The Beast's Christmas Slave

The Beast's Christmas Slave

By:  R.A Higheels  Completed
Language: English
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When a particular Alpha of a remote pack is in a huge debt, there is no other choice, than for his daughter, Audrey to repay his debt. She is taken forcefully into the arms of a ruthless beast. He is Bane, the cruel Alpha of Red Walkers Pack. He hates and loathes her, unknown to him, she's his mate. Find out if this mere slave would be able to win a beast's heart? How about saving him from a curse?

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2. A debt to pay
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3. In the Red Walkers Pack
      “Mine,” That was all I heard the person saying. Ripples of electricity immediately passed through the areas of my body that connected with his. I reflexly looked up with an intention to figure out who he was. He had a brown hair properly gelled to the back. His face was so smooth. He was beautiful. That kind of person that would make other men feel bad for not looking good enough.     Gently, the person who had caught me in his hands, let me go. This was all so knew. I wasn’t used to any of this. Therefore I did the one thing I was good at. I ran away. As I was running, I had only one intention.I needed to get the fuck out of here. Just as I was about to run into the bush, my head slammed against something. From the impact, my head hit the ground. I wanted to stand up but I couldn’t move. My eyes closed weakly and my body succumbed to a total darkness…  ***     I woke up in chains. Lookin
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4. Sunshine
Bane Adolf     My brother had definitely ran mad. With his actions of abducting my mate from her home, he had totally lost it.“Why did you abduct my mate from my home?” I asked with so much anger, pinning him to the wall with my hands around his neck. “What are you talking about, Bane? We both know I'm still searching for your mate,”“Lies! Tell me you didn’t know Audrey was my mate all these while,” I breathed out. He didn’t reply me.“Answer me!” I exclaimed. I could hear him grunt out. “I-I can’t breathe, B-ane,” I instantly let him go. He dropped to the floor, immediately.“I didn’t know Audrey was your fucking mate. If I did, I could have brought her to you since. But, guess the package comes in two. She's your presented and mate too,” He said.In my pack, there was a tradition of a female being presented to me, the Alpha, at the beginning of every December. The female was to remind the pack of how a wo
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5. Secrets and Kisses
     I decided to go around the pack. I wanted to know the surroundings I was in and what they were really all about. Besides, I was jobless. I really had nothing to do.I knew it would take me days when I convinced the Alpha to allow me go to school. But, I would.“Audrey,” I heard someone call the moment I went out in the open space. Staring at the direction the voice was coming from, I saw a redhead with a bulb hairstyle that suited her cheekbones. She looked really pretty.“I’m sorry but how do you know my name?” I asked, intensely startled at the way she had called me. I took in her outfit, a navy blue crop top and a ripped black jeans.What was with the dark colors everyone here wore?“Who doesn’t? You’re the Luna who came to Alpha in form of his Christmas present, aren’t you?” She asked. I took in whatever she had just said. Was that what people said about me? Just wow.I didn’t nod or anything because
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6. Poems and and how I relate to them
        I was clueless. So fucking clueless of why Bane would leave me with words like, “Not too bad for a learner,” after we had kissed. What did he mean by learner?Why was he messing with my head?These were the questions I had asked myself. Britney had left few minutes after that incidence. I had told her to changer her outfit to avoid Bane getting more angry but she said she was going to instead leave. “I hope you change all this rules as Alpha Bane's mate.” She told me. With that she had given me my dog and walked out.I patted it, taking in whatever she had just said. …     Night had far approached. I could only say today was fast. Following the events that had happened. As I sat on the room's sofa, I silently pondered the sleeping arrangements that was going to take place this night.Bane had not showed up in the room yesterday night. He probably had ha
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7. Truth and Dare
     It was a warm evening. Every material for the party had been prepared just fine. Ladies and gentlemen stood at every nook and cranny of the forest. The Omegas took care to make sure that every bits of decoration wasn’t left out.      People were mostly dressed in dark outfits because they didn’t want to defy the Alpha. A part of me felt happy because of a totally different thing.Today, I was going to see my crush, Damon. I knew that since his parents were one of the influential people in our pack, they were going to show up tonight.This also meant that Britney was going to come, Genesis was also coming because she was the daughter of the Beta. I looked forward to having my clique here tonight.This waswhy I had pulled Bane for a hug this night. Crazy him, he definitely thought I was becoming used to him.Too bad I couldn’t feel that yet. Even though Genesis was practically screaming to me that I should stop thi
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8. Taming the beast
       There were just times I was left in situations I never planned for. Times like when mum died and I had to be that elder sister to Chris. Times when dad spent all his money on gambling and I had to work on part time to keep up with our bills.I had always believed in that quote that mum used, “When life gave you lemons, throw it back at life,” That was what mum had raised me up with.It all hurt.The fact that she died early and I didn’t get a chance to tell her goodbye. I never wanted to be this way. Never!That was the thoughts that ran through my head as my clique watched me, waiting for an explanation. Britney had gone to help her brother up, leaving me to explain it all. My eyes moved to theirs. It appeared confused. Like they had trusted me to tell them everything about my latest life and I didn’t.     “Are you just gonna stare at us or are you actually going to explain us what just happened or what?” Gene
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9. Sunset and Blue
     Just as we had taken out bath with the waterfall, we had settled down for some time. It was just as the sun was about to set he called me.“Sunshine, look,” He said as we laid down on the grass. I directed my eyes to where he was pointing. My eyes were awed at what I saw. Behold, it was the sun setting from the East. I watched as it beautifully moved.“Wow,” I let out. “It’s beautiful,” I added. An expression I couldn’t quite read, formed on his face. It all made me feel comfortable though. But, I reminded myself that I needed to go home and falling for anyone even though he was my mate won’t help.“I brought you here to see this specially but I got distracted,” He said, taking my hand in his and locking it together. We had put on our clothes the moment we had gotten out of the water. The sun was really beautiful while rising. We both watched as the rays seeped through the trees and out poured on our faces. I nervously wat
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10. Samantha
          BritneyAs I carried my brother, Damon to get rid of his bloody nose from the beating Audrey's mate had given him, I complained.“I hope this reaches you a lesson not to fantasize over everything in skirt,” I mischievously let out. He scoffed out loudly at what I had just said.“Shut the fuck up, Britney. You know that bitch kissed me first,” He seethed in pain and held on to me more tightly and angrily.“I won’t have you insult my best friend, brother!” I let out as I dragged him with me.“Then you should tell your hot friend never to kiss me in a dare if some random dude would show up and knock me out!” Damon voiced out angrily. To think my brother was the typical bad boy who could fight. I guessed I was wrong. I mean he couldn’t even give Bane a punch.“He’s not a random dude,” I announced as I set him down on our car's booth. I took out the first aid kit and brought out the necessities.
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