61| Friendship And Some Golden Advises - Part II

Emily's POV:

Silence stretched between us for long minutes as Mia took her time in contemplating her decision. "I don't know what to do, Emily. I am in a strange dilemma."

I glanced at Rose who merely threw me an annoying and impassive look making me roll my eyes at her. 

"Are you sure you can handle the pregnancy? Will you keep the baby then?"

"I wouldn't ask that question if I were you." Rose said, raising one eyebrow at me.

"Unfortunately, I don't intend to behave as myself today." I said to Rose, who ignored my words like a fly sitting on her cupcake, making me turn my attention back to Mia again. "So? Did you think about it?"

"What do you think I should do?" Mia asked me. 

"I think-"

Rose snatched phone from my hands and put it over her ears. "I advice you to let me take over t

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Eleonora du Plessi
I must say I am very dissapointed as the book is working out very expensive. Good story line but the chapters is very expensive.

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