Chapter Forty-Seven

I frowned at Ryder as the pilot of the private jet announced our destination. We were heading to Mexico, hours from Guatemala. He ignored my not so subtle looks and each time I tried to get him alone, he busied himself with Maxim.

We drove in a large convoy into the resort town of Puerto Vallarta. I sat in the back of the SUV that Ryder drove and a huge walled estate came into view. The overpowering scent of wolf caught my attention as the gates opened and Ryder drove inside.

An old man stood by the bottom of the steps, a younger man’s arm under his elbow. “Ryder Grey! You are a sight for sore eyes my old friend!”

“Gideon, it’s good to see you!”

“You remember my son, Phillipe.”

Ryder and the old man hugged briefly and he shook hands with the younger man, who was also smiling. Wolves and vampires eyed each other and Maxim climbed out when I did. The old man regarded me with a smile on his face even though I didn’t smile back.

“Ah you brought the Dragon Slayer with you.” Gideon regarded
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