body reacts bad on this activity right, look at you now you are here at the hospital instead of enjoying your bridal shower" He still a good man I know, he still the one who's got so angry when I drunk too much alcohol.

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NICE STORY! ......
2021-08-04 14:01:52
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I love the plot twist, do more. ...
2021-07-29 21:25:22
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It was an afternoon in December, I wake up seeing him again and I was so shocked. I didn't expect anything like this to happen again, especially seeing the man who broke me into pieces once again. It feels like I can feel the pain all over again.  Dave is that really you? I asked hoping it's not him. I was really hoping that it was just a hangover. Yes it's me amber I'm glad you didn't forget me. He answered with a smile on his face and it's like telling me that it's alright It can't be. I whispered, but suddenly he heard it. Why can't? Well infact it was happening right now. He answered, a philosopher as always. How can he talk to me this way after everything. We both know that we don't end up okay. You need to rest a little longer amber, why did you drink too much alcohol? You already know that you are allergic on this right. He told me like he was teaching me a lesson. Well, Its okay cause it's my bridal shower so what'
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As what I was expecting from her she's right I'm an idiot why my mother let me live like this I just hope to see that cute guy again. So impossible hahaha. Almost two weeks now that I am here at home. I need to take a rest because the doctor said that I need to rest after that what happened. Finally the article about what happened on that celebration released. I immediately go in that website and I'm glad there's no article about my crazy stuff that night. I can breathe nicely now. Andrea will visit me this day she said why she's still not here it's almost an hour when she said she will be here. She's always late like before. I have decided to go downstairs to see if Andrea arrived, and there she was just got arrive. Bitch what did take you so long? I ask her Shut up I had a little fight with my mother. She said. As usual she always had a little fight with his mother.  Her mother really don't like her boyfriend so that's the always reason.
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Okay that's all for today see you again class. My teacher really said it finally I survived this. That was so close. Hey amber that's nice ah you really did that. One of my classmates just approach me and then I was just smiled. Thanks girl do this in our next subject. Again one of my classmates said to me. I just laughed. The heck if they just only knew what I was been through to make that fucking situation survive. I'm so proud on myself I'm glad I really did it haha I can't believe I can really took my teachers attention into other things.  I was about to go outside our room but suddenly my teacher just called me. Hey, do you wanna talk more about my great family? My teacher just ask me. Haha yes sir but you know... I need to make an excuse what was happening... Ahmm I guess we could talk about that next time sir my second subject were about to start. I hope he will stop now I need to go. Oh yeah by the way nice meeting
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Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I didn't mean to kill you Dave. I said what am I doing with my life it was really awkward. Ahmmm okay but can you get off your hands on me now. He said Oh yeah sure of course. I said. This is super awkward. I can't even look at him now what am I doing I was out of my mind this day. It's fine my brother died because of a cancer, I hate it because the doctor didn't do everything just to save him. He started to share his story now. Ahmm so this is getting to know each other stage? That's why I want to be a doctor. I don't want someone to experience this kind of lost and pain again. I promise that I will do everything that I could just to save a life. He said. He was so optimistic about his goal.  I can't reach him. Dave was a good person I think. If this is getting to know each other stage well I think it's not he is telling me a tragedy that happened to him. So why you so quiet now amber? Is my story sad? He
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After that we have decided to change the topic because it's so sad. Suddenly we didn't even realize that we have fallen asleep while we are in call. I wake up with my phone and it's still on call hahaha what the heck it's nice that I wake up first. I just ended the call and get ready for school. While I'm on my way entering the school gate I saw Dave was waiting on the gate. I don't want to assume that he was waiting for me okay but I can make a daydream right now. Oh my prince was waiting for me at the altar I can't wait to kiss him. Then someone bumped into me. Who is she she really ruins my day dreaming moment. Well I don't care maybe she will be late on where the heck she was going and that's not my business.  I saw Dave looking everywhere, is he finding someone? Wait is he looking for me? Just kidding I know he won't but what if he was ohhh I can't wait! I was about to say hi to him but he saw me and then he eventually smiles! Why oh my gosh I don't
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Girl she really acts like she own Dave huh! Andrea said. In her dreams. Hahaha Dave only see her as a friend. I said. Of course I do fucking no! Because if not then why they would stay as a friend over years.  Ouch, pain. So sad for her. Andrea said. I totally agree on that kind of speech. Afterwards the day was almost done. I didn't even see Dave this day. Why did he not went to see me or to have some conversation. Did that Maggie really cause this? Hmmm I don't think so well... I guess that's it for today I don't care.  Amber turn around and saw Dave at her back. She was so surprised. Ohhh! The only word that I said, I was so shocked. My heart stopped for a second. Why does he doing this? Ooppss sorry did I surprise you? He asked. Really? The heck he's really asking this is too obvious. Yes! Ahmmm I mean what are you doing there? I asked him. Because why not I'm confused. Ahmm I'm too shy for this but I will
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Ouch the light! The cinema was lighten now the movie was done. I opened my eyes and I saw Dave Infront of me we are really about to kiss. I immediately looked away. This is so awkward.  Sorry. He said. Sorry for? I asked. Why does he saying sorry hello it's all fine! Ahmmm nothing. He said. I don't understand why the movie was so short ahhhh I hate it. This is it we are about to kiss!  We get out and I'm starving I can't even look at him now after what happened a while ago. Let's eat? He was asking me. Hmmm this is the question I waited my whole life. Yeah sure, because why not. I said. I'm just wondering where we will eat? "She's so cute when she reacts when I'm talking about food. I need to find the best restaurant for her digestion haha" Where we will eat Dave? I asked. Of course I'm really hungry I can eat a whole chicken now.  Ahmmm wait. Oh yeah I know where come with me. He said. So
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After the long day I am finally here at my bed this is the best life ever. I just remembered I didn't say thank you on him for this things that he have done today. Wait let me just call him... Wait should I? Thats will be weird if I make a call it's almost midnight and maybe he's asleep. Cellphone ringing...Oh my gosh! I was shocked on this call! Who is it? I look at my phone to see who was calling. It's him Dave haha I'm about to call him but he called so I didn't step on my ego today hmmm let me just answer it.Ahmm hello Dave. I said.Hello, sorry are you sleeping did I disturb you? He asked.Oh, no! No! I'm not I'm just about to sleep why did you call by the way? I said.Ahmm nothing I just wanted to make sure that you're safe and at home. He said. The heck is going on with this man. Why does he acting that he's into me but didn't say what was his true feelings. Like man you are so obvious.Ah, well yes I'm saf
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I know Maggie was going to slapp me straight to my face but suddenly someone grab her hand and stopped her. I open my eyes and I see Dave he protected me. Maggie what are you doing? Dave said.She's so annoying you know I hate her so much! Maggie said.What? Why? You said you like her? Dave was asking.Dave grab Maggie and pull far away from me. I don't know what they are talking about.Hey Maggie you said you like her right? Why are you doing this bullshit thing? Dave said.I do! But she annoyed me thats why I did this. Maggie said.I know you! You are the one who started the fight. Dave said.No! She is! Maggie was lying.You lie! Dave said.What? I can't believe your favouring on her side instead of me. Maggie said.Exactly! Because I know you for so long you always doing this when some other girls are making friends with me. Dave said.Huh? No I'm not! Maggie was denying it.Jessica?
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Ahmmm amber after we finished eating can you come with me to the nicest spot here? He asked me. Yes he just asked me to come with him like hello yeah sure why not! Of course but why?Ahmmm yeah sure of course I can come with you wherever you wanted to go hahaha just kidding. I said. I also added some jokes to see he smile again. I hate seeing him sad. Why? I don't know maybe because I'm falling inlove on him. I wish he has a felling for me too or else my heart will be broken into pieces.While we are walking going to that place he never looked at me and that makes me more confused like why the heck he wants me to go with him there and never talking to me also why! Finally we are here! Dave immediately sit besides amber that make her more confused. Ahmmm why did you brought me here again Dave? She asked because she wanna know why and she was so confused and wondering where this connection will bring them. She was so shocked that after Dave sits
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