Chapter Forty-Six

Six hours later, Maxim and I walked through the front door of my house where Ryder paced up and down speaking on the phone. “I want the spell lifted Marlo! And let me know the moment you have a location on her.”

“Dad, what happened?”

Ryder turned to look at me as fury swirled in his eyes. “She’s gone Wynter, that’s what happened. Disappeared from her bed in the dead of night. Chandra’s shield was broken and we found Milo outside near the river with a broken neck.”

“She’s gone?” Maxim had paled and his bag fell to the floor.

“You brought their King here?”

“Dad, we know who has her. Marcel took her …”

“We need people, trackers, warriors, hackers. He’ll have her out of the country before nightfall.”

“My men are an hour behind us. I have all of that. Marcel was banished to Guatemala, he’ll have a stronghold there. This is an open declaration of war and it won’t go unpunished. Wynter do you still have contacts inside the Unit?”

“Yes. I’ll call Clark, he can gather intelligence for us.”

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