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(Completed short novel)Imperfection is a story of two souls joined together through an arranged marriage. A marriage that was supposed to yield both forgiveness and strength. A marriage that hold a lot of strings to their past. One that helped them find their roots. It's a story of two couples, —two wounded souls who healed just right together.

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Queen Harvey
Very good story, short interesting and sweet!
2022-06-25 09:43:04
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Kristine Annette
Love the story
2021-08-19 10:34:57
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Rosemarie Osborne
Short and sweet!!
2021-06-16 09:18:40
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2021-05-17 01:03:06
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beautiful write up. and I love the fact that the characters are from Nigeria, my country!!
2021-03-02 03:44:49
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Monique Gomez-Tromp
It is a short story and nice to read in between waiting for updates on other books. I have read other books from the author I you do see a growth in your editing and I am happy to have found you on this app. Supporting you so that you keep writing 😉
2021-02-11 20:08:10
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Michelle Silva
I love this story, even though it was short it was really and romantic❤. I would have hope there be a second part to this. ???
2020-11-16 13:53:59
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Alphabetical B
A short, nice story.
2020-11-13 15:08:54
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S.R.K Animator
No body was born perfect. In this type of arrange marriage, giving themselves a chance to understand each other is more important than trying to find the perfect partner. This is a good story but it's a little bit too fast on how their relationship was improved.
2020-10-03 21:01:07
user avatar
Their relationship is so interesting, I almost drop tears when they finally confess to each other. Beautiful story.
2020-08-05 12:39:42
21 Chapters
Morning After
STATUS: SUPER FRENZYPearl’s POV"What on earth is this called from where you come from, "Pancake or Cake pan". Greg roared at the top of his voice, it was pretty obvious that he was more than pissed off.  It's been three days since we got married or should I say forced to the altar and that has been the most horrible moments of my life.  Greg stood in all his 6 feets glory height and looked down at me horribly expecting me to say something while I wished for a miracle of disappearance to happen.  My tongues were suddenly heavy, my eyes wide open as I could not find the right words to say.  My mother had always been the one to pacify me ?when I get my panic attack and this always happen when anyone shouts at me.  The last I had was when I argued with my father and refused to get married to a stranger that I didn't even know his origin.
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One Metre
STATUS: FRENZY Greg’s POVI walked into the kitchen to see Pearl writing something furiously on a paper and crossing it out. I'm not sure of what she was writing but the moment she turned back looking at me with so much fear in her eyes, I realized what she was up to.  I don't even know the reason why I'm in this thing called marriage. I never imagined myself getting married not to talk of getting married to a girl called Pearl. I never liked her for once before marriage and I still don't like her a bit, we met once in New Orleans when she attended a friend's wedding, I was related to the groom and she knew the bride from her secondary school days. I was so surprised at her attitude that day that I ended up promising myself never to end up with a girl like that even if the world is full of apes and the two of us are the only humans. She has no respect for principles whatsoever, she's a high class spoilt brat, no manners, no
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The Proposal
FRENZYPearl’s POVI was at work that Thursday afternoon, a week after our marriage, when my daddy called me to come see him at his office that was only a few blocks away. His office is in Lekki while mine is not far from there. I quickly left my office after taking permission from my boss.  "Hey daddy, you called me" I said immediately I entered his office "Yes, sit down" he looked up from the document that he was working on.  "Your secretary isn't around, she went out?" "Yes, she ran away immediately she heard you were on your way here" I looked at him questionably "You're joking, right?" "Of course, you should know I am. You guys might not be on good terms but that doesn't mean she'll run away" he stood up from his seat and went to bring out two envelopes from  the drawer at the other side of the room 
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Worth a shit
STATUS: CRANKY GREG'S POV "We need to make new rules for things to be in order, i mean right order" I said looking around for a pen and a book.  "What are you looking for?" Pearl inquired "Pen and a book to write down the rules" "Are you really serious about the new rules of a thing?" She opened her bag to retrieve a pen and a book and proceed to push them towards me.  I collected the materials and opened the note to start writing "I give you the permission to say the rule" she paused a little and look at me plausibly.  "Before we start talking about the rules, let's solve a crucial issue at hand, we need legal documents on the proposal. We need to get our signature down to confirm what we said today so none of us will back out of the deal in six months times" I nodded in agreement "Maybe I'll call my l
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The Encounter
STATUS: FRENZYPearl's POVI stopped gazing and looking at the tall building right in front of me, thinking if I should go in or not. The name Anderson Hospital stood magnificently in front of the building. The reason why I'm here is a long story which is for another day. I was still contemplating if I should go in or not when a phone call came in from my boss. I picked the call reluctantly and put on my earphone while trying to remove the seat belt from my body.  "Sir?" I slurred "Are you there already?" He asked "If I'm there, the MD would have called you" I could sworn I heard him curse under his breath from the other side of the line.  "You know you have a lot of attitude issues, right?, just go in and seal this deal with that hospital. They are becoming a major man now these days. The company needs this deal and so does your father in law" he emphasized on th
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The Witness
SUPER CRANKY GREG'S POV I took a deep breath as I watch the silence linger around us for more than thirty minutes, I was not talking and so also was the two people here with me.  I got a call from Daniel, my lawyer, that he was on his way to my house about an hour ago and the reason why we all are silent now is due to the fact that we need a witness for this proposal. We were all thinking about the friend we can call to stand as a witness. I know Pearl can't have any friend outside her circus of rich and spoilt brats.  As for me, Daniel is the only friend I have outside the Upper class circle. He is from a middle class family, I met him when I was still in secondary school, he had won a scholarship from one of the foundations created by my father. He had considered himself lucky then while we all looked at him as the golden boy. Few years later, we are sitting facing each other in my living
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Enemy at her base
STATUS: FRENZY AND COOL Pearl's POV "Pearl, meet Natasha, my Girlfriend" Greg spewed the rubbish he called words out of his mouth and I couldn't help but wonder if this guy still has brains left in that skull of his.  "Like I give a damn" I looked at them looking at me with surprise. We had promised to live as strangers, why bother me with his life issues?.  I went up to my room and screamed into my pillow.  Of all girls, why Natasha Collins. I've hated that girl since like forever, we both went to the same secondary school together and we were even roomies. The hatred we had was right from home and I love the fact that I hate her. She was the Mrs goody two shoes, always doing things as if she was the best woman in this whole wide world. Her existence is choking me and I feel like dying anytime I see her. She tormented the life out of me in secondary school, callin
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Best of all lucks
FRENKYPearl's POV "Declare a war on her, let her know her place for the first time in your lives" She repeated as I tried to comprehend whatever it was she meant.  "Are you for real?, you know I don't do things like that. Why will I declare a war on a human just like me. I'm not good in that aspect, let God take control of everything" I heaved a sign showing that I'm fed up with her and her mentality.  "Girlfriend, God won't come down and take charge, let God use you this time. Seriously, it's annoying. The first time, it was your boyfriend and now your husband and all you'll do is sit there and don't even show a bit sign of caring" "It's not like I care, moreover Greg is more like a stranger to me than a husband" I proclaimed "More reason why you should do this, you're not doing it to get Greg to like you or see you in a different way. All you want is to show N
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Her turn to win
FRENZY The show took place at Landmark Event Centre which emitted Natasha's pink light in an umbrella-like shape on the night of the show. With over 1, 500 attendees, it was obvious that the event  was a good start for Natasha.  The tone of Natasha's show was Red and blue. Guests were invited to pose for photos and followed by a tiny bit of refreshments before they could resume taking pictures with their friends and fellow celebrities. This reminded me of the Victoria Secret's fashion show that I had to attend when I was out of the country for Nash. She was a model under Victoria Secret for years before she decided to come back to Nigeria to make a career of her own.  On every seat was a packet of cards on the six themes of the show and portraits of the models, known as angels, just like that of Victoria secret. She even included a bit of the African culture into her themes which made the event more creati
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Lion’s Den
FRENZY Pearl's POV I entered into the elevator and pressed the button of the 4th floor. A meeting has been called for all  senior officers of the company, and this only happens when there's an addition to the company. "Hey Pearl, how is your project going?" I looked back to see the person talking to me and I realized it was one of the guys working at the marketing section, the one attached majorly to the Fashion magazine section.  I smiled at him before replying "It's going fine, we won the contract with Anderson Hospital so we're almost there" He smiled back "That's good, you're one of the best they've got at your department. You're good" "I'm honoured, thank you" I said without turning to face him.  "You know, the new addition is at the fashion department, I heard she's from London, worked under Victoria Secret once, she'
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